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Liver count
May 22, 2009
Dr has not told me how high my liver count is but wants me to see a specialist, what could the problem be as I have no signs of pain or any kind of symptoms
Re: Liver count
May 23, 2009
honestly,this can be many many different possible reasons for out of range liver labs to even happen. what you REALLY need to do here, and your doc does owe you an explanation of why he is sending you to a liver specialist but not telling YOU, the patient just what your own labs were, is to actually obtain a copy of that lab sheet just for your own records alone. thats kind of a crappy thing to do to any patient,really. you just have every right to know your own medical issues and the labs too.

what i would do right now if i were you is actually call your docs office and ask for a "release of information" sheet to be sent to you that you simply sign, and send back to them so YOU can actually obtain ALL of your own medical records from your doc. and make certain to specify ALL records including ANY test results too. or show up at the clinic and sign one right there and get that lab sheet that day too.

i do this like every six months with alot of the docs i have to see for many different medical problems i have, including a kidney and liver disease as well as other crappy stuff. it really IS the very best way for anyone to just stay on top of their own medical conditions. and also make certain after ANY types of testing are done on you that you simply ask for a copy of any results to be sent to you too. or just get them from your doc at the visit you go over them. you HAVE the right to this stuff, trust me on this one.

the other thing about getting espescially your primary docs clinic notes(these are the notes they have to make after every single visit they have with you) is you also get their 'impressions" of that visit and what they actually "feel" is going on with you too. i have learned alot just from obtaining all my ongoing records from all my docs over the years. this would also tell you the "whys" in what he felt you needed to see that liver specialist for.

but you need that lab sheet hon. once you can obtain that, type out just what your labs were that were found out of range in that particular panel that was done on your liver here and we can go over them for you, or at least i will, lol. the way that most lab sheets are written up, they have the name of that particular lab on the far left, then right next to that is what YOUR numbers were, then wayyy over to the right, is the actual normal ranges for that particular lab right there on that same sheet. they do this just to make it easier for the docs, but it really helps the patient much more. anything that came up out of range with any of your labs kinda pops up right in the middle of that stuff, as an H or an L meaning of course higher than the norm or lower than the norm. but its pretty easy to read it.

you could even just pop into your clinic like on monday and simply request your own lab sheet, and then fill out the release right then(your records would then be copied and sent out in about one week or so), but the lab there should be able to immediately pop up a copy of that lab sheet right there for you. its all in the system, the lab tech would be able to do this in a heartbeat for you. just tell the people in the front you need to see the lab tech back in the lab just to get that sheet from them. they CAN do this for you so don't let them intimidate you about getting it. once you actually sign that release,the lab area should be able to retrieve it for you with no problems. i have done this many many times over the years. its no huge thing for them to simply hit a few buttons on the keyboard,ya know?

just let me know when you get that sheet and i will see what i can figure out for you. marcia

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