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I have what seems to be a similar problem described by people here but with a couple of differences. I have had a pain along the lowest rib on my right side for about 8 months now. I have had now real help from the doctor and i am now seeing an osteopath who thinks he can cure it. After each session it appears to improve once the initial pain from the massaging subsides but within a few days it is back as bad as before.
The differences i mentioned where that i get a very distinct feeling of something bulky pushing against my lower rib cage when i sit down, even though a scan has shown there is nothing. I also get a warm to hot feeling when it is bad. If i place my left hand over it and press lightly it relieves the discomfort. If i press hard just under the rib it is very tender. I would have thought that with such specific symptoms as this the cause would have been clear. I do normally row in a team which involves a excessive straining on one side, however i have given up all sport in the last 7 months and it has not improved at all. The lack of advice or response from the doctor is becoming very annoying and i am quite concerned that there has been no improvement or diagnosis.


I too am a member of the pain or discomort under the lower right rib cage. I have had two physicians debating what it really is...Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Costocondritis. Now, a third is running me through new tests.
My symptoms are similar to others on this board... after eating is when I notice the discomfort increases. At bed time it is hard to get comfortable. I also get discomfort when driving, I find myself adjusting my sitting position while driving.
I had it before I was pregnant, not as bad as now. It seemed to disapear during my pregnancy. I understand that your body changes during pregnancy. I breast fed my son for one year. A few months after I stopped breast feeding it was back. But now it seemed worse than before. At one point the pain got so bad that my doc checked me for gallstones. My doc felt it was IBS, I went through the several tests...all coming back "normal". As well as feeling like a lab rat with "trying this or that" and see what happens. My primary care physican sent me to a digestive disease doctor. Right before he did, he put me on 10mg of Paxil. I did notice an improvement. He said that stress can manifest itself in many ways and it would hurt to give this a wirl.
The digestive disease doc started the tests again. And trial drugs. I had been on the Paxil for about 5 months when I noticed the discomfort was coming back. I discontinued the Paxil. About this time the D.D. doc ask me a few questions and he felt I had costocondritis. He put me on Vioxx for about a month & a half to two months. It seemed like a miracle! When I went off of it(late spring 2002), I was great all summer UNTIL winter. Cold weather had seemed to bring it back as well as an additional stress load. I have noticed that when I am under more stress AND the weather is cold & damp is when it really acts up. I am currently back on Paxil. I have also started a Tai Chi class to help with the stress control in hopes of getting off of Paxil. The warm weather of this summer did not take the discomfort away this year(2003). I am seeing the third doc who has had me do blood tests for my organs in that area, a CT scan, Back x-ray & rib x-ray. So far he has found out that I have slightly elevated bad cholesterol and at some point in my past I had fractured my 7th rib on the right side that I do not remember doing. I now am going to have a bone scan to see if there is "activity" in the area. He said to see if there is inflammation inside the bone or in the cartilege around it. Also a test to see if my gallbladder is functioning correctly. It is sad that I am hoping they find something wrong, just so I know what it is. I am back on the Vioxx. It does help to ease the discomfort. I will let you know the results of the next round of tests.

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I am SO glad to find this message board. A good friend of mine pointed it out to me today after talking with her about my symptoms. Looks like we all share something in common. A pain in the right hand side under the rib cage. I have had mine now for over 6 months. Have had blood tests, sonogram, and x-ray done. All to no avail. I tried to tell myself it was something simple and maybe mental. I have tried watching what I eat and do. Nothing helps. Hurts worse when i sit down....and I do that alot with my computer tech job. But it does also hurt if I hold my 18 month old girl, or do situps. Yeah, I thought I am out of shape....need to strengthen back and stomach muscles. Well let me tell hasn't helped so far and I have been going 4 days a week for the passed 2 months. I am just hoping to find something out as I have decided to go back to the doc armed with the info you all have shared. Thank you so much for helping me realize I am not going crazy.
I also have had this horrible pain, I had my gallbladder taken out in Aug 2000 then I got pregnant with 2nd child in Sept 2001 and around my 3rd month I began having this terrible pain under the last 3 ribs on the right side, I have been to the ER several times and one CT scan did show inflamation of the terminal ileum which required a colonoscopy to diagnoise Chron's diease but all GI test came back normal, I have been to the neurologist with no abnormal diagnosis doctor said he could diagnoise me with IBS but he did not feel confident with that and suggested me seeing a GYN for a complete follow thru so I have tried motrin 800 mg, neurontin pain pills, vicoden, tylenol 3 and Asacol for ulcertive coloistis but no relief from any of the above So I had my normal pap exam last month and told the new doc everything she ordered me a abdominal and pelvic ultrasound I am awaiting the results, although I can say whil having these ultrasound I expressed to the tech that it was very painful when she ran the doppler over the last 3 ribs she stated that was very odd and that the pain is not from an internal organ becasue she was only touching the skin ,cartildge and ribs so now after reading these post I am wondering if it is as simple as inflammed rib cartlidge and celebrex could help me? I am willing to try anything, and I did have an injury to my right rib cage but it was back in 1997 so why would it start hurting so many years after, all I know is my pain is getting to be unbearable and I too want reliefe like the rest of you....
good luck to you all and please respond if you can help me.

When you see your doctor tomorrow, ask him to pull your right rib cage up with one hand and see if he can feel any loose cardlidge with the other hand. This is finally what my doctor did and he found loose cartiledge...floating around in there... no treatment for this.

i know you are afraid. so am i. it is a scarey thing to have pain and we have been taught that pain is a warning of something bad.

My pain is never in the back, it is right under that rib cage and it radiates to the lower right side just below my waist band line. I am 67. I have had this pain 3 years or longer. I did have two bad falls. My doctors laugh at me too. But pain is pain. I am not laughing. I know the more I worry the tenser I get and the more pain I feel.

Let us hear what the doc says. Try to locate any loose cartiledge. You can't do it yourself. I willbe thinking of you tomorrow. su
wow, this is a loooonnnngggggg thread, but i read every persons story and in many ways i am relieved to find others with similar problems. my story, however, is a bit different.

in may of 2003 i was 7 months pregnant and my health started to decline. i blew up like a balloon and just felt awful. i normally have low blood pressure, but it rose quite a bit durring that time, however it was still in the "normal" limits according to the doctors and since everyone must fall outside of that "normal" range to be abnormal, they said to watch what i ate. did i mention that i couldn't get shoes on any more because of the water weight gain? 40 pounds gained in 2 months? 60 pounds overall? strange how everyone else was concerned but the doctors.
ANYWAY...... they finally tried to induce me a day after my due date, probably to shut me up from complaining about how i felt, but it didn't work!!!!!!! 24 hours of pitocin and all that jazz and i dialated 1/2 a cm!!! so i went home :(

finally a week later my water broke. i called the doc at 2:30 in the morning and she said, well you better get in because you really need to be in active labor within 6 hours so you don't get an infection.
i went in, and they did that little PH test strip thing. it didn't turn the right color so they said my water didn't break. ummmmmmm....ok, i guess i was profusley leaking a mystery fluid.

i laid there for 10 hours before the doctor came to see me. at which time she had to do some kind of other test to see if it was my ambiotic fluid. it was DUH!!! any i also started to get an infection, imagine that. by the way she was 34 weeks preg-o at the time, you would think she would be a little more aggressive.

so there i was 105 fever and 31 hours later, i hadn't dialated all the way, they couldn't do a c-section because of the severity of my infection and my contractions had stopped. i litterally had to push him out at 9.5 cm with contractions at the strength of 4. my son was born in full respitory failure and had to be revived and put on a ventalator.....

what does this have to do with the right rib pain you ask? i am getting there.
after a week in the hospital, my son made a 100% recovery and i was at about 70%, but we got to come home. my son was on oxygen for 2 weeks just to be sure but he has never shown any signs of complications. i however am another matter.

6 weeks after he was born i got a stomach ache, a wierd one, like someone had dropped a bowling ball on my stomach. it then moved over to the right side. i went to the doctor and he said that my appendix was going bad, common after pregnancy. i was very upset as i did not want to be in the hospital yet again, away from my son so soon after our ordeal.

i went to the ER, they did a CT and said that they thought my appendix had ruptured as there was a lot of inflamation in that area, so i had to have surgury right away. you would think that meant within an hour, maybe two, but 9 hours later i went into surgury. the surgeon assured me that it would be an easy thing, not to worry...blah blah blah..

turns out it wasn't my appendix. my colon was inflamed and infected. they took the appendix anyway and stiched me back up. i woke up to infectious disease people and a very scared husband. the condition that i had was reffered to as "typhlitis" it means inflamation of the secum caused by infection. a condition typically seen in cancer and AIDS patients. a condition with a 50-100% mortality rate. no one knew why/how i got it, but speculated that it was risidual from my labor infection.

i was put on broad spectrum anti-biotics IV and was soooooooooo sick, both from the infection and the medicine. i finally got to come home. i was still on anti-biotics, orally now, which made me puke so hard i wasn't even sure if i was getting any medicine.

i got the right rib pain then, but it went away untill recently. i have had to have many tests to see if this thing is gone or if it caused any problems. i don't know if it was the stress, if i got a stomach bug, or what, but i started throwing up again and getting the runs. i went to the doctor sure i was getting that illness again because of the pain in my abdomen. all my blood work is normal, no HIV, no leukemia, no liver mal-functions. i had a barium enema, an upper gi series and an ultra sound....all normal. i still have this pain, primarilly under my right ribs and it seems worse when i am gassy. it is pretty much there all the time.

i have had to go on panic disorder medication because i have convinced myself i am dying. this pain could be stress related, it could be anything, but i am so hyper-vigillant now that i can't stop thinking about it.

geeezzz this is long now, and keep in mind this has all been in the last 6 months. my doctor says that he wants me to get an ultra sound again on my gall bladder, but i am not sure i want out even if there is a slight problem. the crazy thing is i really have no other symptoms. i am mentally torturing myself and can't seem to stop.

has anyone else heard of something like this?
Hello i all, i can't believe i have found you all. I am very nervous lately its been one thing after another with me. I have had chronic mastioditis in right ear and am deaf in right ear cause of it. In april i ended up with 2 ruptured disk and one herniated. So i was put on percocet for 8 weeks, then got spinal epidural injections and my back was like 75% better, and now I have found one cyst or lump located on the same side same place on right and left rib, wierd. They do not really hurt, but are annoying. Its like i can chase it up and down my last rib on each side. they move around they feel like a small grape. I am having some shooting pain under my right rib cage, and some times more to the left lower rib cage. I ignore it simply cause i don't want to go back to the doctors i am tired, but care about taking care of myself and family. Also I am just now able to catch up from medical bills from the back. I was also taking a birthcontrol pill simply for a cyst on my ovary which is somewhat better, i stopped taking it because i don't like taking meds when not needed. i was on the pill for 8 months. (orthotrycilinlo).
I don't hurt all the time like a lot of you it comes and goes and happens when i am sitting more than not. Sometime after I eat. Any advice greatly appreciated. thanks :
I am currently experiencing pain under my right rib cage,that barely ever goes away. It starts after breakfast ,lasts all day, the pain actually moves from front to right side and to the back,then I feel it under my right shoulder blade. I do not vomit, just feel sometimes nausea and I'm quite tired. Stress is also making the pain worse. I tried yoga, changing my diet but nothing helps. Waiting for my insurance to become effective, then I'll see a doctor. I think it has something to do with liver or gallbladder. Maybe a gallstones?
I have 2 boys so I need to be a 100% there for them, I can't even take them trick-a-treat this year,how bad it is ( thank God for my husband) . Today I had to take a vicodin to stop the pain, but I know tomorrow it's going to be exact the same thing. It's a little relieve to know that I'm not the only one and that there is some explanation and treatment for this...

Thank you for any suggestions and comments. By the way happy Halloween and good luck to all of you. Hope we all feel better soon.
alas, a group of people with similar pain issues...
sigh... sad to think so many are dealing with the same mysterious pain, but also a relief to know i'm not alone.
i have had this pain, below my rib cage, on the right hand side...
off & on for several years.
last year it was REALLY bad, beginning around the turn of the new year... i went to many doctors, tried various drugs... for muscles, for pain, for digestion problems... wasn't until i had the HIDA Scan with CCK that they finally realized my gallbladder wasn't functioning well. oh.. back up... i DID have an ultrasound done several months prior... and they found nothing. the lab tests regarding my gallbladder said my gallbladder had some scarring...
well, i recovered from that ordeal... and still an on again off again recurring pain... i figured it was just the aftermath of surgery...
well, here i am a year later... and it's ON again in a BIG way...
it's obviously NOT my gallbladder, although the symptoms are similar.
-hurts worse to sit up
-hurts worse at night
-feels weird to lay on my back... i get a "caving in feeling
-feels weird to twist at the waist
-gets worse if pushed on or messed with
-gets worse if i bend over too much
-sore feeling up under my right shoulder blade, when it's real bad
-increased belching/gas
-feels like somethings "in" there...
-seems to be brought on by stress
-seems to be aggravated if i drink TOO much coffee, maybe...

oh, and when i had my gallbladder removed, the surgeon took a look at my ovaries, liver & all that area... and didn't "see" anything abnormal.

so, that's a bit o' my story. i've been severely depressed by this reoccurence... i had hoped the surgery was the answer.

by the way, i read every post in this thread...
still no concrete answers... at least not for the majority.
I've read through about half of all the posts. There is a lot of good information here. I will post my symptoms related to my right side rib pain.
Me: 26 y/o female.
~Pain is under right rib, in my abdomen between my ribs & pelvic bone, not in front but on the side. My lower right ribs feel like they stick out differently than my left side.
~Feels like: The closest feeling that I have had to it is when I was 3rd trimester pregnant & she would move around & bump into my ribs. It is a moving feeling, it doesn't stay in the exact same place all the time. Most of the time it is around the area I described. A few times it has been on my right side too but not as bad. Another thing it kind of feels like - when you eat a big meal sometimes you can feel the food & gas moving around in your intestines, esp. if you get constipated, and like the feeling of your intestines getting full - that is a similar sensation to what I have, except that it is not in the same area as those sensations & it also pushes on my ribcage & makes it sore sometimes.
~How long have I had it: Probably about 2 years off & on, it seems to come in spurts, though I can't put my finger on anything that could have triggered it.
~What relieves the discomfort: sitting up straight, stretching out my side & back.
~What makes it worse: the feeling of being hungry, like when my stomach growls. I feel like my abdomen is being sucked in under my ribs & my ribs are poking into my abdomen.
~Diagnosis so far - I haven't talked to my doctor about this because it isn't an unbearable pain & it isn't constant, like some of you. From reading some of the posts I think it might be related to having loose cartilage, stress & depression (which I have & which cause me to get constipated & stomach cramps sometimes), or possibly something got disturbed during my pregnancy. I also fell flat on my back twice as a teenager (my wind was knocked out even) & maybe my pregnancy aggrivated the nerves or something. I'm thinking of going to see my doctor, who is really good, & will post what I find out. I don't think I will do any invasive tests at this time, since, as was mentioned, I'm not dead yet.
Best of luck to you all.
For those of you with undiagnosed pain on the right side under rib cage..............Have you had an AMA blood test. antimitochondrial antibodies????
I too had pain there, had ultrasounds, ct scans, blood tests, nothing showed up, I was having other health problems and when my doctor tested, for lupus
the ANA test, it came back normal but they suggested he do a few others
one of them came back positive, AMA. Its pretty specific for PBC. Primary billiary cirrhosis. Since that time my liver enzymes have started to show
something is wrong but for about a year they didn't and I was starting to think I was crazy too. Don't give up the answer is out there. :wave:
ok I am new to this as well I have similar symptoms as all of you I have been all over the web and finally found this and find it comforting as I have felt very alone and scared. My pain began about 9 months ago and is at/under/below/around the last rib on the right side and once in a while in my back. My pain will last 2 or 3 weeks then be gone for maybe 2 months. Nothing and I mean nothing makes it worse or better it just comes and goes at 1st I thought it was a kidney infection just because that in the past was somewhat of a reoccuring problem for me but when I got the urine test there was no sign of that so then the pain went away and I did not think much of it until it came back. Now on the 4th bout or so in 9 month period I am truely worried and have not been to the dr. as I am more afraid to find out I am dying of something than to not know the pain can be dull or sharp and in the 3week periods may be there all day or come and go for no reason believe me I have tried to find a pattern in that yet so far goes away completely within a month at the most (knock on wood) I was a drinker not a raging drunk but enough every day for the past 2 years to where I was thinking if I quit it very well may go away but 3 weeks clean of alcohol and nothing has changed have I screwed up my liver this quickly am I dying is this my punishment for not being strong enough to deal with a problem in a different way than taking a drink I am so so so scared this site alone is comfort but I would really like some feedback if anyone feels like they would like to comment well at least I am not drinking now just hope I get the chance to last long enough to enjoy a life without being drunk every day like I have for the past 2 years Don't know what to do,ever been too scared to move?

I hope everyone is feeling at least ok today I know it is a constant worry and stress take care everyone
Hi All,

I am a new member, just today. I am so glad to know, I am not alone with these painful symptoms. My story is very much the same. My right sided pain is under the bottom rib and radiates around to the back. I have had this pain for the past 6 weeks. It is constant throughout the day. It gets to be a more severe stabbing pain when I lean forward or when I go to get into my car on the drivers side. I feels like something is stuck between my ribs.

I had an abdominal US, abdominal CAT, MRI of back and a HIDA scan. All were normal, except for the HIDA scan, my ejection fraction was 18.

On that note, I just had my gallbladder out 1 week ago, but the pain is back in full force.
I saw my GI Dr, today and will have an EGD tomorrow.

Does anyone out there have a skin rash or swollen fingers with these rib pains? I also get severe episodes of sweating.

I think I am going to try some herbal remedy, please send any recommendations my way :confused:
Hello everyone. I am very glad i found this thread.

Quick version of my story.

I don't have pain under the right rib but it does feel a little bit tight at times. The only time i get pain is when i am sitting in my office chair for two long. This leads me to believe it has to do with posture as I don't have the greatest in the world. I don't ever sit up straight, I am constantly hunched over typing at the computer.

One other thing that has me a little bit confused about what is bothering me is that when I press on my lower right rib (kind of towards the top of it, not down by right side but the other end of it) I have something popping in there. I have noticed in other threads that people have reached up and under the ribs and felt popping, I don't even need to do that, I can just press right by my lower right rib and I have what feels somewhat like when you press the top of a snapple cap in and it pops back out. Sometimes it feels harder though like i am moving bone or something. It never hurts to do this so I am kind of confused on what it is? Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I can also get it to pop just by doing trunk twists so this leads me to believe it has something to do with the muscle or cartilage. Not sure though. I have had blood tests to check the functioning of my liver and they came back perfectly fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Well I went for my consultation with the new surgeon Thursday and he took one feel of the lump on my right side under the last rib and said it was a Lipoma (fatty tumor) he numbed me with lidocaine and took it out right there in the office I have 5 stiches on this 1 1/2" incision. he said to come back in 7 days to have them removed. I noticed that he did not mention any pian meds so I figured since it was an in offce procedure it probably would not cause to much pain well yesterday I was in excruiating pain and my husband called him to tell him I needed pain meds and he said he has taken out thousands of these and had not once had to prescribe meds afterwards for pain so I had to go back in to make sure I did not have an infection or blood clot and I did not thankfully but he said that first of all Lipomas are not suppose to be painful and they are usually removed for cosmetic reasons and the area should not hurt after removing it. So I go back next thursday for the pathology results on it and get these stiches out but I am worried not what the hell is making me hurt on that side I thought for sure it was the mass I found and now who knows!!!!! I guess if the pain goes away great and if it does not I will be back on here with the rest of you trying to figure out this bazarre pain we all have. I have had my gallbladder out and colon, liver,kidneys ect all checked out and they say they are all normal.
Hi all. I started looking through the internet to find out more about my recent pain and I had no idea this was such an issue with so many people. I started having pain around the second week of May and it got pretty severe at times. I went to the ER twice. The pain is at the bottom of the breastbone and extends to the right a few inches along and under the rib. Most of the time the area in the center just below the breastbone is sensitive to the touch. Press it, it hurts. At the ER I had a CT scan to look for gall stones and kidney stones. Nothing. And the 2nd time at the ER they did some blood tests and gave me a Protonix drip. The Dr. I've been going to has done a lower GI, an ultra-sound, another CT scan, and a chest x-ray. The 2nd CT scan shows a couple of "spots" on the liver and lung. Whoa! I thought. But the Dr. says he doesn't think it's anything to worry about and wants to do a follow up scan at the end of the year. I don't know if I can wait that long! Anyway, the pain which started in May subsided greatly in July. It has come back though but not as bad as it was in May/June. I don't know what to do. I've no Dr. appt's scheduled as they think I'm done until the rescan in December. My wife thinks I need to take anti-depressants. One of the doctors said that there was nothing wrong with me and that I should take Zoloft. I never took any though. In fact I was rather offended that the doctor even suggested it. It so happened that my wife heard him prescribe this so if I even mention to her that my side hurts she gets mad and tells me I've already been diagnosed. That really gets me going. So, I've got no one to talk to about this and I thought I'd leave my 2 cents worth on this board.
Question: Would an enlarged liver cause many of the symptoms (mine included) that I read about in this thread? I haven't heard much talk about this. The ultra-sound and the physical examinations I've had would likely have turned up an enlarged liver but I don't know. Even a few weeks ago when I thought this was all over because I felt so much better, I still had an annoying tickle/vague pain in the area of the bottom of the breastbone. What could cause that? And now it's all back again. I'm about ready to find another GI doctor and see him to get a second opinion. I haven't had an upper GI yet so maybe I should get one. I refused to get an endoscopy (I know but that's just too invasive for me - as if the lower GI wasn't!).
I have this same problem usually when I am doing abdominal work like situps....the pain comes like a spasm and usually passes in 5 - 10 minutes. Once it came last year just leaning over my son...lasted 35 - 40 a ripple it would subside and come back intense pain that seemed to travel up..on the right side began under bra line. Callled ER it was so scarey and all was normal...they left and I was afraid to move all day but it never came back and recently I was doing ab work (lifting legs up ) and it came again lasted 40 minutes again. Doctors told me absolutely no reason to do ab work ever but even so I am afraid it will just come upon me for no reason like when I lean over. I had an upper GI to test for hiatal hernia but it was normal. I also have neurocardiogenic syncope which means I am susceptible to passing out but I don't know if there is a relationhip. I am so glad I found this board.
This board is awesome because now I feel much more like my discomfort isn't serious. I have an ultrasound on Friday.
I have been having discomfort, pressure, slight pain and burning in my middle to lower right side of my back, under my ribcage. sometimes it's more on the side, and sometimes in the front, like maybe where my liver is. I've worried that it's everything from kidney stones to cancer of the kidney or liver. My gall bladder was taken out in 1993, so it's not that.
All my labs were normal, except trace blood and protein in my urine, which they consider normal (I guess, it doesn't seem normal to me).
I didn't read all the posts (too many) so I don't know if there are any exactly like my symptoms, but it seems to be a lot similar.

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