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[quote]My question is what will the biopsy possibly show that the blood test doesn't?[/quote]
Yes...absolutely...though the blood test can show evidence of a process that might be going on with the liver, it often doesn't show anything, and to get a definitive answer of what's going on with the liver, you have to go right to the source and take a look at the tissue. Another thing a liver biopsy can tell you that a blood test can't is that, IF there is sign of the disease, they doctors can stage it and then proceed with the treatment from there. (Depending on which stage a given disease is, the treatment may be different).
[quote]Could she still have Wilson's disease or autoammune disease or even cancer that doesn't show in blood work? [/quote]'s all still possible, but unlikely. Wilson's disease usually shows up in blood work as a low ceruloplasmin level. Autoimmune hepatitis is uncommon, but it may not show up in the blood. Cancer is unlikely not to show up in the blood because the most common liver cancers feature a high level of something called "alphafetoprotein" (aFP) which is usually present if there's liver cancer. Besides, liver cancer is very uncommon in younger individuals.

I have a question for you....why were the doctors doing all of these tests to begin with? Was she having liver troubles?

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