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For the past couple of years I have experienced pain on and off in the lower right side of my rib cage that goes from the front to my mid back. Over this time period, I have had about 4 sonnagrams, 1 ct scan, 2 chest x-rays, blood work which says my enzymes are normal(the latest being on Monday night) and I know I don't have hepititis b/c I give blood at NIH every other month (they screen for that). The doctors have checked my liver, pancreas, kidneys and gall bladder and all are fine. My frustration is that I have and the doctors have no idea what the pain may be. Everyone is claiming it is pulled muscles on my side. I know this is not a mental problem. Does anyone have any idea what it could be or if there is anything that I should be tested for? Please let me know b/c I am going crazy trying to figure out what the heck the problem is.

By the way, the pain occurs mostly after I have had something to drink. I don't think that is the problem b/c Sunday I drank some wine at dinner and then a few beers, Monday had the pain and that is when I went to the hospital and they told me my liver enzymes were normal and all the other tests (sonnagram and x-ray) were normal.

I have what seems to be a similar problem described by people here but with a couple of differences. I have had a pain along the lowest rib on my right side for about 8 months now. I have had now real help from the doctor and i am now seeing an osteopath who thinks he can cure it. After each session it appears to improve once the initial pain from the massaging subsides but within a few days it is back as bad as before.
The differences i mentioned where that i get a very distinct feeling of something bulky pushing against my lower rib cage when i sit down, even though a scan has shown there is nothing. I also get a warm to hot feeling when it is bad. If i place my left hand over it and press lightly it relieves the discomfort. If i press hard just under the rib it is very tender. I would have thought that with such specific symptoms as this the cause would have been clear. I do normally row in a team which involves a excessive straining on one side, however i have given up all sport in the last 7 months and it has not improved at all. The lack of advice or response from the doctor is becoming very annoying and i am quite concerned that there has been no improvement or diagnosis.


Hi, Everyone!

I did a Google search on "rib pain, lower right," and this site was the first one listed. A couple of the posts seem like they could relate to what I am experiencing.

I have had an intermittent, usually sharp, stabbing pain along the lower right portion of my rib cage for several months now. Sometimes it's a burning sensation. It came on rather suddenly, and was pretty much always there just long enough (4 or 5 days) for me to decide one evening that I really needed to see a doctor. Then the next morning it was markedly less intense and not always there, so I still have not seen a doctor. Over time it has subsided even more in intensity and frequency, but the shape of my rib cage seems to be a little different than I remember. It seems to have a bit of a bulge along the lower edge, toward the center, where the pain usually occurs. I have never been able to relate this back to an activity that might have caused an injury, and don't have any symptoms that are usually associated with an organ failure or disease.

However, I am in middle-age (female) and have never had a COMPLETE physical exam. I finally have one scheduled, and will post whatever I learn about my own problem, as it may shed some more light for someone else. Also, if anyone has any more suggestions on what I might ask my doctor to look for, I would sure appreciate it.

Good Luck to all, in the search for anwers!
After giving this latest writer some thought...I wonder if you could not have popped a rib loose while you were pregnant the first time? If your internal cavity had filled (with baby) and there was pressure on the ribs, maybe you did pop a rib and after you had the baby the pain went away till you were pregnant again, thus re-hurting that rib and this last time it was a pain that just stayed with you. Ask your doctor if this is possible. I have the the tendernes just under the lower right rib and when the last doctor I saw pulled up my rib cage and felt under it, he could feel a loose piece of cartiledge. I have been doing some yard work and mine is very bad right now. I have times when it is completely gone and now I believe it is related to strain, re-hurting that rib and then going into the cycle I mentioned above. You see, gas would put pressure on your rib also. As I have mentioned, the only time my rib has completely stopped hurting is when I am on vacation and during that time I lift absolutely nothing...except a fork...and I eat everything at buffets and do not have the pain. I just think it is as simple as straining that rib. The cure is not simple and the duration of the pain is not funny. Hope you find relief.Su
I too am a member of the pain or discomort under the lower right rib cage. I have had two physicians debating what it really is...Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Costocondritis. Now, a third is running me through new tests.
My symptoms are similar to others on this board... after eating is when I notice the discomfort increases. At bed time it is hard to get comfortable. I also get discomfort when driving, I find myself adjusting my sitting position while driving.
I had it before I was pregnant, not as bad as now. It seemed to disapear during my pregnancy. I understand that your body changes during pregnancy. I breast fed my son for one year. A few months after I stopped breast feeding it was back. But now it seemed worse than before. At one point the pain got so bad that my doc checked me for gallstones. My doc felt it was IBS, I went through the several tests...all coming back "normal". As well as feeling like a lab rat with "trying this or that" and see what happens. My primary care physican sent me to a digestive disease doctor. Right before he did, he put me on 10mg of Paxil. I did notice an improvement. He said that stress can manifest itself in many ways and it would hurt to give this a wirl.
The digestive disease doc started the tests again. And trial drugs. I had been on the Paxil for about 5 months when I noticed the discomfort was coming back. I discontinued the Paxil. About this time the D.D. doc ask me a few questions and he felt I had costocondritis. He put me on Vioxx for about a month & a half to two months. It seemed like a miracle! When I went off of it(late spring 2002), I was great all summer UNTIL winter. Cold weather had seemed to bring it back as well as an additional stress load. I have noticed that when I am under more stress AND the weather is cold & damp is when it really acts up. I am currently back on Paxil. I have also started a Tai Chi class to help with the stress control in hopes of getting off of Paxil. The warm weather of this summer did not take the discomfort away this year(2003). I am seeing the third doc who has had me do blood tests for my organs in that area, a CT scan, Back x-ray & rib x-ray. So far he has found out that I have slightly elevated bad cholesterol and at some point in my past I had fractured my 7th rib on the right side that I do not remember doing. I now am going to have a bone scan to see if there is "activity" in the area. He said to see if there is inflammation inside the bone or in the cartilege around it. Also a test to see if my gallbladder is functioning correctly. It is sad that I am hoping they find something wrong, just so I know what it is. I am back on the Vioxx. It does help to ease the discomfort. I will let you know the results of the next round of tests.

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I'm the newest member of this club. 6 weeks of pain below lower right rib cage, feeling of pressure and discomfort, as if something is pushing on rib cage or the lower rib is rubbing up against something. Pressure occasionally turns to dull pain. I can't get comfortable, can find no pattern to the pain.

Was absolutely shocked to get a liver scan, complete blood workup and abdominal ultrasound that all came back completely normal. I was sure the ultrasound would show some kind of mass.

Anyone getting any relief or conclusive diagnosis?

I, too, had pain beneath my lower right rib cage. It turned out to be gall-bladder related: when the gall-bladder was removed, the pain went away completely. But I think the possible difference in the pain I felt and the pain that some of you are mentioning, is that for gall-bladder pain, it was as if you cupped the bottom of the right rib cage with your fingers, dug them under and up, and THAT was where the pain was located. More or less on the under-inside of the rib cage. I found that drinking two cups of hot water really helped alleviate the pain, so if you are wondering if yours has anything to do with gall-bladder, you could try that and see if it works.
I have been up since 3A.M. My lower right side below the rib cage has been hurting all morning. It is so tender that I can touch it and feel exactly where the pain is. When I touch this tender spot it automatically goes to my back. I have been feeling this for a very long time. I have no clue what it is. But sometimes I really do think it has something to do with my gall bladder.
When you see your doctor tomorrow, ask him to pull your right rib cage up with one hand and see if he can feel any loose cardlidge with the other hand. This is finally what my doctor did and he found loose cartiledge...floating around in there... no treatment for this.

i know you are afraid. so am i. it is a scarey thing to have pain and we have been taught that pain is a warning of something bad.

My pain is never in the back, it is right under that rib cage and it radiates to the lower right side just below my waist band line. I am 67. I have had this pain 3 years or longer. I did have two bad falls. My doctors laugh at me too. But pain is pain. I am not laughing. I know the more I worry the tenser I get and the more pain I feel.

Let us hear what the doc says. Try to locate any loose cartiledge. You can't do it yourself. I willbe thinking of you tomorrow. su
i'm brand new to this site... i'm really really glad to find people that have the same symptom's as me.
well.... i'm only 17, and i've had pain under the lower right rib cage. it happens every so often, it's not that frequent. it usually happens when i'm taking a walk... mostly down hill slopes. right now, when it comes around, it's kindo of a searing pain, and it hurts to take a step on my right foot. the pain also comes sometimes when i'm laying down, and if i press down on it, it feels like there is water all around it, and like there are bubbles being moved around. occurances other than those are very very rare. but the pain is searing. i would ask my doctor about it, but i don't see her until october, and i'm really not feeling too healthy right now. also... i don't know if it makes a difference, but i have lost a large amount of wieght in a short amount of time. i went from 149 in last october, to 139 in around august of this year, and now i wieght about 125 (as of 9.21.03). i don't know if that has to do with the pain... but i need to say that i'm not very active, and i eat a lot.
i hope someone has an explanation for this, or a recomendation as to what i need to suggest to my dr.
also, please pray that it isn't extremely bad... i'm too young.
Hello everyone. I am 19 years old and for the past year or so I have had a strange pain below my rib cage. This pain is located on my left side (your right). So when you say lower right pain do you mean your right or right as if when someone is looking at you? Anyway, the pain is kind of like a pinch, a jolt, I get it a lot when I am bending over or happen to rub up against something. I have also noticed a slight protusion on that side of my ribs, I don't know if this could be related or not. Tanna's situation sounds very similar to mine in that it is almost a feeling that something is stuck or that something is there. Although I don't really experience soreness afterwards. Being a hypochondriac I've been thinking the worst (i.e. Cancer) and haven't asked the doctor about this. When I feel around in this area nothing feels abnormal and nothing hurts, I just notice the protusion at the bottom. I had a blood test earlier this year and everything was fine. Any feedback on this would be appreciated. I have not had a chance to read all the previous posts, so if you have already answered my question then I apologize. Thank you for your time. Sorry if this is a bit confusing, it's hard to explain.
Oh gosh I just read this whole thread.

I have suffered from this kind of pain since 1986 after the birth of my second baby.

I had many tests done back then all negative.

After three more babies and continued pain (directly under right rib, burning, and pulsating towards back) I still haven't found an anwer.

Three years ago it flared up really bad again. (13 years after the nagging pain first started) So I repeated the Utra-sound and other tests and added a colonoscopy) All normal again.

This has helped so much reading all this information.

I've pretty much decided it was a muscle thing as deducted by many on this board.

I have worried quite abit about it during these years, but all the tests come back normal.

I am 43, and with each baby (5 years ago being the last) it seemed to moved around. If I sit up really straight and watch my stress if goes away. When I slouch over it gets worse. I'm thinking my IBS might aggravate it too...don't really know.

I had no idea so many experienced this kind of rib pain.

I've never done a google search, but with all the information here, why do it.
Lulu, I would carefully read this whole thread.

Most of us with this pain have been checked for gallstones and gallbladder disease.

Most likely its a muscle spasm of some sort. At least for me I'm pretty sure it is. I've had it for so long off and on. When I get stressed or sit for long periods it seems to flare up.

Its a long thread, but will be worth your time.
Its a long thread, but will be worth your time.[/QUOTE]

Here I come to join the club. However my pain in on the left side and started in Aug 2003.

I still wonder if mine was induced by incorrect medications or just mysteriously happened as I have not had any physical accident.

Granted, I have been highly stressed taking medications unwilling.

It is now almost 2 weeks I was told I have costochondritis and I am thinking of trying Prolotherapy.

Have any of you tried Prolotherapy? Thanks in advance.
Hi everyone, my first post here. Ditto to everything concerning the upper right pain. I have a few observations about mine and am wondering if anyone can relate. The pain is in the same location as most have stated.. right under the right side rib, but I have been experiencing additional 'anomalies' that seem connected. I guess ill bullet list them in order:

-Frequent urinating..often dark in color
-Flu-like symtoms..chills, etc.
-Feeling a heated sensation over entire body
-Dry, itchy skin and hair
-Feelings of nervousness and problems with concentration
-Sinus problems
-Feeling achey
-Strange, bitter taste in mouth/sinuses
-Facial swelling/lips
-Jaw pains

These symptoms are not experienced all the time or all together but seem to come and go along with the right rib mystery. Also, while I have been experiencing these problems for several years now, the unsettling thing is my girlfriend is starting to experience the rib pains and other symptoms as well. We are sexually active in unprotected sex, which leads me to suspect something viral. We have both been tested for stds but are 'normal'..same as many of the other standard tests for this thing.
The fact that so many of us are presenting the very same mysterious symptoms is alarming and curious. I share in the frustrations of just not knowing and psychologically feeling like a leprosy case. It is good to be with you guys on this thing and we will get some answers.
Just a thought, 'Is there a yeast connection/problem going on here?" Suggestions welcomed. Thank you.

[QUOTE=willkula]Hi everyone, my first post here. Ditto to everything concerning the upper right pain. I have a few observations about mine and am wondering if anyone can relate. The pain is in the same location as most have stated.. right under the right side rib, but I have been experiencing additional 'anomalies' that seem connected. I guess ill bullet list them in order:

-Frequent urinating..often dark in color
-Flu-like symtoms..chills, etc.
-Feeling a heated sensation over entire body
-Dry, itchy skin and hair
-Feelings of nervousness and problems with concentration
-Sinus problems
-Feeling achey
-Strange, bitter taste in mouth/sinuses
-Facial swelling/lips
-Jaw pains

These symptoms are not experienced all the time or all together but seem to come and go along with the right rib mystery. Also, while I have been experiencing these problems for several years now, the unsettling thing is my girlfriend is starting to experience the rib pains and other symptoms as well. We are sexually active in unprotected sex, which leads me to suspect something viral. We have both been tested for stds but are 'normal'..same as many of the other standard tests for this thing.
The fact that so many of us are presenting the very same mysterious symptoms is alarming and curious. I share in the frustrations of just not knowing and psychologically feeling like a leprosy case. It is good to be with you guys on this thing and we will get some answers.[/QUOTE]
Well, I just discovered this (thread?) today after looking up "floating ribs pain" on Google! I had come from the doctor after my sharp, "flesh-ripping" pain below my lower right rib came back and stayed this time. I had been dealing with this since I was about in my mid 20's (I am now 37). It happenned one day when I ate a heavy lunch at work. I hadn't eaten all day and ate late in the day. I had finished eating, then turned and it hit me. I call it flesh-ripping because, to me, that is the only way I can describe it. That day, it lasted for about 20 minutes ( I was doubled over ) and then I just sat there and it finally went away that night. But every so often, when I would turn or just be standing there it would come back. It is only on my front side just below the lower right rib.
About 4 years ago it seemed "worse than normal", so I went to see a doctor (Kaiser). The doctor said I was fine, but had me do an ultrasound. Of course that turned out fine. So I had decided to basically just live with it. It seems to have been getting worse latey. Then last night (around 6pm) , I was sitting at my desk and turned and it "caught" and it hasn't let go since. Today, I went back to Kaiser and the doctor said I was fine and even belittled me, suggesting that I was making it up! He did, however, agree to have a Catscan done. It came out fine and he sent me on my merry way, just telling me to take Advil! Well thanks for reading , and it's nice to know that there are others!

Don't you feel a second opinion (from another doctor) and a serious approach to your medical concerns coming on?

"Today, I went back to Kaiser and the doctor said I was fine and even belittled me, suggesting that I was making it up! He did, however, agree to have a Catscan done. It came out fine and he sent me on my merry way, just telling me to take Advil!"

I believe in solving the problem, not lessening the symptoms with drugs.

Most of all listen to your body:)
wow, this is a loooonnnngggggg thread, but i read every persons story and in many ways i am relieved to find others with similar problems. my story, however, is a bit different.

in may of 2003 i was 7 months pregnant and my health started to decline. i blew up like a balloon and just felt awful. i normally have low blood pressure, but it rose quite a bit durring that time, however it was still in the "normal" limits according to the doctors and since everyone must fall outside of that "normal" range to be abnormal, they said to watch what i ate. did i mention that i couldn't get shoes on any more because of the water weight gain? 40 pounds gained in 2 months? 60 pounds overall? strange how everyone else was concerned but the doctors.
ANYWAY...... they finally tried to induce me a day after my due date, probably to shut me up from complaining about how i felt, but it didn't work!!!!!!! 24 hours of pitocin and all that jazz and i dialated 1/2 a cm!!! so i went home :(

finally a week later my water broke. i called the doc at 2:30 in the morning and she said, well you better get in because you really need to be in active labor within 6 hours so you don't get an infection.
i went in, and they did that little PH test strip thing. it didn't turn the right color so they said my water didn't break. ummmmmmm....ok, i guess i was profusley leaking a mystery fluid.

i laid there for 10 hours before the doctor came to see me. at which time she had to do some kind of other test to see if it was my ambiotic fluid. it was DUH!!! any i also started to get an infection, imagine that. by the way she was 34 weeks preg-o at the time, you would think she would be a little more aggressive.

so there i was 105 fever and 31 hours later, i hadn't dialated all the way, they couldn't do a c-section because of the severity of my infection and my contractions had stopped. i litterally had to push him out at 9.5 cm with contractions at the strength of 4. my son was born in full respitory failure and had to be revived and put on a ventalator.....

what does this have to do with the right rib pain you ask? i am getting there.
after a week in the hospital, my son made a 100% recovery and i was at about 70%, but we got to come home. my son was on oxygen for 2 weeks just to be sure but he has never shown any signs of complications. i however am another matter.

6 weeks after he was born i got a stomach ache, a wierd one, like someone had dropped a bowling ball on my stomach. it then moved over to the right side. i went to the doctor and he said that my appendix was going bad, common after pregnancy. i was very upset as i did not want to be in the hospital yet again, away from my son so soon after our ordeal.

i went to the ER, they did a CT and said that they thought my appendix had ruptured as there was a lot of inflamation in that area, so i had to have surgury right away. you would think that meant within an hour, maybe two, but 9 hours later i went into surgury. the surgeon assured me that it would be an easy thing, not to worry...blah blah blah..

turns out it wasn't my appendix. my colon was inflamed and infected. they took the appendix anyway and stiched me back up. i woke up to infectious disease people and a very scared husband. the condition that i had was reffered to as "typhlitis" it means inflamation of the secum caused by infection. a condition typically seen in cancer and AIDS patients. a condition with a 50-100% mortality rate. no one knew why/how i got it, but speculated that it was risidual from my labor infection.

i was put on broad spectrum anti-biotics IV and was soooooooooo sick, both from the infection and the medicine. i finally got to come home. i was still on anti-biotics, orally now, which made me puke so hard i wasn't even sure if i was getting any medicine.

i got the right rib pain then, but it went away untill recently. i have had to have many tests to see if this thing is gone or if it caused any problems. i don't know if it was the stress, if i got a stomach bug, or what, but i started throwing up again and getting the runs. i went to the doctor sure i was getting that illness again because of the pain in my abdomen. all my blood work is normal, no HIV, no leukemia, no liver mal-functions. i had a barium enema, an upper gi series and an ultra sound....all normal. i still have this pain, primarilly under my right ribs and it seems worse when i am gassy. it is pretty much there all the time.

i have had to go on panic disorder medication because i have convinced myself i am dying. this pain could be stress related, it could be anything, but i am so hyper-vigillant now that i can't stop thinking about it.

geeezzz this is long now, and keep in mind this has all been in the last 6 months. my doctor says that he wants me to get an ultra sound again on my gall bladder, but i am not sure i want out even if there is a slight problem. the crazy thing is i really have no other symptoms. i am mentally torturing myself and can't seem to stop.

has anyone else heard of something like this?

Sorry to hear of your torture.

"... the crazy thing is i really have no other symptoms. i am mentally torturing myself and can't seem to stop. has anyone else heard of something like this?"

My left rib problem was finally correctly diagnosed as as "costochrondritis" -I went through a medical torture story before correct findings in November 2003-

As a result, of this medical mistake I was emotionally upset until I had another ECG/EKG (no longer on meds) which showed that my heart was fine.

Now I am relaxed and even exercising, that is walking daily to stay fit :)

Nyxin, do get 2nd and 3rd opinions if your body feels the need for you to do so. Better safe than sorry.

Oh, just curious, is your baby progressing well since this ordeal?

Sorry to hear of your torture.

"... the crazy thing is i really have no other symptoms. i am mentally torturing myself and can't seem to stop. has anyone else heard of something like this?"

My left rib problem was finally correctly diagnosed as as "costochrondritis" -I went through a medical torture story before correct findings in November 2003-

As a result, of this medical mistake I was emotionally upset until I had another ECG/EKG (no longer on meds) which showed that my heart was fine.

Now I am relaxed and even exercising, that is walking daily to stay fit :)

Nyxin, do get 2nd and 3rd opinions if your body feels the need for you to do so. Better safe than sorry.

Oh, just curious, is your baby progressing well since this ordeal?[/QUOTE]

my baby is fantastic. he is actually 6 weeks ahead developmentally. i think that if i just give myself some time to heal mentally and physically i can get over this. i am glad you are doing well now. my mom has the same thing, it is in the middle of her chest, but i know it can be on ethier side as well. happy holidays to you and thanks for asking about my son!
5 years ago I started getting a burning pain in my lower right rib area. This pain sometimes extended around to the back to my spine. I would sometimes have pain simultaneously in front and back. The pain in the front area also produced a numb feeling on my skin over the pain inflicted area. At the time I was pregnant. After consulting several doctors they concluded that it was costochondritis and gave me an anti-inflammatory injection into the area. This had no effect. I do believe that it is a form of costochondritis but anti-inflammatories have no results because of the muscle spasms. Over the years, I have resulted in self diagnosis. My internal med doctor suggested that the back pain portion of it was a muscle spasm and to take yoga. I did not take yoga but did some exercises he suggested. I have found that the pain does go away when I slightly arch my spine backwards at the area of pain. This action releases the muscle spasm and releases the pain. I believe if I was to do regular back and stomach exercises, this pain would subside. I am now pregnant again and having the same problem because of the weight pulling on my back. If I use an arched pillow, the intense pain will go away. I can still feel the burning sensation but not excruciating as it is at times. Hope this helps someone.....
I am so glad that I found this place online. I too suffer from rib pain and have had ALOT of test that came back just fine. I also have fibromyalgia ( which as you know the Drs blame everything on it). Sometimes my pain gets real bad. Even though I have fibromyalgia I do not take anything for it. All the Drs want to give me is all this meds that make me feel like all I want to do is sleep. Is there a special kind of Dr out there that can help without all the meds? I have 7 kids and I can not slow down for a min.
Also any advise for our spouses. My husband is the greatest!! But sometimes I think he is tired of how I feel. I wish I could get some more info on that "costochondritis" that everyone keeps talking about. Please let me know.
Willkula i dont want to scare you,but you might want to do a search on liver disease symptoms or hepatitis.
I have experienced pain in the lower right rib for about 6 weeks. I have a hiatal hernia which causes a lot of acid reflux so I thought it might be related to that. However, my doctor recently changed my medication to Protonix and all acid reflux has stopped but the rib pain is still there. It seems to be worse when I bend at the waist a lot. I play golf and after 18 holes of bending down to tee up my ball, bending down to get the ball out of the hole, bending down to pick up clubs, etc. the pain is really worse. It takes a day for it to subside.

I am an older woman, recently went on the Atkins eating program, lost 13 lbs, am eating a higher fat diet, and drink a few days a week...

It is nice to know I'm not alone with this rib pain. It feels muscular in nature as it is like something gets pinched when I bend down then I have to stand up slowly or the pain is worse. It also hurts when I sleep on my stomach then turn over - same sensation as though something is getting pinched inside.

I'm definitely going to take some of this information to my doctor so he can see about the "costochrondritis" and other things. Thank you all!
I too have been experiencing pain under my right rib area accompanied by a terrible sickness for almost two years. I've seen five doctors, had ultrasounds, two ct scans, two MRCP's, a colonoscopy, a liver biopsy, removal of my gallbladder, the scope in the stomach(I'm not sure what this test is called), dozens of blood test, upper GI series and small bowell followthrough. The only thing the Drs. have found is fatty liver and fluid in the gallbladder fossa, but they say that neither condition would cause this pain or sickness. My condition keeps getting worse and I'm at the point now where I can hardly do anything. My doctor has recommended that I have an endoscopic ultrasound. has anyone had this test? It is supposed to be more accurate than ERCP and with less change of complications.
Wow, I don't know how I missed this thread. I guess it's because most of my posting is done in the digestive disorders area. My pain started with acute erosive gastritis w/ erosion also in the duodenum. On my second EGD, the erosion was gone and I still had mild gastritis. However, once the stomach pains began getting better, the upper right discomfort began. I have had so many tests that my doctors are reluctant to do anything else. Some of my tests include colonoscopy, HIDA scan, abdominal ultrasound, abdominal ct scan, small bowel follow through, barium enema w/ x-rays, 2 EGDs and lots of blood work. Nothing has shown anything except for my blood work which has shown my cholesterol bouncing all over the place which just doesn't look right and now my AST has been slightly elevated on the last two tests and my ALT is rising. The URQ discomfort is with me all the time and never goes away. I asked to be tested for hepatitis last Friday and I am waiting for the results. My only diagnosis has been IBS which I totally disagree with because I don't feel that I have the classic symptoms and my discomfort never leaves where people with IBS usually have relief and then periodic flare-ups. Anyway, I just wanted to throw in my URQ discomfort story.
Hey Actudan its me suzyshop.When you first got diagnosed with your throat problem ,what did they say caused it?Ive had scans ,blood tests you name it ive had it probably.Last time at the gastro i was surprised to find i have an iron deficiency.He seems to think i might have been bleeding internally inside,just not enough for it to be noticed.I been trying to tell them all along i think its an ulcer.The doctor finally admitted that it could be an ulcer.Im having more bloodwork done,and colonoscopy and another hida scan done.How many hida scans have you had done?The last test there going to do is the endoscopy because i had one already last summer.Have you been checked for an iron deficiency.Are you experiencing any tiredness or weakness?Our symptoms seem to be so similar, my pain is getting worse also.If i get any answers to what im experiencing you will certainly be one of the first to know, being that we have been at this for quite awhile.Take care.
Hi Suzy,

I never had a throat problem just a stomach and duodenum problem. My throat looked fine and I was never experiencing refluxing so I wasn't worried about Barretts or anything like that. My doctor has said that I running tests over again is really all he could do. I don't want that unless there is some idea of what is being sought. I have had only one HIDA scan and it was w/o the CCK so I don't know if it was a procedure worth having w/o the CCK. I will compare my iron levels to see how they have looked over the last 6 months. I was told more than once that I wasn't anemic so I didn't really bother looking closely at my RBC or iron levels. I know that they are w/in normal range but doesn't tell a whole lot. I will get back with you on that issue.

I haven't experienced fatigue or weakness either. My liver enzymes and erratic cholesterol and a one time elevated c-reactive protein have been my only items outside the normal range. Anyway, I sure hope that you find some answers because I am always tracking your progress since like you said our problems appear to be very similar. I am waiting for my hepatitis results. If it returns normal, I don't know what I will be doing next. It seems that yuo have doctors that are listening and trying to figure out what's wrong. Or are you are the one pushing for more and more tests like me? I am on my 3rd gi and feel like changing family doctor. I am the one who keeps pushing because my current IBS dx just pisses me off!! :mad: Anyway, take care and hope to hear good news from you soon!
Well no Hepatitis so still got to figure out what's causing upper right discomfort.
[QUOTE=actudan]Wow, I don't know how I missed this thread. I guess it's because most of my posting is done in the digestive disorders area. My pain started with acute erosive gastritis w/ erosion also in the duodenum. On my second EGD, the erosion was gone and I still had mild gastritis. However, once the stomach pains began getting better, the upper right discomfort began. I have had so many tests that my doctors are reluctant to do anything else. Some of my tests include colonoscopy, HIDA scan, abdominal ultrasound, abdominal ct scan, small bowel follow through, barium enema w/ x-rays, 2 EGDs and lots of blood work. Nothing has shown anything except for my blood work which has shown my cholesterol bouncing all over the place which just doesn't look right and now my AST has been slightly elevated on the last two tests and my ALT is rising. The URQ discomfort is with me all the time and never goes away. I asked to be tested for hepatitis last Friday and I am waiting for the results. My only diagnosis has been IBS which I totally disagree with because I don't feel that I have the classic symptoms and my discomfort never leaves where people with IBS usually have relief and then periodic flare-ups. Anyway, I just wanted to throw in my URQ discomfort story.[/QUOTE]I truely understand your pain, my pain is constant every day, did you have an endoscoptic ultrasound?

I have not had an endoscopic ultrsound. If my discomfort is still there when I see my GI again (which I know will be), I will ask for this procedure. I am running out of things to ask for. Repeating tests is an option but which ones? Didn't think I could get even more frustrated but I think my frustration increases after each tests comes back negative.

How long have you had your pain and which tests have you had done? Has anything for you come back abnormal such as elevated liver enzymes? My discomfort is there every single day which is why I want to slap my docs when they suggest IBS. I rather them say they don't know what it is instead of categorize me to the IBS group. Good luck with your situation!
Whats is a endoscopic endoscopy,whats the differance between that and a regular endoscopy?Is one more accurate than the other? Also is a uncomfortable procedure?Thanks for any reply
[QUOTE=suzyshop1]Whats is a endoscopic endoscopy,whats the differance between that and a regular endoscopy?Is one more accurate than the other? Also is a uncomfortable procedure?Thanks for any reply[/QUOTE]

I got to thinking about this and I am thinking they are the same procedure. At first I was thinking of ERCP and endoscopic ultrasound but now I think endoscopic endoscopy is just an EGD.

Here is a list of endoscopic procedures I found

Upper Endoscopy (EGD)
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)
Capsule Endoscopy
Thanks for the reply Actudan.The reason i asked was i thought maybe the doctor was missing the boat on ordering me one of those tests.Since hes done just about every other test.
:confused: :confused: [QUOTE=actudan]crystalangel,

I have not had an endoscopic ultrsound. If my discomfort is still there when I see my GI again (which I know will be), I will ask for this procedure. I am running out of things to ask for. Repeating tests is an option but which ones? Didn't think I could get even more frustrated but I think my frustration increases after each tests comes back negative.

How long have you had your pain and which tests have you had done? Has anything for you come back abnormal such as elevated liver enzymes? My discomfort is there every single day which is why I want to slap my docs when they suggest IBS. I rather them say they don't know what it is instead of categorize me to the IBS group. Good luck with your situation![/QUOTE]
Hi actudan, sorry to hear you STILL haven't found out anything. I've been having pain in the upper right quadrant for almost two years. I've had to surgery to remove my gallbladder, a liver biopsy, colonoscopy, two cat scans, two mrcp's(MRI's), two ultrasounds,the scope in the stomach(sorry don't remember name of test),dozens of blood test,including hepatitis. The only thing that has showed up is fatty liver. My doctor said this would not cause the pain. My liver enzymes go high and then back to normal. Just had an upper GI, small bowel follow through. If this test is normal, my doctor wants me to have the endoscopic ultrasound, I think this is a somewhat new procedure because it is not done locally where I live, I will have to travel to another city. But I know how you feel, when each test I have, I hope they find the problem, but so far, nothing. If I have the endoscopic ultrasound, I"ll let you know, my doctor said it is more accurate than the MRI. So hang in there.
[QUOTE=CRYSTALANGEL]:confused: :confused:
Hi actudan, sorry to hear you STILL haven't found out anything. I've been having pain in the upper right quadrant for almost two years. I've had to surgery to remove my gallbladder, a liver biopsy, colonoscopy, two cat scans, two mrcp's(MRI's), two ultrasounds,the scope in the stomach(sorry don't remember name of test),dozens of blood test,including hepatitis. The only thing that has showed up is fatty liver. My doctor said this would not cause the pain. My liver enzymes go high and then back to normal. Just had an upper GI, small bowel follow through. If this test is normal, my doctor wants me to have the endoscopic ultrasound, I think this is a somewhat new procedure because it is not done locally where I live, I will have to travel to another city. But I know how you feel, when each test I have, I hope they find the problem, but so far, nothing. If I have the endoscopic ultrasound, I"ll let you know, my doctor said it is more accurate than the MRI. So hang in there.[/QUOTE]

I'm in agreement here with crystalangel..It sounds like alot of you on this post have a fatty liver..fatty liver can cause pain..mine has been dull and not sharp at all..i have lost weight and it has subsided alot...I don't have it every day it worsens (flutters alot) around that time of the month..sometimes all the tests in the world will not show advice.. reduce your alcohol intake and change your diet..i think the fact that obesity in our world is the second biggest killer now is the reason why so many of us have this fatty liver in this day and age..think about it..good luck to all, Lisa
I have posted before but only on the digestive disorders board, but I still have not found an answer ANY ideas are very much appreciated.
I have had constant pain in the upper right side of my abdomen - just under my ribs for 8+ months now.
It started suddenly and has NEVER gone away since--I have it 24 hours a day. The pain feels like a strange sort of pressure from the inside - like something is trying to push its way out of my abdomen because there is not enough space for everything to fit. The pain gets worse when I eat (anything). I cannot eat or drink more than about 4-6 oz at a time w/out suffering terrible pain - as a result have lost 20+ pounds (and I was thin to begin with).
The pain also gets worse if I move certain ways (i.e. twisting my abdomen/trunk)...and of course if I press on the area. The pain is NOT musular as is does not hurt when I do a sit-up or tense the muscles and press on the area. It only hurts when I press and my belly is soft.

I have NO lower abdominal pain at all, No pain on the left side of my abdomen, and NO bowel changes or symptoms. The pain never moves and it does not radiate to other areas.

I have seen a multitude of specialists (GI (2), Infectious disease, gynecologist, urologist, nephrologist) and have had a battery of tests.
Tests includine abdominal CAT, MRI, HIDA scan (w/out CCK) (gallbladder and liver), Upper GI, endoscopy, enteroscopy, wireless endoscopy and tons of blood tests for everything from lupus to Celiac to lead poisoning. ALL tests have been negative - have shown NOTHING abnormal.
I am on Elavil for the pain (but it is not helping w. pain but helps me sleep through the pain.) I took Protonix for 2 months and tried Zelnorm too w/ no response to either.
The surgeon I consulted with is pretty adamant about NOT doing a laparoscopy since all of the other tests have been negative - he doesn't think it will show anything.

I am desperate to feel like a normal person be able to eat a normal meal and to end the constant pain. I don't know what to do...since none of the tests I had showed anything AND no one is willing to do a laparoscopy to potentially find something that may not be showing up on a scan - I am left to suffer in misery with no answers and no help. I seem to be at a dead end...

Has anyone had a similar experience or can anyone possibly shed some light on this situation? Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
I've also had that same pain,& it nearly takes my breath away,esp.when I would be on my knees in the flower bed working.........
Guys, you might be surprised to know there's an identical "no name pain" club on another board! Check it out....
Does anyone else get a "stretchy" feeling in their ribs (painful or not) when they lie on their backs, by the way?
Could this be your liver thats hurting? I have chronic liver pain due to my Autoimmune Hepatitis and what your describing sounds very familiar.
i've been having the same pain but my back has also been hurting in the lumbar area for a month now. i'm sure that was caused by muscle strain working with bags of cement. then i took off on a 3400 mile car trip and the car seat hurts my back just driving across town. so i am thinking it is a muscle thing. i guess i should go to the end of this thread to see what you all have come up with. john
Hi! I am new to this site so bare with me. I have experienced pain in my right rib cage for four years now. I am 29 years old. My liver enzymes would go up and down also as high as in the thousands. Last year I saw a liver specialist wwho did alot of blood work and liver biospy. Everything was fine except for elevated enzymes. I was hospitalized in December for extreme dehydration and elevated enzymes. Finally rthe group of doctors decided to do a test to check how much pressure my bilary sphincter muscle was putting out. It was high so they cut an opening to relieve the pain. This was successful for two months,but now I am experiencing the same pain again. Ther is no medicine that I am told and they need to check pressure again. If this continues will have to have major operation to cut and fold back this muscle. IThe procedure they did is called an ECRP. I hope this helps in some way!!!!
Hi all, I have been having the same right rib pain radiating to the back and sizzling like a few have said. I thought it was my Gall bladder too, but I have Costalchondritis that i have known about for about 8 yrs now. I felt it in my chest,breast area and thought I was having a heart attack. I am in the medical field (Laboratory) so I was able to get immediate help and 3 other women were diagnosed as well. One passed out from being unable to breath! Anyhow I just presented with the rib symptoms the past couple of months. I am not real active, I relax alot now because of going through Fertility treatments etc. I am so glad to know others have the same problem as myself. By the way, most Doctors don't even know what Costalchondritis is, so don't expect them to understand anything we are going through. Eager to talk to most of you....thanks, KelliC
Hi folks just want to chime in that I also have had this for the past few years. It coincided with an anxiety disorder I had developed so I'm fairly sure it has something to do with stress. Has anyone considered massage therapy combined with accupuncture? I am considering trying this combo as the regular docs just tell me it's chostocondrisis and there's nothing I can do except take pain meds.

I am so glad to find other people out there with this problem. It will probably take me a week to read all the posts....
Mine started about 4 years ago (I was 24 which I saw as a common theme with other posts).
I have right sided rib pain. Sometimes sharp, sometimes dull, hurts more when sitting. Feels like my ribs are bruised. Sometimes it feels like something is tickling me. As with most of these other posts, it feels like something is in there.
I had an ultrasound of the gallbladder which was normal.
My dr originally diagnosed me with an ulcer because I was taking Prednisone which sometimes causes ulcers. He put me on Zantac for 6 months and the pain went away. It would come back every now and then, but I figured I was just stressed out and "aggrevating my ulcer". Then about 2 weeks ago it came back. I tried eating low/no fat foods but that didn't help. I kept a log of what I was eating (because I was sure it was my gallbladder) but it didn't get any worse/better with eating. I finally made an appt to see my dr. After being poked and proded (yes, he lifted up my rib cage and said "does this hurt?" Well, duh....) He pushed on my gallbladder and liver and it didn't get any worse so he said that I may have inflammation of the cartilage and put my on anti-inflammatory. Of course, as soon as I left the dr I felt 100% better. It's been a week now and the pain has come back this morning with a vengence. I got pretty stressed yesterday with work so I am wondering if stress brings it out. I do smoke (have been trying to quit) and it makes me more stressed to think about not smoking. I'm going to read all these other posts, take some of the advice I've already read, and be happy knowing that I am not all alone crazy.
BTW, my dr said that pain comes from something and that it's not in my head.
If anyone gets a cureall for this email me at [COLOR=Red](REMOVED).[/COLOR]
Good luck!
An update for those of you who may be interested.

After taking Naprosyn (? sp) for 2 weeks, which only made the pain worse, I went back to the dr. He took some blood to test for ulcers, which came back negative. He also switched me to Vioxx. I have been taking it for a week and it is amazing how fast the pain has gone away. I still have a minor flare up about once a day, but it is not nearly as bad as it was pre-Vioxx. So, I guess the dr was right: costochondritis.

Hope anyone else has as good of luck as I have had!
Hello i all, i can't believe i have found you all. I am very nervous lately its been one thing after another with me. I have had chronic mastioditis in right ear and am deaf in right ear cause of it. In april i ended up with 2 ruptured disk and one herniated. So i was put on percocet for 8 weeks, then got spinal epidural injections and my back was like 75% better, and now I have found one cyst or lump located on the same side same place on right and left rib, wierd. They do not really hurt, but are annoying. Its like i can chase it up and down my last rib on each side. they move around they feel like a small grape. I am having some shooting pain under my right rib cage, and some times more to the left lower rib cage. I ignore it simply cause i don't want to go back to the doctors i am tired, but care about taking care of myself and family. Also I am just now able to catch up from medical bills from the back. I was also taking a birthcontrol pill simply for a cyst on my ovary which is somewhat better, i stopped taking it because i don't like taking meds when not needed. i was on the pill for 8 months. (orthotrycilinlo).
I don't hurt all the time like a lot of you it comes and goes and happens when i am sitting more than not. Sometime after I eat. Any advice greatly appreciated. thanks :
I can't believe I have found people, who are going through the same problems as me. I been having this problem for almost 5 years. I've been through a lot of testing, too. I had a hyda-scan, endoscopy,colonoscopy,chest & spine x-rays,sonogram,ulrasound,blood test, and an upper GI. Nothing was found, except I had a disfunctional gall bladder, which I had removed. I also had a hysterectomy, yet I am still having the pains. I have a localized pain in my lower to mid rib area. My pain radiates to the front rib cage as if I still have a gall bladder, and then it could radiate underneath my shoulder blade and down to my hip bone. My pain never goes away. It is constantly with me no matter what. Some days it mild and dull, and then other days are severe. My body has tolerated the pain for so long that I'm use to it being there. I sometimes feel a ball of some sort between the rib and the spine. I've been to so many doctors I lost count. The doctors always gave me naproxin, motrin800(muscle relaxer), and vicodine, and nothing helps. I even went to the emergeny room for pain management, they gave me demarol(maybe spelled wrong) and it made me sleepy, but the pain was still there. My pancreas test was abnormal, my amelayse is unusually elevated. Still no answers. I am frustrated, angry, and depressed constantly because no doctor is willing to help me find my diagnosis. All I want is a diagnosis, can someone please help?
This is in reference to acc. post. I also have the same pain and I also have been told that I have acute pancreatitis because my amaylace levels were elevated. This could be something to do with our pancreas. I am supposed to go to GI Doctor next month maybe I'll get lucky and he'll solve the mystery.
[QUOTE=bull613]Hi everyone
I too have had the pain in my right rib area
for about 18 months. I had every test talked
about here.Then finally I went to a orthopedic
doctor and had a myleo-gram and found a herinated
disk in my thorasic spine that was compressing
nerves to my right rib area.He said theirs hundreds
of nerves around the rib area that will make you think
it is a internal problem. But this my case everyone
should have everything checked so that they can rule out all possible problems.[/QUOTE]

Hi bull613 and everyone,

I'm new to posting here. I must admit it's nice to find others that are suffering the same ailment as me. I've been suffering for 14 months - have had all the same tests as the rest of you. I even had a surgery in April, 2004 to remove 2 inches of my rib which was protruding out from the rest of my ribs. It was absolutely no help.

Bull613 - I was wondering which location had the herniated disc and what they did about it? I have had an MRI which showed minor herniations at T10-11 and T11-12, plus a bulge at T5-6. However, I've seen 2 different neurosurgeons that both said they were too minor to cause my pain. I've heard of people getting better results with the myelogram but so far neither neurosurgeon wanted to do a myelogram and my GP won't order it - he wants the NS to order it. You said your orthopedic doctor scheduled the myelogram - was that an orthopedic doctor or an orthopedic surgeon? The doctor that removed part of my rib was an orthopedic surgeon and he didn't want to do anything about my herniated discs, either.

Any advice you might have would be appreciated!

[QUOTE=Nok]Just out of curiuosity, does anyone else have any problems with their jaw? Mine cracks loudly about once an hour when i open my mouth wide. I have no idea if this is related to my other problems but i figured i'd ask.[/QUOTE]

I, too, am not sure if this is related, but my jaw cracks quite often. As a teenager I was diganosed with minor TMJ (disjointed jaw). I've had that all my life and this new pain is just within the past year so I'm not so sure about the relativeness.

Some other similarities between me and others on this board: right handed, lots of work on computers, most painful when sitting/driving/lying on stomach/reaching with my right hand, no doctors have been able to figure this out (lots and lots and lots of tests), only started about a year ago, have minor herniated discs.

I'm wondering now if it isn't a repetitive stress disorder, like carpal tunnel, given that I spent over 15 years working on a computer, reaching for the mouse. Any others have a long history on computers? This would also explain the more recent history (only past few years) of this problem as computers have become much more in use over the past decade and it may just take that long to develop this. The only thing that bothers me about this theory is that I have done a lot less work on computers in the past year - and haven't used the mouse at all (use a laptop with trackball) in well over a year. Of course, I could have just gotten so damaged that there's no 'going back'. I know carpal tunnel is like this - you can permanently damage your wrists such that no surgery can fix it.

I'm going to start looking into some of the relaxation techniques as well as homeopathic remedies.
I'm also going to make a concerted effort to not use my right hand for anything - try to 'favor it' for the next month to see if that helps.

Best of luck - if anyone ever finds a 'cure' please, please post it!
Anyone of you here have anxiety/stress problems or overweight? I'm asking because my pain coincided with my anxiety disorder and subsequent rapid weight gain. Also anyone have trouble breathing while sleeping? I noticed that since the rib pains began sometimes I'd have dreams of somebody bearhugging me or being caught around the midsection in a vise only to wake up and have trouble inhaling like my diaphram was cramping or something.

I have been experiencing these same symptoms for going on 8 years. It can start with pain in the lower right rib cage and then start radiating from there. It turns into severe heart burn and my ribs become very tender, even bruised feeling. Things that bring it on are: sitting, bending over for any period of time (hunching my mid-section). I don't know of any specific food that will bring it on, however, if I am having episodes on a daily basis, I will certainly be more sensitive to many foods (i.e. coffee, milk products). If I eat bread, it helps. I think it is because I have heart burn by then and it absorbs the acid. A big thing that really seems to help is sleeping on a hard matress. Also, avoiding sleeping with my hands above my head. My back is actually the most comfortalble position. If I can make it through the night pain free, I am almost guaranteed a pain free day. A heating pad on the tummy helps also. The doctor diagnosed me with arthritis of the rib cage. I have been trying to take Aleve before bed every night to help insure that pain free night. My poor husband has taken to sleeping on the floor so that I can get a good night's rest. I have been tested for ulcers and given all sorts of antacid medicine. None bring relief. I hope these ideas help some of you. I know the same relief all of you felt when you found out you were not the only one with these symptoms. I hope with continued communication we can find some relief.
I posted a month or so ago claiming that I was healed...then they took Vioxx off the market and I'm back to square one. Been taking Celebrex but it's not helping at all. I've still got a few of my Vioxx left and take one when my pain gets really severe.

I was reading some of the recent posts and just wanted to let you know that I am left-handed but have the pain on my right side. My doctor said that if he could write me a Rx to not breath for about 2 weeks that I would get better. He said that everytime I take any breath in I am re-inflamming my ribs and it will just have to heal over time. I smoke and have been trying to quit and notice that the pain gets worse when I go several days without smoking. As soon as I start smoking again the pain goes away. Seems it would be the other way around. I hope I don't have this forever. Vioxx was so good for me and it really upsets me to think that I won't find anything else like it. A heating pad (one that wraps all the way around my ribs from front to back) seems to give some temporary relief. I am active and exercise at least 2-3 times per week. My doctor says I should take it easy for a while but that's easier said than done, especially when I'm trying not to smoke. I'm going to quit this time for at least a month and see if I can get over this pain threshold. I've got another appt in a few weeks for him to eval me. I don't know what else he could do. I'm thinking about getting regular massages because some people say this helps. Really, I have no answers but am glad that there are so many other people out there with the same problem...the relation to computer use would be interesting to research....

BTW, did anyone notice that this board has been looked at over 17,000 times???
I am currently experiencing pain under my right rib cage,that barely ever goes away. It starts after breakfast ,lasts all day, the pain actually moves from front to right side and to the back,then I feel it under my right shoulder blade. I do not vomit, just feel sometimes nausea and I'm quite tired. Stress is also making the pain worse. I tried yoga, changing my diet but nothing helps. Waiting for my insurance to become effective, then I'll see a doctor. I think it has something to do with liver or gallbladder. Maybe a gallstones?
I have 2 boys so I need to be a 100% there for them, I can't even take them trick-a-treat this year,how bad it is ( thank God for my husband) . Today I had to take a vicodin to stop the pain, but I know tomorrow it's going to be exact the same thing. It's a little relieve to know that I'm not the only one and that there is some explanation and treatment for this...

Thank you for any suggestions and comments. By the way happy Halloween and good luck to all of you. Hope we all feel better soon.
A friend just emailed this to me, because I have had right side pain for months and had lots of tests. I am printing this and calling my doctor.

General Information About Adult Primary Liver Cancer from
Possible signs of adult primary liver cancer include a lump or pain on the right side.
These symptoms may be caused by swelling of the liver. These and other symptoms may be caused by adult primary liver cancer or by other conditions. A doctor should be consulted if any of the following problems occur:
• A hard lump on the right side just below the rib cage.
• Discomfort in the upper abdomen on the right side.
Pain around the right shoulder blade.
• Unexplained weight loss.
• Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes).
• Unusual tiredness.
• Nausea.
• Loss of appetite.
Tests that examine the liver and the blood are used to detect (find) and diagnose adult primary liver cancer.
The following tests and procedures may be used:
• Physical exam and history: An exam of the body to check general signs of health, including checking for signs of disease, such as lumps or anything else that seems unusual. A history of the patient’s health habits and past illnesses and treatments will also be taken.
• Blood chemistry studies: A procedure in which a blood sample is checked to measure the amounts of certain substances released into the blood by organs and tissues in the body. An unusual (higher or lower than normal) amount of a substance can be a sign of disease in the organ or tissue that produces it. An increased level of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) in the blood may be a sign of liver cancer. Other cancers and certain noncancerous conditions, including cirrhosis and hepatitis, may also increase AFP levels.
• Complete blood count: A procedure in which a sample of blood is drawn and checked for the following:
o The number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
o The amount of hemoglobin (the protein that carries oxygen) in the red blood cells.
o The portion of the sample made up of red blood cells.
• Laparoscopy: A surgical procedure to look at the organs inside the abdomen to check for abnormal areas. An incision (cut) is made in the abdominal wall and a laparoscope (a thin, lighted tube) is inserted into the abdomen. Tissue samples and lymph nodes may be removed for biopsy.
• Biopsy: The removal of cells or tissues so they can be viewed under a microscope to check for signs of cancer. The sample may be taken using a fine needle inserted into the liver during an x-ray or ultrasound. This is called needle biopsy or fine-needle aspiration. The biopsy may be done during a laparoscopy.
• CT scan (CAT scan): A procedure that makes a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body, taken from different angles. The pictures are made by a computer linked to an x-ray machine. A dye may be injected into a vein or swallowed to help the organs or tissues show up more clearly. This procedure is also called computed tomography, computerized tomography, or computerized axial tomography.
• MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): A procedure that uses a magnet, radio waves, and a computer to make a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body. This procedure is also called nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI).
• Ultrasound: A procedure in which high-energy sound waves (ultrasound) are bounced off internal tissues or organs and make echoes. The echoes form a picture of body tissues called a sonogram.
Hey guys over at the anxiety board one member has reported that their doctor gave them a TENS machine which eases the pain. Maybe we can look into it.



I've had chondritis off and on for quite a long time.

I finally made it in to see a pain doctor who diagnosed me as having 'severe, chronic chondritis'. He set me up to get a 'TENS' device, and it has really made a difference in my quality of life. It's just this little machine, about the size of a deck of cards that slips into your pocket, with electrodes attached that I put on over the area of pain. The idea is the electrical impulses from the TENS disrupt the nerve impulses to the brain that are signaling pain.

Like you, Maria, I've had multiple tests to rule out anything 'serious'.

But living every day in pain is serious! Talk about increasing anxiety!


I have had this same problem for some time myself. I have had all kinds of liver, gallbladder, chest xrays and an ultrasound. I went to see a Rhuemotologist (sp?) and he said I have a whiplash type chronic strain injury. Do any of you spend alot of time at a desk or on a computer? I work in an office all day then I have a side business doing graphics and web design. He said it was likley due to far too much time on the computer. There is some interesting theory on this as well.

[ [B]removed [/B] ]
hi there, a friend of mine had the very same pain, every time she ate or drank, turned out it was her gallbladder, she had it removed and as been fine ever since good luck :wave:
Hi everyone. New here too, although I checked this board out a year ago and never posted.

Same symptoms. Pain on right side, often below the rib cage and at times radiating down the back. One particular symptom that came on around the same time (two years ago) that noone else has mentioned is that when I lay down on my back I tend to get really dry eyes at night, not sure if anyone else experiences this.

Pain is not usually ever severe, I have experienced, at times, that it does come on after eating or drinking (I'm not a big drinker, pretty healthy lifestyle). Sometimes feels like an irritation in that area, other times feels like something is perhaps swollen or bloated.

Had all the tests, 3 ultrasounds, CT scan, xrays, endoscopy, etc. and nothing ever came up, except a small kidney stone, which the doctors said would not be the cause of this pain.

Can live with it during the day, but its sleeping which is the worst part. Cannot lie on my stomach (sometimes wake up difficulty breathing if I do), and not on my right side. So difficult to get comfortable, and often tossing and turning, and the dry eyes don't help.

LOL, it's not the end of the world, but an annoyance, and like the rest of you I would love some answers as to what my be the cause of this discomfort.

Since the gall bladder and liver are in that area, along with the duodenam, pancreas, and large intestine, I would think that perhaps it might be related to one of those organs, but could it be muscular, or rib cartilage? So many possible culprits, good luck everyone!
After putting up with this mysterious discomfort/pain for years, my Dr. tells me that it most likely is just gas buildup in the large intestines. I have had everything checked out, including a colonoscopy....there is no other answer it seems -- at least for me.

I have had it for at least 5 or 6 years. He said if it were anything serious I would be dead by now.

Yes, I have a possible answer. My story is similar to the hundreds posted here. Long story short, it was two years, 22 procedures, about the same number of prescriptions, and five 'operations' ranging from exploratory, to gallbladder, to FINALLY two ERCPs on the bile duct and the pancreatic duct. ALL enzyme tests, blood tests, and imaging, including barium enema (yuc) sonograms, CTs, MRIs, etc. were coming back NORMAL. This is because most imaging tests do not show FUNCTIONAL issues, like a HIPA does for a gallbladder. A BILIARY specialist can help identify these issues, sometimes recerred to as Sphincter of Oddi. THe ERCP is a tube with a camera down your throat. Then, the specialist has to MEASURE THE PRESSURE of the biliary ducts. They can spasm, and cause intense pain and build up of bile. They caused my gallbladder to malfunction, and caused intense pain and suffering, that would increase after I would eat or drink. You must find a Biliary Specialist to help you. As far as I know, this specialized test is only done in three places in my region -- JOhn Hopkins, Duke University, and my savior and god Dr. Al-Kawas at Georgetown Hospital in Washington DC. Unfortunately, both of the resulting ERCPs I had with Sphincterotomy caused 10 days of pancreatitis which was treated by an inpatient stay at Georgetown, but when I got out, I was 95% better for two years now. The pain is back :-( It is not as intense, but it is increasing, and I am back working with my friend Dr. Al-Kawas. My MRI will be on Thursday, so we will be forming a game plan after that.

I hope this helps. It sounds odd, but it is more common than you would expect. I have already met another person who went to Al-Kawas and received relief within a month from a Sphincterotomy, with no pancreatitis side effect too. I hope it will help any of you in your search for relief. You may email me at [email][/email] if you would like more particulars. Good luck to all.
Hi Guys,
Very new member here and so glad I found this place.
I thought I was losing my mind!
Here is what I bring to the table.

I have constant lower right pain in the abdomen, on the rib cage. It is tender to the touch and after it has been pressed on, it will throb and burn. (thanks doc for figuring that one out)
I have lost 15 pounds. I have no appetite. The doc has run liver, gall bladder blood test, white and red cell counts, urine test, EKG, 5 chest xrays and everything is inconclusive. I am awaiting the results on the TSH test, but I have been on thyroid meds for 13 years, so who knows what that will bring. I have an Abdomonal CT scan this coming week.
I also have have three "attacks" of severe nausea that lead to dry heaving for hours!! I would highly weak and fatigued after these dry heaving spells.
I have severley limited my diet due to the thought that this was all gall bladder related. I have not found a trigger for any of this and I am so frustrated.

The pain in the ribs comes an goes throughout the day, with nothing certain to trigger, such as eating or bowel movements. It used to come on everytime I ate, but doesn't any more, just when ever it feels like it wants to.

I am a young mother of one, and I had this odd pain when I was pregnant, although not at the same place. I was told my rib cage did not open enough to allow room for all of my organs and the pain I was feeling was the pressure from that. That was in the center of my chest. This pain is on the right side, down low at the base of the ribs.

Any insight is welcomed!!!! I am also being sent to a GI doc at the end of the month. Any questions I should ask??

Thanks in advance.
You could be me describing your symptoms. They are mine exactly. Did you ever get any diagnosis?

Well, I got the test results back from the Thyroid test and the nurse replied happily "everything's normal!" I lost it. :blob_fire I asked her how everything is normal when I surviving on a bowl of cereal a day!!! She kinda did that, oh, you still don't feel well? I have my CT scan today. In four hours actually.
If this comes back inconclusive as well, and my doc still refuses to run gall bladder tests, then I am requesting my records and leaving. He screwed around with my dad, saying he had a sinus infection for 4 months when he actually had a 15 pound tumor in his abdomen. I have a two year old son, and I don't have time to waste.

I will have the results back today from the scan. Either way, with an answer or without, I will be crying. I am so frustrated to be living like this. ANd the usual comment is, what a great weight loss plan! People are so stupid sometimes! :dizzy:

I hope you start to feel better. Have you talked to any docs yet?

He screwed around with my dad, saying he had a sinus infection for 4 months when he actually had a 15 pound tumor in his abdomen??????????

I am blown away that you are seeing this quack at all. Get a second opinion quick. We are responsible for our own recovery. I don't care if you have to go to 25 different doctors to get the correct answer but do it..Sorry if I sound a little agressive but I lost my father in law to a misdiagnosis like your dads. They had him in traction for back problems for a year. What did he have but a football size tumor in his groin. Don't make the same mistake by going to the same quack. Your baby needs you..Good luck, Lisa
Well, I had the gall bladder test today and hopefully will have a whole lot more answers this time tomorrow. The CT scan was normal as was the TSH and every other test they have done. I am starting to hate that word, normal!!!!!

I think that the doc had his moment in the sun and he has washed his hands of me. Depending on the outcome of the Heita scan I will be going to a GI doc or a suregon for removal.

I just want answers.....
I am having the same symptoms, right side below rib cage. all tests showed negative, but I reaized pain and cramping began when I started taking "Lipitor" for my cholesteral among other symptoms in feet and legs. Stopped taking "Lipitor" pains in legs and back disappeared but side pain remains. Worse when sitting at computer or singing, seems to put pressure on diaphram causing increased pain and shortness of breath.
i am so glad i have found this forum....i was in tremendous pain before, and its not the 1st time...i always thought i was pulling muscles also but today, out of no where i took a shower and when i got out all of a sudden i got a sharp pain in my rib cage again, NOW this time i know i didnt do a thing...
a little history on me, i did break these ribs when i was a hockey player but that was 20 years ok...ok, i smoke and drink too much also but, nothing has ever pointed towards this....i really believe in that loose cartiledge theory...i mean its just too strange to have this all the time...
there are days i wake up and its ok and theres days i wake up and it hurts and all i did was sleep!
I have read alot of posts here and i am really hopefull that this can be treated because tonight was so painful i was near outa my mind with pain. Shortness of Breath and scared to death to take a deep one....and of course, i coughed and saw the end of the sick of this, i am happy to know that it is NOT normal to have this, i will be active in relieving this pain because to tell you the truth? This hurts as bad as breaking them...
Thank you all!!!
Just an update, I had a gall bladder that did not function and got it taken out this last Tues. I Just now getting out of the hospital 1-1-05. i hope you find the answers that you need.
I found this site by accident, and I am relieved that I am not the only one with this pain.
Just a brief history
-40 years old female
-pain for about 2 1/2 years
-had most of test that i see others have had,ultrasound,catscan,
-had my gallbladder out in may of 2002, the pain didn't go away
The pain is more now when I am sitting down or at rest. I just started back to the gym, pain doesn't bother me when I am working out, the PT advised me to stop working out so I did for a month and a half. I went a pain management clinic, they tried different meds, didn't help. So I see my doctor at the end of month for a physical, we will see what he has to say.
Any further advice would be gratefull
Why did they tell you to stop working out?
alas, a group of people with similar pain issues...
sigh... sad to think so many are dealing with the same mysterious pain, but also a relief to know i'm not alone.
i have had this pain, below my rib cage, on the right hand side...
off & on for several years.
last year it was REALLY bad, beginning around the turn of the new year... i went to many doctors, tried various drugs... for muscles, for pain, for digestion problems... wasn't until i had the HIDA Scan with CCK that they finally realized my gallbladder wasn't functioning well. oh.. back up... i DID have an ultrasound done several months prior... and they found nothing. the lab tests regarding my gallbladder said my gallbladder had some scarring...
well, i recovered from that ordeal... and still an on again off again recurring pain... i figured it was just the aftermath of surgery...
well, here i am a year later... and it's ON again in a BIG way...
it's obviously NOT my gallbladder, although the symptoms are similar.
-hurts worse to sit up
-hurts worse at night
-feels weird to lay on my back... i get a "caving in feeling
-feels weird to twist at the waist
-gets worse if pushed on or messed with
-gets worse if i bend over too much
-sore feeling up under my right shoulder blade, when it's real bad
-increased belching/gas
-feels like somethings "in" there...
-seems to be brought on by stress
-seems to be aggravated if i drink TOO much coffee, maybe...

oh, and when i had my gallbladder removed, the surgeon took a look at my ovaries, liver & all that area... and didn't "see" anything abnormal.

so, that's a bit o' my story. i've been severely depressed by this reoccurence... i had hoped the surgery was the answer.

by the way, i read every post in this thread...
still no concrete answers... at least not for the majority.
I spent almost 2 hours reading all these posts. It sounds to me like there are at least couple different issues going on. Im one more of those that have dozens of tests
and so far all they've found is a fatty liver. Well Im going to take a copy of this
to my doc but Im also going to try the liver cleaning receipe Fath Hop posted. If
I happen to learn anything new I post it here.
Just checkin' back in. I posted in November, thought this thread might have been weening down, but it's comforting to see others still sharing similar experiences with this mysterious right side pain.

Seems that a hard to diagnose misfunctioning gallbladder is a common culprit, but oftentimes those that went the removal route still have not found 100% relief. I'm going to request a abdominal MRI when I visit my Gastro doctor next Tuesday, hopefully they'll approve it. The Heida scan sounds like that would be another option down the road as well if the MRI doesn't pinpoint the issue.

I wonder if many of us, might have organs that are functioning well, but are just slightly out of kilter/allignment, and thus pushing up against eachother or the ribcage and causing these symptons? Could organs shift out of whack? I'll try to ask this at the doctors as well...

Keep posting follow-ups if y'all hear anything further!

I'm a Newbie to this site and have read all the submissions to date concerning "lower right pain below rib cage" and thought I might add something of value to those of you who have had extensive tests without the benefit of positive results.

I came to this site by way of a search through Google because I experienced a dull pain in my lower right rib cage thinking someone might have gone through the same pain. I, too, was amazed at the number of people who are experiencing this condition. I don't have the burning sensation some complain about, nor the severe pain associated with the dilemma. Several years ago I had a condition in my upper chest area that didn't go away and I had my primary care check it out. She told me at that time that she didn't find anything remarkable about the exam. It obviously wasn't costocondritis because it eventually went away on its own. However, when I began getting the dull pain in my rib cage, I thought that same condition had hibernated for a period of time and then migrated to my abdominal region. Since my pain is manageable at this time, I may choose to do nothing further though I have an annual physical coming up in a week and will likely mention it to the doctor.

First of all let me state up front that I am not in the medical field but that I have some experience with referred pain.

This may be a little longer than your usual response, but it may be worth you time to consider what I have to say.

About 14 years ago I began having pain in my tailbone area to the extent that eventually I was unable to sit in certain chairs, couches and other seats. I took a fall about 30 years before that on my tailbone and recovered nicely from the fall thinking no more about it.

However, 30 years subsequent to that on my desk job the residual pain radiated from the tailbone area all the way around the front into my groin and scrotum. I went through physical therapy, got cortisone injections, went through pain management counseling, and nearly had my prostate removed before I ran into a very wise old urologist who knew exactly what the problem was.

I initially rejected his explanation for the pain I felt in the front of me being caused by the damage (perhaps arthritis) in my tailbone, so he pulled out some drawings of the nervous system and showed them to me and what he was saying began to get my attention. He pointed out how the nerves from the back (tailbone area) wrap around to the lower abdominal region and therefore the more those nerves in the tailbone were irritated the more referred pain I experienced all along the nervous pathway. I felt burning and itching that drove me crazy. I was given topical ointments and pain medication. I had to sit in crazy positions with my foot tucked up under my butt so I wasn't sitting directly on the tailbone.

My story has a happy ending. I found some really understanding doctors and a surgeon who removed my coccyx and I am now living pain free.

One of the submissions herein mentioned the vertebrae in the back pinching a nerve which led me to write. This is purely speculative on my part but I believe many of you might have referred pain from a pinched nerve in your back. Some introspection is needed to help you diagnose your problem. Have you ever felt pain in your back? Can you remember a time when you might have done something to your back? Do you sometimes twist your back to relieve tension or pain?

It took me seven long years to get to the bottom of my problem and I'm so glad I found such a caring doctor who took the time to explain things to me.

I hope this will help someone who reads this and I wish you all good luck.
I have had pain in my lower right ribs #10,11 & 12 for over five years. The pain started about 6 weeks after my open heart surgery. I haven't seen any listing except for gallbladder surgery which is similar. The pain is acute when I’m setting in certain seats such as a theater or at church. Driving is very painful so I use a 16 oz frozen water bottle between my back and the car seat. This helps some. Have had all the tests listed for men, but no answers. Have seen all the specialist and none have helped. Had over seven epidurals, no help. Latest experience is injecting liquid oxygen along the rib bones to kill the nerve and surrounding tissue. Worst pain I ever experienced but some relief. Take pain pills (too many) but that is all that helps. Stress seems to cause more pain but, while working (keeping my mind on my work) there is no pain. Told the DR. I’m nuts, but he would not agree. My history: Bullet wound to center of chest in 1966. Bullet went through kidney, liver and stomach, lost the left kidney. Open heart surgery 1999. Pain started 1999 and continues to this day. I firmly believe that the opening of the chest cavity caused my pain and if given the option of a life of pain I would have opted to not have the same type of surgery. The quality of life is less than expected. I don’t know if this helps or if any others have experienced three ribs of pain. (rambling again because it hurts just to set here and write this). Have been off pain pills for nine days, but will get some more soon. Be very careful to not just quit pain medication. I have been off and on so many times I no longer get the depression associated with going cold turkey. Make sure your Dr. knows you’re cutting back or wanting to quit. The depression assocaited with "going cold turkey" can cause suicidal thoughts but I'm a Christian so that’s not an option. I only hope this pain will be of some use to someone, somewhere, sometime.
I have posted once before. I still have Right upper and back rib pain. I have a deformity going on. My rib cage is swelling. It is much larger now on the right side, than it is on the left. It is visibly noticeable. It keeps getting bigger. DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE A SWELLING RIB CAGE??? You can see it, feel it, and i cannot put my arm down to my side on that side without pressing down on my ribs(obviously not a regular practice). It origionally was was only one rib sticking out, now, it is all the way to the bottom, and almost to my breast line. They have done a cat scan of my liver, xrays of my ribs, with normal results. All the bloodwork is normal. They were freaking out at first because they could feel it too. The skin on that area is very cold, but warm everywhere else. I take the prescribed Flexeril and Motrin 800's, only when it gets real bad. The muscles relax, but the bumps from my ribs are still there. The only thing on the net i have found, are chosto, chondrosarcoma, and a few other far fetched things, none of these clues seem to fit the crime. This is what i have been told so far..... MUSCLE SPASMS!!!!! DEPRESSION!!!!! OK??? If i am doped up on muscle relaxers and anti inflamatories, and you can still feel the swollen ribs, then i should be depressed i suppose. I am very happy housewife, i homeschool my 11th grade level 12 year old, my hubby earns enough to where i can actually stay home and rest, oh yeah, i guess depression is the answer??? Sorry to all about the rant, i am sick of being sick. IF ANYONE HAS SWELLING RIBS AND LOW GRADE FEVERS IN THE AFTERNOON TO MID DAY, PLEASE RE- POST, and maybe we can help each other. THANK YOU!!!
In your post you didnt say what the pain feels like,is it constant or intermittent?Does any certain food seem to affect the pain?Need alittle more info.Take care.
The previous post was meant for 9MM,dont know how it ended up under someone elses post.Take care. :wave:
The pain is constant, but very much more painful after i feel "FULL", and i feel very full very easy. No bowel problems, no gas of any kind. I have had a full hysterectomy.
Hi all!! :wave: I have been following this thread for quite some time now.And just registered this morning to tell you my experience with the *MYSTERY PAIN*.I most definetely found an answer to my right side rib pain, or liver,or kidney or whatever it was.My pain was EXACTLY like 90% of you mentioned.Same everything!.I was amazed in seeing all the people out there with the same symptoms..I was overwhelmed to find this forum. Anyways,.. I have always been into health,except for i smoke cigarettes..and will quit that bad habit soon..I promise. I have had the rib pain (right side) for years now,.. I cant remember the exact date, or the year that it started :confused: .I have always been fascinated with vitamins,minerals,and herbs(illegal and legal ones).I have always been on high dose multi vitamins pretty much the last 15 years.And just recently i have been taking Milk thistle 500mg(liver rejuvenater),Policosanol EXCELLANT for cholestrol reduction,alpha lipoic acid,bilberry,and garlic.. The reason i took the extra herbs is because i thought the combination would help in removing this weird annoying mystery pain on my right side near my ribs/kidney..maybe liver?.My liver always seemed to be healthy, my pee is the normal color,and not dark from liver disease, no colds,no fever,no fatigue,Great appetite,..I felt perfect except for...ya know> THAT WEIRD RIGHT SIDE PAIN! :confused: ...Never felt sick in over a decade, and my kidneys seem to work just fine.I lift weights religiously 3 to 5 times a week,and never had a problem with stamina or endurance, or recuperation.Anyways, just recently i was doing some research on the web about all the multi vitamins i take each and everyday...and i was in shock over the *IRON* i had taken throughout all the years... I then realized that maybe i had taken way too much :eek: .. and since im a man i dont need that much at all.Women need it because of the meunstral cycle etc.. I sat there in front of my computer,and was basically in shock!!. :eek: . I may of overloaded my body with excess vitamins, AND here's the worst part..I took Iron for many years now...and this could be the reason for this unknown pain.I decided to look at all the goodies i take...and decided to give up the multi vitamins/w iron and stick to the herbs, and lay off the C.As you may know..too much C will give you the runs.. And my reserves have been full for years.Within one week my Mystery pain had almost vanished.My Energy levels have sky rocketed!!, my slight depression is>>> ..GONE! :) Im not saying that this could be the cure for all of you, but for some of us, may be something to look at ;) :nono: .Too much of a good thing?.. When you fill your vitamin reserves too much,and for too long..your only asking for trouble :nono: .The A,D,E, Vitamins are fat soluble..and will indeed store in your body.. and too much of them are *TOXIC to all of our organs and tissue**!! In my opinion,.. My body was reacting to the Iron, and all of the other vitamins that my body did not need.The bottom line to my story.. My right side ache is gone!! My thinking is WAY clearer,..I have been laughing, and feeling SO much better.My strength is 300% better.. Im a NEW person.I feel like Im 25 again.My sleeping patterns are perfect,aches/headaches are gone..Yada,Yada,Yada..Do me/you a favor, If your on a multi vitamin, or a male who takes multi's with Iron with this so called *mystery pain* even if you dont have a pain..."STOP ALL MULTI VITAMINS FOR 2-4 WEEKS" and see what happens.Its not going to hurt you..and if you've been taking them for a while now, your body does not need anymore.Our body has reserves.. Give it a try, what can you lose?...Maybe you'll lose that pain, and feel lots better!!...I sure do!! :bouncing: All smiles in Seattle, Wishing each and every one of you the best!! Your in my prayers, Karl Used to be known as *sleepless in seattle* Karl.. Not no more. p.s. If you folks want to protect and remove toxins from your liver/kidneys,..That Milk thistle is the best!! and for high cholestrol..Policosanal is the ticket. VITAMINS CAN BE DANGEROUS!!! TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING CAN TAKE YOU OUT OF THE GAME. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!
I am sooo glad that this worked for you. Unfortunately i dont take vitamins. I am sure your info will help someone.
Hello, I've been a lurker for awhile. I'm a 50 year old male who is experiencing the same right side mystery rib cage pain. Seems like most of us are experiencing the same thing but in diffrent degrees. I can't really describe mine as a pain. It's more like a moderate discomfort, a rippling, itchy sometimes stiff feeling along and between my ribs as if there was something wedged between them at times. I don't notice it at all if I'm busy out in the yard or garage. It's when I sit down, especially at work or relaxing at home that I notice it. Yes I spend a lot of time in front of computer terminals as I'm an air traffic controller. Had all the tests. Doctor found nothing. Thinks it may be stress related, but I don't think so.

My question to the group is this. [B]HOW MANY OF US HAD CHILDHOOD CHICKEN POX?[/B] About five years ago my wife had a case of shingles, which is a form of adult chicken pox. You have to have had chicken pox as a child to get shingles. Once you have the virus, you have it for life. It's a virus that affects the nerve endings, especially those in the upper right rib cage. Her shingles started as twinges on her upper right quadrant rib cage, then in a few weeks progressed to a moderate to extreme external rash. She had it for months, then it finally cleared up, but she still has twinges along her ribs five years later.

So I'm wondering if what many of us are experiencing could be viral, resulting in some form of sub dermal shingles that never exhibits externally.
Hi! I had a fall in June of 2004 and fell on my right rib cage. I had pain and pressure that lasted for quite sometime....being a nurse I knew that there wasnt much I could do. When the pain ceased but the pressure continued beyond three months, I visited my doctor and she didnt seem too concerned but ordered x rays. I also had bloodwork done that shown no abnormalities as did the xrays. I drove for my job at the time and had alot of difficulties related to the pressure and increase in being uncomfortable because of the pressure in that area. I am now s/p fall 6 months and have had no resolution in the pressure and can feel it now on a daily basis. It feels as if i have an orange under my right rib at the point where i had originally hit when I fell. Unfortunately, I have lost my job since then and will be unable to afford to return to the doctor within the next three weeks. Also, I would like to add that when I move in such a way that may stretch that area, such as a twisting motion, I obtain a pulling sensation. Any input would be appreciated and will update this list as I get more testing/results. Please feel free to email me directly. :bouncing:

[ [b] please carefully review the posting rules - no emails [/b] ]
I've read through about half of all the posts. There is a lot of good information here. I will post my symptoms related to my right side rib pain.
Me: 26 y/o female.
~Pain is under right rib, in my abdomen between my ribs & pelvic bone, not in front but on the side. My lower right ribs feel like they stick out differently than my left side.
~Feels like: The closest feeling that I have had to it is when I was 3rd trimester pregnant & she would move around & bump into my ribs. It is a moving feeling, it doesn't stay in the exact same place all the time. Most of the time it is around the area I described. A few times it has been on my right side too but not as bad. Another thing it kind of feels like - when you eat a big meal sometimes you can feel the food & gas moving around in your intestines, esp. if you get constipated, and like the feeling of your intestines getting full - that is a similar sensation to what I have, except that it is not in the same area as those sensations & it also pushes on my ribcage & makes it sore sometimes.
~How long have I had it: Probably about 2 years off & on, it seems to come in spurts, though I can't put my finger on anything that could have triggered it.
~What relieves the discomfort: sitting up straight, stretching out my side & back.
~What makes it worse: the feeling of being hungry, like when my stomach growls. I feel like my abdomen is being sucked in under my ribs & my ribs are poking into my abdomen.
~Diagnosis so far - I haven't talked to my doctor about this because it isn't an unbearable pain & it isn't constant, like some of you. From reading some of the posts I think it might be related to having loose cartilage, stress & depression (which I have & which cause me to get constipated & stomach cramps sometimes), or possibly something got disturbed during my pregnancy. I also fell flat on my back twice as a teenager (my wind was knocked out even) & maybe my pregnancy aggrivated the nerves or something. I'm thinking of going to see my doctor, who is really good, & will post what I find out. I don't think I will do any invasive tests at this time, since, as was mentioned, I'm not dead yet.
Best of luck to you all.
Geeeez......Bunch of us, huh? Same general complaints 53yrs old, female.pseudcyst of pancreas in '85 surgically resolved(excruciating pain) attack with pacreatitis 6/2004 pain meds and rest and it too was very painful. past 2 weeks dull pain in same general area.anxious that it is pancreas again and extremely fearful of that.My pain is more centered radiating to right starts under sternum and down to right above naval 3/4 inches. Dr appt. 2 weeks just trying to find something to blame it on except one of those organs we can't do without................Not trying to be cute just a little nervous
For those of you with undiagnosed pain on the right side under rib cage..............Have you had an AMA blood test. antimitochondrial antibodies????
I too had pain there, had ultrasounds, ct scans, blood tests, nothing showed up, I was having other health problems and when my doctor tested, for lupus
the ANA test, it came back normal but they suggested he do a few others
one of them came back positive, AMA. Its pretty specific for PBC. Primary billiary cirrhosis. Since that time my liver enzymes have started to show
something is wrong but for about a year they didn't and I was starting to think I was crazy too. Don't give up the answer is out there. :wave:
Well I too have been having the same kind of stuff--mostly a very small area right on or below right rib, and some radiating pain around back. It isn't an ache--it's a hot stinging. I had my annual bloodwork done about a month ago--including comprehensive metabolic panel that includes the liver (right?)

I'd like to know if that test is sufficient to rule out anything serious. I have no other symptoms, and this is a nagging sore pain. I am tapering off zoloft (have taken antidepressants for the last 4 years--all liver-conjugated(?)
I am also taking liver tonic capsules, beet juice and milk thistle capsules, aloe vera juice. It tends to hurt more after I take these remedies. I must admit I take a morning cup o coffee--uh-oh.

I had an abdominal ct with dye this last summer because my 24-hour urine showed high serotonin, which is plentiful in the gut, and can be caused not only by the antidepressants, but by a benign tumor in the abdomen. Nothing was found except 2 tiny cysts in the liver, which is typical for my age (57).

So--I dont want to take Advil, or pain meds cause the liver. This is frustrating! I SURE WOULD LIKE MORE RECIPES AND ADVICE FROM YOU-ALL!!!!
I too have this same pain, sometimes almost unbearable to walk and very worrying.About 14 years ago i did tear some rib cartlidge on that side whilst leg pressing at the gym .I put me out of the gym for about 3 months and was very painful to sleep for a few weeks. This could answer a few questions.I will explore this avenue further.Thanks for your experience it may just be the answer iv been looking for.

I too have this same problem. Its been about a year now and my doctor told me it was a cartalidge problem. It got so bad one time I had to go to the hospital. They told me in the emergency room that it was constipation. I often research this online and the only thing I found with any promise was IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Take a look at this link and let me know what you think:
[URL=]WedMD Irritable Bowel Syndrome[/URL]

This part was particularly interesting:
Sometimes people who have severe IBS symptoms visit many doctors, trying to find a physical cause for their symptoms and to find a cure. Some may believe that their doctors are overlooking a serious problem and may believe that they need more tests or treatments. This can be very frustrating. It is often helpful to get a second opinion, if possible from a doctor who specializes in treating functional bowel disorders.

Did anyone look into this or speak with a doctor about IBS? :confused:
sorry, that link is:just copy and paste
i would get a scan of my abdomen if i was having strange pain in my upper right quadrant....could be adenoma, or fnh? i would check it out, have you been on birth control?
i'm yet another one with these conditions.. just come back from my doctor who is sending me to an endemetrologist (or however you spell it :D ) However, he couldnt actually feel anything wrong...
I'm also due in for an ultrasound for a suspected aortic aneurysm (although thats just a routine precaution for another symptom he found).

I've found that the pain is worse when i sit.. i work on a computer all day and i'm thinking maybe the sitting is exaggerating it or even *causing* the pain. When i wake up in the morning the pain has normally gone.. is this the same for anyone else?

I can only describe the pain as if something is twisted, ranging from a dull ache to sharp pain.

It's kinda reassuring to know that you all dont know either :D
ok I am new to this as well I have similar symptoms as all of you I have been all over the web and finally found this and find it comforting as I have felt very alone and scared. My pain began about 9 months ago and is at/under/below/around the last rib on the right side and once in a while in my back. My pain will last 2 or 3 weeks then be gone for maybe 2 months. Nothing and I mean nothing makes it worse or better it just comes and goes at 1st I thought it was a kidney infection just because that in the past was somewhat of a reoccuring problem for me but when I got the urine test there was no sign of that so then the pain went away and I did not think much of it until it came back. Now on the 4th bout or so in 9 month period I am truely worried and have not been to the dr. as I am more afraid to find out I am dying of something than to not know the pain can be dull or sharp and in the 3week periods may be there all day or come and go for no reason believe me I have tried to find a pattern in that yet so far goes away completely within a month at the most (knock on wood) I was a drinker not a raging drunk but enough every day for the past 2 years to where I was thinking if I quit it very well may go away but 3 weeks clean of alcohol and nothing has changed have I screwed up my liver this quickly am I dying is this my punishment for not being strong enough to deal with a problem in a different way than taking a drink I am so so so scared this site alone is comfort but I would really like some feedback if anyone feels like they would like to comment well at least I am not drinking now just hope I get the chance to last long enough to enjoy a life without being drunk every day like I have for the past 2 years Don't know what to do,ever been too scared to move?

I hope everyone is feeling at least ok today I know it is a constant worry and stress take care everyone
Sorry to write so soon but just thought of this maybe this will help some people, a few years back (I was about 23 then and this is not my current problem) I kept getting a stabbing,hot and dull pain all at the same time on my left last rib anyway as I said before I always think 1st of my kidneys since they gave me trouble in the past and anyway long story short at last a dr. found I had literally ripped my cartlidge that connects your ribs away from the rib and at 1st could not for the life of me figure how that happened because I had not done anything different yet my job was physically demanding and finally realized it was at work and so I quit doing that task and it took probably 7months to completely heal from (as at that time if I was not really and I mean really careful it would start to hurt all over again just when it would start to heal) but finally it did heal and now it just bothers me once in a while like if I do too many sit ups or really strain my abdomenal muscles further than what I should
hope that helps someone at least
To Bunchi
I Know That You Posted Your Message Almost 2 Years Ago And I Hope That You Have Found Your Answer But If Not You May Want To See If You Have What Is Called Subluxation Of Your Rib. It Is Very Painful And Can Often Be
Misdiagnosised As Having Heart Or Stomach Problems. It Is Mostly Diagnosed By Symptoms Described Rather Than Costly Tests.
I have been having some moderate pain just below the breast bone and goes to the right side that seems like it would be the liver. The questions I am about to ask is this pain is there pretty much through out the day every day and gone when I lay down could this be a sign of liver damage? I had a tooth infection not to long ago and was taking tylenol and ibuprofen right on schedule around the clock, if this is a sign of liver damage is this something that is curable? :)
Almost 35 years ago I began to have the pain in the lower right rib area, sometimes also in my back. I had numerous tests, xrays, etc., and no explanation was ever found. My doctor did ask whether or not I had ever taken large amounts of harmones, because sometimes they can cause this. I do know that I have cysts on the liver but doctors say they are not serious and probably not the cause of the pain. A doctor once told me that problems in the back could cause the pain to radiate around to the front rib area.

The pain has never gone away entirely. It has subsided at times, but I really believe that finally just giving up on finding the cause helped me to endure it. Every CT or other test I have had for other reasons over the years still show the cysts. I am right now having a "bout" with the pain. It started about two weeks ago when I became stressed over something else. What I eat or how much I eat does not seem to affect it one way or another. Of course, I realize that the present pain could be for some different reason entirely, since it has been so long.

I certainly understand the anxiety and need to get some answers. For me, no answers came but I have actually had pretty good health otherwise so maybe at least the reason for the pain has not caused any serious problems. Good luck to all of you.
How interesting to find so many people with the sam esyptoms that I have been experiencing. I first noticed the slight to moderate pain under my lowest right rib 5 or 6 years ago - it was fairly infrequent and seemed to last for only a couple of days. Recently I have been experiencing the same pain on and off for about two months. I had a physical just prior to the latest bout and all of the bloodwork turned up normal (I did not however mention this issue to the doc at the time since it didn't seem to be bothering me). It seems intuitive that one would assume the problem resides in the liver or gall bladder however I have not expressed any of the other systemic symptoms that would be present in a case of liver failure, or acute gallstones. I drink alcohol socially, but much less than when I was young and single - has anyone else noticed a correleation between alcohol use and the pain? Another thing I noticed that I did not see here on the board was that after a day particularly annoying, but still minor, pain when I am lying on my back in bed, I sometimes hear and feel a loud "gurgling" in the same area of the pain followed by immediate relief (though not complete) of the symptoms. Does this suggest some sort of duct blockage in the liver or gall bladder or perhaps an issue with the stomach/large intestines such as acid reflux (as per other posts)? Well I suppose thats about enough for now - any responses would be most appreciated. By the way, for you reference I am a 34 yr old male.
Christinalf, I hate to see your message go unanswered so will give you what little info I can. Acedominiphen (sp), i.e., Tylenol, can change the enzymes in the liver. I believe the enzymes go back to normal after you cease taking the drug. Other pain meds can also cause the changes in the liver.

As you can see from reading this thread, there are several things that can cause the pain, but it is not easy to determine which it is. If it is gallbladder, maybe cutting the fat in your diet would help. If it is a hiatal hernia, which is a possibility, try cutting caffeine and chocolate, eat small meals often and no food for two to three hours before bedtime. Sleep with your head elevated a few inches. If you have acid indigestion, antiacids can help. Also, of course, stop the pain meds, especially the Tylenol.

If none of these help, maybe you should have the doctor check you to try to find the reason. In any case, I wish you luck.
Just thought id pop in here and let you ppl know that on the digestive board there are ppl with the same rightsided pain.Its under (calling all rightsided rib pain ppl )Take care.
I've read all the postings here and my story sounds like so many of them that I'm shocked. My pain started around 3 years ago. It has been fairly constant since that time. I have had off and on elevated liver enzymes. I've had e-rays, CT scans, a colonoscopy, and an MRI. (The latter to look for hidden stones.) I had a HIDA scan which revealed that my gallbladder was not working properly. It came up a 14-whatever that means. No stones, just sludge. I wasn't too keen on having my gallbladder removed, so I tried fat free diet, which helped, but not completely. The rib pain continued despite the diet. Finally, last October had my gallbladder removed. The pain remained as did the periodic elevated liver enzymes. I switched doctors. The second doctor advised an ERCP and a sphinctorotomy. My gastro doctor said he couldn't see why else my liver enzymes were only periodically elevated. Two weeks ago I had the sphincterotomy. Well, the rib pain is still there. It is just under my right rib cage, and around to my back. Ibuprophen doesn't seem to have much effect. It is worse when I sit, and better after lying down all night. If I really compress the area, such as a sit-up, I get a cramp in the area which can be really severe. One note, there seems to be no correlation between the pain level and the elevated liver enzymes. Sometimes the pain is bad and the tests come up normal, and the reverse. I just want to say that I find it very comforting to hear so many people have a similar problem to mine although the medical people to whom I speak seem to think I'm a complete anomoly. I hesitate to return to the doctor. They keep offering tests and procedures to no avail. As one person wrote in the forum, their doctor said, if it were too serious, they'd be dead by now. Somehow I'm not finding much consolation in that. I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance.
I found this site the way all the rest of you did - trying to figure out what the discomfort under my right rib cage was. I may have figured mine out. I started having a strange full feeling in the liver area right after a mammagram showed signs of cancer. I had these pains for two weeks until the surgeon told me the x-ray had been misread, and I didn't have cancer at all. A few days later, I noticed the sensation behind my rib cage had stopped. I know during the two weeks I was waiting to find out what stage cancer I had, I was breathing funny. I think it was tension that caused that feeling. My second thought is that the mammogram pulled a muscle in that area. If any of this sounds familiar to you, that is what may also be wrong in your case. I hope so, because I no longer have a problem.

It sounds like a fatty liver to me. Get a CT Scan with the dye it will tell you if you have a fatty liver. Alot of us on this board have been told that and we all have that pain you speak of..Good luck, Lisa
I have this pain as well. Mine gets worse right after I eat. When I wake up in the morning, it's not there, but when I put food in my mouth, here it comes. I hope we can find out what this is. I had an ultrasound years ago that didn't show anything. :(

Hi Whacked.

Sounds like a sensitive gallbladder to me. Doesn't necessarily mean you have stones, but that you need to watch your fat intake.

Definately get checked out by a doc.
Is it possible that you are having pleurisy and it's not bad enough yet to show on X-ray. This happens quite often with me but it's both sides and/or either side. If I hold of on increasing prednisone or do not get enough rest; I will get full blown pleurisy.

Just a thought--good luck,
I am having horrible daily with the pain in the same place, tests, tests, and everything is turning out alright.....I have to take pain pills for has happened since I had my gallbladder out over a year ago....

I just had my kidneys done and they are fine, I keep getting a reoccuring infection.

I just want them to cut me open and inspect...

I Had Right Rib Pain For About 8 Months. Every Test You Can Think Of Was Performed. Each One Came Back Negative. I Switched Doctors He Performed More Tests, Which Were Also Negative. After Weekly Appointments To Him, He Has Diagnoised Me With Fibromyalgia. He Has Put Me On Several Medicines. So Far I Am One Month Into This And Still Hurt, But I Feel Much Better Than I Did. I Had Other Pains In My Back,legs, Knees And Other Places As Well. I Do Not Know If This Will Help Any One But I Wish You All Well.
I read almost all these messages and have lots in common with alot of you.
My pain started about 4 months ago. Its "home base" is usually in the lower right ribs, but sometimes I get mild testicle pain and sometimes pain in my sternum.
In december I was on NSAID's for the pain in my sternum. I also work in an office sitting for 8 hours a day (if theres a connection)
I had a bunch of tests done (x-ray, ultrasound, cat scan, blood, urine) and nothing showed up yet.
The pain is usually mild, and if I am doing something I can usually forget about it, but sometimes it flares up. I can touch the tender spot, and the tender spot usually changes locations through out the lower ribs.
I also have these two firm lumps below my ribs in my back, one on each side of the spine. Doctors have felt them and are not worried, a friend of mine also has them. They sometimes get tender as well.
I am 23 year old male and weigh about 170 lbs. At christmas I weighed in at 185 lbs. I changed my diet (I hope this is why I lost the weight) and maybe the weight loss has something to do with it?
I am lost. I have an appointment tomorrow and have a feeling my doctor will say its just stress/anxiety (lots of that lately!!)
Other symptoms (maybe unrelated):
Weird tastes in mouth
Occasional warm flushes
Mild nausea
Oily face
Mild pressure in chest (sometimes after eating)
THIS MIGHT BE THE CURE : Pain lower rib area seems deep and then somtimes not so deep more like muscle, bone or rock is causing pressure or weight. Some times the pain is worse other times light to non exsistant. My doctor ran tests found I have a fatty liver and told me to go on a low fat diet, try to loose some weight, and go back to see him in 3 months for an update. I did this and it worked I ate no hydrogenated oils, processed meats, beef or pork ect. What I did eat bison, venison, turkey, fat free dairy products fruits,vegis and real whole grain foods. Well with the pain gone I decided that I could stand to eat some take out pizza, loaded with animal and other bad fats. That night not long after I ate the pain was back full force for 3 days. I went back on the diet and pain is decreasing already. The truth is the doctor did not seem 100% on what the pain was but his strange idea for cure is working!
I started with pain in the chest last August. Had stress test, enodscope with two biopsies. Then the pain moved to my right side and up around my back. The hydascan and ultrasound did not show gall bladder. I went from August to December 8, when they did a colonoscopy. Then on Dec 15 had the gall bladder removed as even though it didn't show on tests, all drs agreed it was the gall bladder. It was badly diseased. Glad it is now removed as the pain is now completely gone.
Praise God!!! I have had this same pain and testing for the last 1 yr and 1/2. The same looks from the doctors - She is a hypocondriatic (sp?) ect... When I found this message board and all you other people with the same pain ect.. I not only sat and read every single post but I cried for a good 1/2 hour. I was just so happy that I am not crazy.
Mine started after a fight I was in where someone kicked me in my ribs. I did not put the pain and this incident together as the pain didn't really start until a month later. It started in my chest I couldn't breath, I felt like I was having a heart attack. My right bottom rib felt like there was something under it. I can't lay on my right side at night, sitting bothers it if I sit too long. I wear underwire bras and just the bottom of it resting on my ribs is pure hell. I have had 3 CT scans, a hydro scan, too many blood test to count, 3 chest xrays, 4 ultrasounds and 9 stool samples!!! I have been to 3 doctors and a GI specialist with no help. They all have different opinions of what it might be and my reg. doctor tends to forget about it unless I bring it up and than she acts like I am bugging her. I feel the pain when I eat, when I don;t eat ect... doesn't matter but the pain tends to be worse when I drink alot of soda. My doctor has also told me that I have a fatty liver and a 1.5 cm polyp on my liver and has also told me that they are of no concern and wouldn't be causing my pain even though I insist it has to have something to do with it. My pain is everyday, somedays worse than others. Sometimes it feels like someone dumped acid under my ribs. Sometimes I can feel a bulge under my ribs and only one doctor has said he felt that bulge. I have gained weight even though I hardly have an appetite to eat and my middle stomach has turned in to a spare fat tire. I am so glad I have found others like me although I wish noone else any pain like mine I am just glad I have proof I am not crazy. keep all updated and check here often.
Hi All,

I am a new member, just today. I am so glad to know, I am not alone with these painful symptoms. My story is very much the same. My right sided pain is under the bottom rib and radiates around to the back. I have had this pain for the past 6 weeks. It is constant throughout the day. It gets to be a more severe stabbing pain when I lean forward or when I go to get into my car on the drivers side. I feels like something is stuck between my ribs.

I had an abdominal US, abdominal CAT, MRI of back and a HIDA scan. All were normal, except for the HIDA scan, my ejection fraction was 18.

On that note, I just had my gallbladder out 1 week ago, but the pain is back in full force.
I saw my GI Dr, today and will have an EGD tomorrow.

Does anyone out there have a skin rash or swollen fingers with these rib pains? I also get severe episodes of sweating.

I think I am going to try some herbal remedy, please send any recommendations my way :confused:
I too have this pain but since having it I am experiencing problems with constiipation. I gained alot of weight once I started taking blood pressure medicine and have had back injury in my early 20's from car accident. I think it is gallbladder, but the constipation is aggravating me more than the dull pain, probably because I have been so used to overall back pain, one just masks the other. I have tried fiber, laxatives for the other problem, but I feel like I am bloated and look like I am six month's pregnant. I a 55 and I know hormones are wreaking havoc and causing some of this, but between the hemorrhoids, this pain and feeling like I have to go, then it just gets stuck at the bottom oh brother - not a pleasant subject and If I don't get relief I am not sure I want to live 10 more years like this. How do you get a doctor to order this abdomen CT scan? My FP just sends me to OBGYN doc, but how is this related to female issues? Thanks for listening "LIVING WITH LAXATIVES"!!!
I also noticed I am getting quite itchy along with this pain; another symptom of liver problems. Its not severe itching, but it probably has been around for a while, I am just so in tune with every little thing thats happening with my body right now. Another thing I read that was related to liver problems was eye floaters; I have these. When I forget about them I dont see them, but they are always there.
Has anyone ever tried milk thistle for this RUQ problem? I am going to go to the health store today and try some out. Its worth a try since it has almost no side effects, probably much better than any meds out there
Hi, I too have a pain in my right side under the rib cage. I have had a sonogram to check for gallbladder problems and all is fine. I have a question for you? Are you by chance left-handed? I am left-handed and I have noticed when i vacuum or sweep the pain is more prominent in my right side. I'm wondering if it could be as simple a thing as soreness from using one side more than the other. Perhaps?
Hello again. Still suffering from the RUQ pain and elevated ALT. To add to this I have had a serious bout of inflammation. My joints, muscles, and vessels are inflamed. I am sick with pain and nausea. One doctor said probably a virus. I have had this for about 6 weeks. Had a C-RP which came out very high: 9.6. Now they're sending me to a rheumatologist. The inflammation in my muscles, arms in particular, has only slightly subsided. I somehow feel that this is all related; some sort of GI problem. I'm very depressed and not sure if it is as a result of this long illness or from the inflammation. I hadn't heard too much about inflammation in these postings and was wondering if anyone else suffered from this. Thanks.
I suffer with lower right rib pain, but only when I lose weight. Unfortunately, I find my weight drastically going up and down. When I slim down, my lower right rib area experiences varying degrees of discomfort. Years ago I had fallen on that area. I feel I may have fractured a rib or two, but never went to a doctor; they can't do anything for a fracture anyway. Nevertheless, I find rib pain brought on by weight loss to be unusual.
i had my gallbladder out, still had pain, went threw scans ect. now they said i have a fatty liver? but i have hep. c also, they told me the liver feels no pain, but oh boy i feel it??? :bouncing:
I am not sure how I found all of you but I am so glad I did! For almost 3 years I have has this mysterious pain too. I have had an MRI & X-Rays that shows I am fine. Does anyone else have the following symptoms?

When pressure is applied to the lower right back, a stabbing pain shoots through the rib? Even a back massage seems to be enough pressure to cause it to hurt.

When I lay down at night I can feel something "move and twist" right next to the lower right rib area and sometimes it feels as if it jerks or spasms and when it does it is a sharp stabbing pain then it goes away. It does not seem to matter which side I am laying on. The best way to explain the feeling is (women) when you are pregnant and you know your baby is about to kick you and it kicks you in a rib, its a short, stabbing "jerk".....
I think my Dr.'s think I'm nuts....could it just be a big muscle cramp??? Any thoughts? I have had 2 C-Sections and I know my abdominal muscles are not what they used to be.
Hello everyone. I am very glad i found this thread.

Quick version of my story.

I don't have pain under the right rib but it does feel a little bit tight at times. The only time i get pain is when i am sitting in my office chair for two long. This leads me to believe it has to do with posture as I don't have the greatest in the world. I don't ever sit up straight, I am constantly hunched over typing at the computer.

One other thing that has me a little bit confused about what is bothering me is that when I press on my lower right rib (kind of towards the top of it, not down by right side but the other end of it) I have something popping in there. I have noticed in other threads that people have reached up and under the ribs and felt popping, I don't even need to do that, I can just press right by my lower right rib and I have what feels somewhat like when you press the top of a snapple cap in and it pops back out. Sometimes it feels harder though like i am moving bone or something. It never hurts to do this so I am kind of confused on what it is? Any ideas?

Oh yeah, I can also get it to pop just by doing trunk twists so this leads me to believe it has something to do with the muscle or cartilage. Not sure though. I have had blood tests to check the functioning of my liver and they came back perfectly fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
One more thing in accordance with my post right before this. I can also pop it just by tightening my stomach muscles.
Interesting>> I've had this problem since I was 18, I’m now 37. I visit doctors every few years trying to determine what the problem was. I've had every test completed from blood work to Colonoscopy and nothing has been found. Recently I went to a doctor who informed me that my enzymes were up a little and I noticed that this happened when I consumed alcohol or fatty foods. So I tried a little experiment, I stayed away from fatty foods and alcohol for 6 weeks. Glad to report that I have no pain and I'm 10 lbs lighter. Not sure if this helps but I'm glad I came across this posting. I too felt that it was all in my mind until now.
Hello fellow lower rib pain suffers...

I am a twenty-something male who has had a variation of the pain described originally for about a year or so. I have a dull, slightly pinching, pain just under my lower right rib cage, this is the only location of the pain and it seems to be the worst when im sitting down, and comes and goes every few days. I also have noticed a slight bulge in that area about the size of my palm. I have been to the doctor once and she did a complete liver work-up and my liver function tests came out clean however my billiribin was slightly elevated, she said this could be caused by Gilbert's Syndrome. This pain is a worry to me because my father died of a liver disease called primary sclerosing cholangitis at an early age. So anything going wrong near my liver tends to give me great anxiety. I would appreciate anyones input in this matter because I am a student and do not have health insurance making it impossible to see a doctor, let alone get any tests.
the pain we associate with liver can also be gallbladder.... hi protein foods and alcohol can trigger that... liver pain does not typically occur unless the liver is enlarged and the liver capsule is stretching....
[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]Wow, and here I thought I was all alone in this. :bouncing:

My gall bladder was removed around 3 yrs ago and recently (about 6 months now) I've been having sharp pains under the right rib cage, but more toward the breast bone stemming from the sternum around to the back and boy does it hurt! I can't sit for long, stand for long and the only thing that helps is lying flat on my back stretched out with a heating pad. The skin is also tender and it feels like a lump is there.

It's not related to foods or drink *I gave up carbonated beverages and chocolate and have been on a very low fat, low cholesterol, low carb diet for 4 years due to a heart condition. I also have hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia. I have no idea what this pain is from and I'm at my wits end. I can't sit in a car for long without lying down, which leaves me out from sharing the driving when we go away. I get bloated and feel bad too.

My doctor took a rib xray, which I knew wouldn't produce anything and I stopped taking my cholesterol meds, niacin500 and triglycerides medicine and for a short while (a day or two) the pain went away. He put me back on different meds and it's back. It really makes no difference. I think my liver is shot.

Whoever said liver disease doesn't hurt is not thinking right. It does so hurt. Ever see a person with chirrosis or cancer of the liver? They turn yellow (jaundice) and hurt like heck. My sister had pancreatic cancer and she hurt in her back only, til it spread to her liver. Then her bile ducts got messed up. Yes, liver can hurt. I think maybe having my gall bladder removed and taking statins like I do increases the pain.

I'm supposed to go for a scan soon. Does anyone have any idea what this is that we are experiencing? Is there a common thing between anyone?

I'm 58 and a female. I don't eat fats or too many sweets and don't drink alcohol. I don't smoke. I exercise when it doesn't hurt. I take fibro meds so it's not fibro. Anyone else have thyroid problems? Could that be the link? Anyone take statins for cholesterol? Could THAT be the link? Could it be just a syndrome? :confused: I've added in CoQ10 for my liver function and also a good vitamin with natural herbs and minerals that has lots of antioxidants in it plus vitamin C.

I'm about to go :mad: from the pain![/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
everyone i speak to who has end stage liver problems has pain. if you speak to tranplantees they will tell you that too. in fact, if the liver is so large it is pushing into the spleen you can feel it too! scans are not a big deal. the invasive testing will include biopsy, endoscopies, colonoscopies and blood tests.. the scans and ultrasounds are easy, as are the bone density tests and mris.....

by the way, if you have end stage liver disease vitamins with minerals are discouraged. they create build up in the liver... pick up some American Liver Foundation endorsed books at the big book store and read up on herbs and vitamins...some of these can be toxic......
there are other blood tests they can do too, AMA test and ANA test are good examples!! talk to your doctor and do your homework!
Good God, I don't have end stage liver anything! Any other ideas? All my blood work is perfect, except underactive thyroid. :eek:
i would pursue it with your doctor until you are satisfied... they are the professionals on such things. good health to you!
I definitely intend to. I was amazed at how many other people have this, with AND without gallbladders. I think it may be scar tissue from open heart surgery because they did crack my chest open and break all my ribs too. Who knows? I'll be getting back with you all when I hear something. Meanwhile. I hurt too much to sit here and type. I was painting and it got so bad, I almost went to the ER, but what will they do? Call my doc in the a.m. and order the most expensive tests to be done Tuesday bc of the holiday weekend. No thanks! :yawn:

My pain started on my right side just below my rib cage, but now it's in exactly the same place on my left side as well. It feels like my muscles (or whatever exactly runs under there) are in a permanent twisted state. Does that sound familiar? I don't have anything other than the pain -- except for peripheral neuropathy, most likely brought on by years of being a borderline type II diabetic. I take 2400 mg of Neurontin/day.

Do you agree that my pain is what's being discussed in this forum? Other than a low-fat diet and exercise, does anyone have any recommendations? Gee, now that I'm "talking" about the pain, there's a first-time shooting pain up and down my right side...

Got comments?
I went for my Ultrasound this morning and hopefully they'll see something. The tech asked if I ever had kidney stones and I said no. Someone else said it could be bile duct obstruction in the liver.

If you have it on both sides, it sounds like referred pain.
my mom went to the doc due to pain in her belly, they said all was fine ,she went back about a week later and the story had changed her kidneys were not working right,she had cirrhosis hip b and c she just got the raw end of the deal.. :mad: any how my point is this, don't stop until u get answer's,if yur hurting .there is a underlining problem!!!! it's the doc's job's to find what it is...who care's if u bother them that is what they r there not saying that these are what u have,i just want everyone to have a chance to get treatment's if mom 's was found to treatments avaiable to her ,all r to hard on her liver...just herbal remidies....
The ultrasound came back with a "fatty" liver due to cholesterol and triglyceride medicine. I had started on COQ10 two weeks prior and the blood work also came back with elevated enzymes (one and one half times normal). That was attributed to the medication. COQ10 is supposed to regulate the enzymes, but it raised mine. Also, when they were raised, my pain subsided, so I wonder about the lab values.

He told me to go off the Q10 saying that the latest pharmacy news said it makes no difference. Now I'm taking Milk Thistle for a liver cleanse (I will tell him on Tuesday when I go back).

Meantime, I had it out with him and his staff because they are rude and refused to give me my numbers. I had to get him on the phone and he wanted to know what the problem was. I told him, in no uncertain terms, I don't like their attitude. He said to come back Tuesday and he would make copies of all my tests for me. He knows I keep my own records.

Now to figure out why my thyroid is also acting up again. I have been on 50 mcg of Levonthroid for 4 years with good results. Now the numbers are up, even after an increased dose. Oh me!

I think I'm falling into Alice's hole.


So sorry about Mom. My husband has lung cancer and it was found accidently in April. He has no insurance and I have him on herbs too. They say cancer is a parasitic thing and every patient being opened has the organ full of parasites. Give her the parasite herbals too. Milk Thistle is one and there are others I know. Also black walnut syrup is another, Alive Vitamins 3 a day and Ester C 1000 mgs 3 a day are good. He's also on L-proline and L-Lysine. Get the book by ******* Rath, MD. He's got new info on cancer.

To his work

Good luck with her and do let us know~ God be with her and your family in this time of need.
whats a gamit test?
Yes, it's working fine.
Went to the doc today and only the ALT was elevated to 92. Not that bad, really, when you figure I take a lot of prescription meds. A part of my right lower lung is damaged due to COPD, I guess and pneumonitis. So that may be causing some pain. He said take deep breaths often. I'm taking milk thistle to cleans my liver and also going to put cod liver oil compresses on starting tomorrow. That and the diet change should help the pain stay away, which has all but gone now.
What's up everyone... Just curious, has anyone ever had a test called and ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography)... Just came across it, seems to be a pretty thorough way to check out liver, pancreas, gallbladder, duodenem, and all the ducts that connect those organs... I'm still suffering from the mysterious right side discomfort, no answers, was contemplating going pursuing this test, but would appreciate any feedback that anyone here might have, if they are familiar.

Guess what? I have the SAME problem!

I actually think it maybe due to musles/nerves because I also get it in my left rib as well. I spoke to my dad about this (he knows quite a lot about this kinda stuff) and he said (in not so many words) that it has all the classic hallmarks of a trapped nerve or something to do with the actual ribs them selfs as it comes and goes, even the doctors I have seen said more or less the same thing and it's not related to a fatty liver.

I also know people who have had this exact kind of clean, sharp, pin pr1ck type pain in their ribs, they also say it comes and goes. It maybe have something to do with stress to, I know know stress is a master at cloning illnesses.

Does anyone feel a kind of "pop" or "click" and then it goes?

p.s, it feels a little itch as well sometimes.
Dear APJ,
My husband went through years of abdominal pain. He had many tests which came out negative. He had his gallbladder removed. He had his appendics removed (it was surrounded by scar tissue) then he had a bile duct exploration where they found scar tissue on the inside of his bile duct. After that surgery the pain was gone, but new pain started. First he had fluid in his abdomen, then they told him the pain was scar tissue and then they told him he had a neuroma (a benign tumor wrapped around damaged nerves.He went on the Fentynal patch 50 mg. --usually used for cancer patients, and a very high dose of neurontin. What I'm getting at is that sometimes tests come out negative but that doesn't mean nothing is wrong. And sometimes there are things wrong that tests can't tell you. Abdominal pain is the number 1 reason for people going into the E.R. and unfortuneately it is also the most difficult pain to diagnose. Don't give up. It is so difficult when you are in pain, but also so necessary. Find as much info on your own as you can. research any drug they prescribe for you before you start taking it. Become informed. You are your own best advocate. No one else will do it for you. You must be assertive and take charge of your health care. Be respectful of the docs but do not let them intimadate you either.
My husband also had pain after having his gallbladder out. It turned out he had scar tissue on the inside of his bile duct.
I started taking Milk Thistle to cleans my liver and the pain is now altogether gone (after a full week); also added Digestaway and Artichoke Extract to this and now I don't have to take Prevacid anymore (NO acid reflux for the first time in years)!

Milk Thistle as I said cleanses the liver; Digestaway helps digestion and helps your liver digest and gets rid of fatty deposits; also helps IBS (which I had and it did!) and helps a lot of other stomach problems. Artichoke Extract helps cleans the liver also. I bought all of these for under $30 at my local health food store. They really WORK!

This was after I had undergone tests, though, and nothing was found. So, do seek your doctor's opinion first and if he winds up scratching his head, YOU head for the health food store and ask for those 3 herbs. I'm not claiming they work for everyone and am not a doctor or nurse, but they worked for me. They can't HURT

Oh and to reiterate for those who didn't know, I had this pain for over 8 months! It's G O N E. :bouncing:
Thank God!! I have been wondering if I was the only one who felt like this. I am 21 years old and have had similar symptoms to what you all have had. The doctor told me he thought it was just a muscle but if so then there is no cure in my opinion. My pain comes from my right side below my ribs and comes and goes as it pleases. It feels fine then something tweeks it and it hurts for hours. The only way to help it is to stretch out completely, which still hurts. I thought it maybe a type of hernia or something but I am unsure. I have not been to the doctor in over a year, since it developed. Is Gall Bladder trouble hereditary??? My dad had his removed last year so you never know! Thanks for the help everyone.
Hi, umm... well im kinda new to this... but i tend to have this sharp pain right below my ribs. I read some of your posts about testing and alcohol... well im 16 and i dont drink and i still get these pains. Could it be from smoking... the pain is there but it gets pretty bad when i take deep breaths. Am i talking about the same thing that you are all talking about or am i wayy off? Plz post back.
Hi everyone, what can i say but this is quite bizarre. I myself am experiencing pain/discomfort in the lower right rib cage area, but also lower down sometimes in the abdominal area, and more recently in my mid to lower back region.

It started about a week ago just out of the blue and is really bothersome. I was using an exercise bike, so I am not sure if that caused me to strain my muscles or nerves. I have also noticed a difference in my digestive system, my bowel movements have changed and i tend to be more constipated then before. I always had a normal system with no problems, so naturally, like all of you I am worried. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water and work out, so I think my diet is alright.

I had an ultrasound done earlier this week as well as urine test, but normal, and two doctors already said that they didn't detect anything unusual. So I will be having more tests done this week, but probably they won't reveal anything. It's a scary thought to think that this pain may never go away!!!!

Anyways i am going to print some of these posts to give to my doctor, so he knows that there are other people with the exact same pain and that we are not Crazy! Hopefully people will start paying more attention to this.
To dhayse32, rightrib and blanklove24,

Go see your doctor!

For blanklove24, you said: "Could it be from smoking... the pain is there but it gets pretty bad when i take deep breaths."

You could have strained a muscle or have a cold in your rib cage or chest. It could also be a lung problem and yes that would be from smoking. Do you have a cough? That is from smoking and will strain your muscles. Stop smoking. It doesn't make you look cool, nor does it help your health. More women have early heart attacks from smoking than men. Plus your breath smells from stale smoke, your hair smells like stale smoke and no one can smell your perfume for the smoke in your clothes and skin. I used to smoke, so I'll tell you like it is. QUIT now before it's too late. Do you have a car? Smelled it lately? YECH! Take it from me, it's disgusting. I didn't listen either and am now out of the loop at age 54. I almost died. It's not worth it honey.

For rightrib, it sounds like you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or also strained a muscle from riding the bike or lifting something heavy. You can't strain nerves! You need definitely to see a doctor who specializes in stomach ailments. You could also have an ulcer, pancreatitis, liver problems or lung or kidney problems. The best thing is start with a chest xray and work their way to thyroid tests, liver tests, and then a gastroenterologist to do some stomach tests. That should rule out just about everything.

What organ did they ultrasound? It turned out to be my liver, as stated, from statins and now that I take Super Digestaway, Milk Thistle, Artichoke Extract and Probiotics, I have no more pain and no more IBS. The doctor is still scratching his head over the pain for 8 months disappearing with herbal treatment.

Does your doctor really have time to read chatboard posts? Mine doesn't. Everyone is different. Some here drink, some don't.. some have liver probs, some don't. This ailment is as individual as you and I are.

For dhayse32, yes it could be a muscle and probably is. It definitely not gall bladder pain which is so different than this. Gall bladder feels like stomach pain and goes into the back on the right side. I don't think it's hereditary. I had mine removed, but was the first one in the family to have this done. It depends on diet, not what dad ate, but what you eat. If you eat fatty foods, there is a good chance you will have gall bladder problems later on in life. It's too early to have any now I think. You're too young. Do you get this pain after exercising, running or walking? It used to help when I stretched out also. I haven't had any problems in the past couple of weeks though. I feel for you, I really do, all of you.

Please try to encourage your doctor to look deeper. Someone also mentioned ovaries, so go see a GYN if you're female and have him check. Appendix is also on the right side, so have that checked. Any doctor that disses you and tells you it's nothing is wrong.
Oh, I thought I was the only one! I have had this sort of discomfort for like I think a year. I just went to my gyno for a general and found out I have fibroids and a thick uterine lining? Anyhow I explain that I have been feeling this dull pressure on my right lowe sometimes upper rib, like something pushing on the rib cage and it feels like there is something in there. But they assured me fibroids can't cause that? So I go to a GP and he feels there and send me for a Abdominal ultra (shows nothing) but during the wait I guess I got myself so nervous I got sick and wound up in the ER, they do blood work and the same ultra , it shows nothing. I go to a GI specialist who says I am not dying, he will do an endoscope, so I am on my way on Weds. for that. I have felt like what could be a lump and it is tender where the pressure is. It really bothers me when I am sitting, sometimes my back hurts. I had the test for the Gallbladder, HDIA scan, nothing it is working fine, I am also going for a colonoscopy on 8/16. I am scared shitless, which doesn't help my stomach either. I am just so glad to have found so many with similar symptoms. I thought I was crazy. :bouncing:

I had fibroids in my uterus until my last child was born. The doctor couldn't find them. Do the endoscope. It may be an ulcer.

Good luck to you. I think the symptoms are the same for a lot of ailments. Make sure they do a chest xray too.
:bouncing: Had the endoscope and nothing! In a week I go for the colonoscopy. I am at my wits end. Maybe I am crazy??? I haven't had a chest xray.. do you think it can be up that far? :eek: So far all tests are normal, Abdominal utrasound, Liver, spleen, gallbladder, kidneys, HIDA Scan for the gallbladder function, endoscope, and all I am waiting on is the colonoscopy??? The GI doesn't think I have a tumor, he thinks I am having spasms in my colon or a knot of somekind? I will know on the 16th.
Thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling good.
You're not crazy! Everything you describe is real pain. Have a chest xray and yes it could be referred pain. My doctor found something in my right lung that COULD have caused it, but probably didn't. Also, ovarian problems could cause this. What kind of knot? I have a spastic colon aka IBS and it comes on with certain foods I eat.

I didn't get to the gastro because he had already dissed it last year. I knew it wasn't stomach.

If nothing helps and they can find nothing wrong, would you be willing to go the herbal way for the pain? I have a few herbs I take that relieved the pain for good, so far. Let me know.
Sure I will try anything at this point. I just woke up and am having my morning cup of tea, I already woke up with rib pressure, go figure?
I had another internal ultrasound for this thickness of my uterine lining I am suppose to have? And this time they used water to fill the uterus and look in there and let me tell you I was so bloated all day yesterday. I will know more with the more tests I have?? I guess. Thank you for offering the herbs. Let me know.
Burdock is a detoxifying herb. Skin, lungs, liver, stomach, etc.
Peppermint capsules relieves heart burn, as does Papaya Enzyme (also available in a chewable tablet, like Tums)
Super Digestaway is also to help digestion. Take with meals.
If you take super digestaway you have to take probiotics to promote healthy flora.

Milk Thistle for liver pain (cleanses the liver from the toxins you have in there collected from your entire life, through drugs and foods)
Artichoke Extract for liver health also.

Since I started the Milk Thistle, the pain went away. When I began to take Super Digestaway, Probiotics and Artichoke Extract, it stayed away!

You can also put Cod Liver Oil over where it hurts, cover with plastic wrap and heat with a hair drier. The oil is aborbed into the liver and soothes the skin (mine hurt all the time over the spot) and also soothes the liver.

See if anything helps. Get Hulda Clarks book [U]The Cure for All Diseases.[/U] She's the best! :wave:

Good luck! Feel better. Let me know if anything works! :angel:
:wave: Thank you! I will try it and let you know. Hope you are feeling well!
Thanks Again!
As soon as this pneumonia goes away I'll be fine. Thanks! Let me know what happens.
You might want to take some liver herbs to help support it. My mother had some pain in the upper right quadrant. The pain went away with the herbs. Also any time you drink, take Milk Thistle before hand to protect the liver.
[I] You might want to take some liver herbs to help support it. My mother had some pain in the upper right quadrant. The pain went away with the herbs. Also any time you drink, take Milk Thistle before hand to protect the liver.[/I]

I take liver herbs, was telling the other poster to try it if nothing helped. I take Milk Thistle, Artichoke Extract, Superdigestaway and Probiotics. I don't drink any alcohol at all. I take cholesterol meds. It's my liver for sure, but the docs don't know it. If you take anything else, such as the other liver herb, C0Q10, be careful. They can elevate your liver enzymes instead of keeping them even. I'd see a good herbologist in the health food store.
For a couple days now I've been having pains in my lower rib area under my left breast. Sometimes it hurts so much i just want to cry. Can anyone help me on to what it might be?
So is it something i need to see a doctor about? It hurts really bad at times like this morning. I couldn't go back to sleep because of it.
I am so surprised to see so many people with this disorder. Just came back from my Dr. a hour ago. Having excruciating pain under right rib and around to my back. Impossible to stay seated at work. was unbearable. He wants to do CT scan also . I have same symptoms you all have. Fullness, pain , even up to my shoulder blades. did not sllep much at all last night no way to lay that it did not hurt. DR. Gave me celebrex and a muscle relaxer called skelaxin. tool that and hour ago and am beginning to be able to take a breath with out screaming. Had this once in 1979 though i would never expierence it again. was out of work for almost a year that time.
My heart goes out to all of you. Hope things will improve for all of us. At least I know now that I am not alone .
Blessings to all
Wanda 218

Everyone is different, Josey123 yes see your doctor.

Wanda, sounds like a rib problem if you can't breathe without screaming. Maybe a chest wall virus, which I also had at one time. Hurts like heck, but only a doctor can tell you what to do.

I could breathe okay, just the pain would never leave. It's gone now... when it starts to come back, I go back on the Milk Thistle and Artichoke Extract. It goes away immediately.

Good luck to both of you. :angel:
I'm going to see a doctor to see what it is for sure. I asked a nurse but you never know tell you get it looked at.

thanks for your guys's responses

hope you guys are filling okay :D

Well I am back here again, my pain began back in 2002 as I was writting under another user name but anyhow I have not been on here in quite some time and I wanted to let you know that I went to a new doctor yesterday and let him feel that the lump I have near my right bottom ribs has enlarged and the pain is becoming very unbearable he took one feel of it and said yes this is definatly a casue for concern and I am sending you to a surgeon they should be calling me in a week or so to schedule the consultation and I hope they decide to take this out and it be the end of my problems. He did say they will probably do a biopsi on it also. my old user name is hacomommy if you want to go back and read my post. I will let you all know what they say and maybe it will help you out.
Good luck to you Amanda!

I hope all goes well.
Like many of you, I can't believe I found this thread. I read through all the posts last night and one person described a popping at the right lower rib that feels like popping a snapple bottle. That's exactly what I experience. Mainly I get a feeling of tightness or a feeling like there is something stuck just underneath the lower part of the rib. I also get some bloating that sometimes makes the popping more prominent. This occurs on and off and I sometimes get pain that feels muscular that goes from the lower right rib around the back. I have also had irritable bowel syndrome that was diagnosed 5 years ago after I had a series of tests that showed no problems.

I'm so glad I found this site. I felt crazy to keep worrying about these things and felt like it was just me. Thanks to everyone for your posts.
Isn't it amazing? I thought I was all alone too.

The reason I believe it is the liver is bc the liver is the main part of the body that takes most of the abuse, toxins from everything. I gave the doc the benefit of his education and doubt, but found what works for me. I've been pain free since starting on those herbs and believe me I am sooooooooooo happy!

I hope you all find your symptoms subside soon, whether it be from traditional ways or herbal ways.

By the way, I don't have to take the cleansing herbs unless I have pain, which I haven't, so I don't take them anymore. I'll probably use them once every 3 to 6 months for good measure.
apj1 u might want to have ur gallblader checked and if its ur kidneys it would hurt from around the lower part of ur back to around ur stomach i know because i have a kidney disease which i produce stones in both kidneys. but wine and other drinks can affect ur gallbladder if u have stones or even if its non fuctioning try having it checked out.if its ur ovaries it would not hurt in the back because the ovaries r lower bye the bowels but the gall bladder is under the right rib cage.hope u feel better and let me know ok!
Well I went for my consultation with the new surgeon Thursday and he took one feel of the lump on my right side under the last rib and said it was a Lipoma (fatty tumor) he numbed me with lidocaine and took it out right there in the office I have 5 stiches on this 1 1/2" incision. he said to come back in 7 days to have them removed. I noticed that he did not mention any pian meds so I figured since it was an in offce procedure it probably would not cause to much pain well yesterday I was in excruiating pain and my husband called him to tell him I needed pain meds and he said he has taken out thousands of these and had not once had to prescribe meds afterwards for pain so I had to go back in to make sure I did not have an infection or blood clot and I did not thankfully but he said that first of all Lipomas are not suppose to be painful and they are usually removed for cosmetic reasons and the area should not hurt after removing it. So I go back next thursday for the pathology results on it and get these stiches out but I am worried not what the hell is making me hurt on that side I thought for sure it was the mass I found and now who knows!!!!! I guess if the pain goes away great and if it does not I will be back on here with the rest of you trying to figure out this bazarre pain we all have. I have had my gallbladder out and colon, liver,kidneys ect all checked out and they say they are all normal.
Hi all. I started looking through the internet to find out more about my recent pain and I had no idea this was such an issue with so many people. I started having pain around the second week of May and it got pretty severe at times. I went to the ER twice. The pain is at the bottom of the breastbone and extends to the right a few inches along and under the rib. Most of the time the area in the center just below the breastbone is sensitive to the touch. Press it, it hurts. At the ER I had a CT scan to look for gall stones and kidney stones. Nothing. And the 2nd time at the ER they did some blood tests and gave me a Protonix drip. The Dr. I've been going to has done a lower GI, an ultra-sound, another CT scan, and a chest x-ray. The 2nd CT scan shows a couple of "spots" on the liver and lung. Whoa! I thought. But the Dr. says he doesn't think it's anything to worry about and wants to do a follow up scan at the end of the year. I don't know if I can wait that long! Anyway, the pain which started in May subsided greatly in July. It has come back though but not as bad as it was in May/June. I don't know what to do. I've no Dr. appt's scheduled as they think I'm done until the rescan in December. My wife thinks I need to take anti-depressants. One of the doctors said that there was nothing wrong with me and that I should take Zoloft. I never took any though. In fact I was rather offended that the doctor even suggested it. It so happened that my wife heard him prescribe this so if I even mention to her that my side hurts she gets mad and tells me I've already been diagnosed. That really gets me going. So, I've got no one to talk to about this and I thought I'd leave my 2 cents worth on this board.
Question: Would an enlarged liver cause many of the symptoms (mine included) that I read about in this thread? I haven't heard much talk about this. The ultra-sound and the physical examinations I've had would likely have turned up an enlarged liver but I don't know. Even a few weeks ago when I thought this was all over because I felt so much better, I still had an annoying tickle/vague pain in the area of the bottom of the breastbone. What could cause that? And now it's all back again. I'm about ready to find another GI doctor and see him to get a second opinion. I haven't had an upper GI yet so maybe I should get one. I refused to get an endoscopy (I know but that's just too invasive for me - as if the lower GI wasn't!).
I don't know what it means to have spots on the liver and lung or whether it is necessarily a bad thing, but I wouldn't blame you if you wanted a second opinion on your diagnosis tivodad. At least just to see if a second doctor would agree. I can understand that if you wait until December the next few months may be miserable, especially if it continues to be painful and worries you. At least a second opinion would give you some peace of mind. Take care and I hope things turn out well.
Thanks Steffy. I saw my doctor today and went over the scan and this pain. I'm told the lung and liver spots aren't related to eachother or the abdominal pain I'm having. The doctor maintains that he doesn't feel the spots are to worry about. I hope he's right.
To all who post here I think it is important that everyone here realizes that this type of pain is as individual as we all are I found the reason for my pain but only through being pressing about the matter for others that may not be as easy just keep in mind all the possibilities which a great majority of people are ok and just need to find the answer, the pain however just makes us aware that something is not right, my pain, turned out to be benign kidney tumors, yes, my pain was mostly in the front but yet this is what it appears to be at this time which does actually make sense.
I would strongly suggest to all to find the right Dr. NOT the right person to talk to here simply because as I am in health care I am seeing a lot of relating simply on symtoms, not diagnosis and that is at times in fact at most times misleading yet I share this pain so I am not out of the loop here but be careful and seek medical opinions and TELL them you WANT these tests, yes this is a great soundboard but get the truth prople not others experiences.
And as for those on this board (this board for human contact and support about what we are afraid of) who just like to preach and mock because they have trouble dealing personaly with their own issues, you should seek some sort of council because your ranting about someone maybe having to get cancer before they get straight is not a very cooth way to deal with your own issues with your OWN husband and I have noticed that particular perosn here asking for help has not returned since your outburst and you should really think about that. This is not chuch, just a means of relating and how dare you make that person cower to where they are not posting now, but let me guess, YOU think it is because of your almighty knowlege to go to AA? Nope, he probably just does not feel like anyone cares now, so great flippin' job miss I BELIEVE IN TOUGH LOVE" you are also NOT by ANY means trained to tell people what kind of supplements to take, DO you realize, depending on meds people are on what YOU are suggesting can have very very bad adverse affects? Don't give MEDICAL advise UNLESS you know for sure what someone is already taking, just a word of advese.
I hope everyone feels better through the PROPPER tests Take Care, Even you self rightous one NO THNAKS : DON'T WANT TO BE YOU... FOR ONE MIN.
the liver is not an organ one can feel unless the capsule is being stretched.... which would make it enlarged. at that point your enzymes would reflect a problem.
we are lucky to have access to good docs.... go see a doc with a strong background in gastro problems and start pursuing a cure..... it can be daunting looking for a doctor, but call around ask around and get good care!
I have this same problem usually when I am doing abdominal work like situps....the pain comes like a spasm and usually passes in 5 - 10 minutes. Once it came last year just leaning over my son...lasted 35 - 40 a ripple it would subside and come back intense pain that seemed to travel up..on the right side began under bra line. Callled ER it was so scarey and all was normal...they left and I was afraid to move all day but it never came back and recently I was doing ab work (lifting legs up ) and it came again lasted 40 minutes again. Doctors told me absolutely no reason to do ab work ever but even so I am afraid it will just come upon me for no reason like when I lean over. I had an upper GI to test for hiatal hernia but it was normal. I also have neurocardiogenic syncope which means I am susceptible to passing out but I don't know if there is a relationhip. I am so glad I found this board.
Hi all I have had this pain for the last 8years, I have had test after test I don't even know what tests I've had anymore there have been so many and a least 8 different Doctors.

The pain has come and gone over the last 8 years But now is basically always there, even when I wake up it's there. I guess it's now more of tightness with occasional pain just under the right rib sometimes the left rib as well.

I have a question for all of you, it may seam a little out there but anything is worth looking at.
Q, do any or all of you have amalgam fillings in your teeth?

On a funny side I was also told that I was a Roman solder in a passed life and the pain I suffer is from the injury I received in battle, so maybe we're all ex-roman solders
I have 8 or 9 amalgams and have been to the ND that pushes to have them all taken out and replaced. I just can't seem to get the courage up to do that. I've read numerous books about how mercury can cause different things to go haywire in your body.

Is it a possibility that your mercury is causing liver pain? I guess anything is possible, but you might want to look into liver flushing first since no Dr. has really found anything wrong with you. You might just need your liver rejuvenated from a flush to clean all the gunk out of it. You'd be surprised at how good you feel after one. Did your Dr mention fatty liver to you? or if your liver was oversized?
Good Idear, although I did a detox over christmas and found no real diffrence with the pain/tightness. Although I did feel better in general.

I just thought of the amalgams as a possibility due the fact that No doctor can tell me what the pain is after all these years. So it's time do discover for myself what the cause is.

My amalgams are going blackish which i assume is no a good sign thus I booked myself in to remove my amalgams in 3 weeks, (busy tooth pullers)
I let you know what happends.

Thes Human body, a complex little ticker.
Just let me give you a little warning about having them taken out---do NOT go to just your everyday typical dentist. Go to a holistic dentist (I think that's what they're called) to have the mercury taken out or you're gonna get even sicker because of the mercury that will fly outta your mouth, down your throat, etc.

These holistic Drs actually do a test where they take the worst amalgam out first, then work their way down from there. They will wear masks and body covers so that they are not poisoned by the mercury bits flying around in the air. You do NOT want to be repoisoned by mercury, so please look into this before jumping into something you might regret. Hopefully you already have.
Hi Y'all, This is a very interesting thread & I hope all have found answers to your right side pain. After reading this thread in its entirity after stumbling onto it accidently,I thought I had better add my two cents worth. Yes to the amalgum fillings & childhood chickenpox.
I also recently had the "emergency" exam for this. I had a persistant dull,burning pain more toward flank area on rt side that got worse with exercise and at the end of the day. I experienced chills yet I had a warm area over flank & sometimes had edematous skin in that area(no rash). I didn't think of it as an emergency ,but my dr demanded that I be examined immediately. My pain would start when I got jolted around as I have a very physical job & after the last couple physicals when the drs palpated my abdomen. The right side pain would follow in a couple days from the abdominal palpation even though I never had any tenderness at that time. I have had fractured ribs on both sides and have been dealing with muscle spasms on left side of ribcage for past couple years .I thought I finally had the muscle spasm problem resolved when the right side pain started after last physical exam. My internist diagnosed it as a torn or pulled muscle in my right side but haven't heard the bloodwork & UA results so assume them to be normal again.(I refused chest rads as have had many over past couple yrs with no changes and last was only a month ago.) The only way I find relief is to break the muscle spasm cycle with the muscle relaxant -Skelaxin. I get relief at night by laying on my rt side on a kingsize pillow lengthwise between my armpit and hip. Also heat helps. The ribbelt & tight clothing make my pain worse. After restarting the Skelaxin for a couple days, my pain is minimal toward end of day and no longer persistant. I feel better when I don't do my stretching & flexibility exercises so have minumized those until I feel a lot better as dr said not to do anything that causes pain.
To those of you that have normal medical workups with or without the diagnosis of muscle/ribcage injury : maybe muscle relaxants might help you out also? Muscle relaxants usually work for pain control when there is nerve damage while NSAIDS do not.
Also what types of drs has anyone out there seen successfully for ribcage/costochondritis problems? My internist is not of much help in this area and I would like to find a dr more helpful in this area.
Thanks for the info

But you did raise a point, the pain can also feel like a chill.

any one else with the amalgams ?

ps. thanks for the concern on the removal of the fillings I will have a chat to my dentist about it

This board is awesome because now I feel much more like my discomfort isn't serious. I have an ultrasound on Friday.
I have been having discomfort, pressure, slight pain and burning in my middle to lower right side of my back, under my ribcage. sometimes it's more on the side, and sometimes in the front, like maybe where my liver is. I've worried that it's everything from kidney stones to cancer of the kidney or liver. My gall bladder was taken out in 1993, so it's not that.
All my labs were normal, except trace blood and protein in my urine, which they consider normal (I guess, it doesn't seem normal to me).
I didn't read all the posts (too many) so I don't know if there are any exactly like my symptoms, but it seems to be a lot similar.
I forgot to mention, the pain occasionaly travels down my buttocks and the back of my leg, like my sciatic nerve.
Also, it gets worse when I drink a lot of caffeine or eat a lot of fatty foods.

I am curious to know how many people also suffer anxiety problems, because I do and have found a lot of people with undiagnosed similar symptoms do also. The caffeine makes my pressure and discomfort worse, but it also makes my anxiety worse quite often. I don't always have anxiety, but it my right side definately seems worse when I am having anxiety.
I had my ultrasound today. Don't you just love how the ultrasound techs always seem so serious, like something is really wrong. But they can't tell you a thing.

My US tech kept looking and looking on my right side, telling me to take a deep breath and hold it. I figured she was looking for my gall bladder, which I had out in '93. I was about to tell her I don't have one, when she asked me if I had it taken out. Glad all that focus wasn't just on my right kidney though!

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