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[QUOTE=feelbad;4143129]now i know why i didn't really respond to this? i usually kind of scan the beginnings of the thread posted to see what it says and whether or not i can actually relate MY knowledge to it? i just saw something about a statin med stated there and since i really do not know anything about them at all really except that they can impact liver function, i opted not to even attempt it?

i just figure since people really DO need solid info when they post that i was NOT the right person for that job kind of thing? but that is why i personally didn't respond to this marisa. i hope you understand what i mentioned in that other post about just being able to actually 'relate'? but anyways, i will try and give this my best shot just for you,lol.

i really don't know if the canadian national standards really are the same as here in the US either? i do know that in certain labs even here in the US that depending upon just how they actually do their own lab work(there just are different ways to actually calculate lab ratios), it can be a bit different as far as what those 'normal' levels are?

do you happen to actually have in your possession any and all of your own lab sheets per chance(this would also in most cases give the actual 'norm' ratios too)? if not, espescially with just having labs that are going out of range, you REALLY DO need to start keeping track of them and just having them so you can see the progression or the return of normals too? i have always gotten my own lab sheets as well as my sons too. he has a transplanted liver so we have LOTS of labs and sheets around. i keep everything in our own seperate 'folders'? it helps to just have all your own medical testing results in your possession for alot of reasons.

knowing just exactly what specific labs are still out of range along with the ratios given on the lab sheets really would help me to help you in the very best ways. they could possibly be the same as here in the US, but i would have to actually just see a few to really know for certain. so if you could simply post the out of norm labs here andwhat the ratios actually are,it really would be most helpful.

and i PROMISE i will be back to check, really, i will, K? lol. i AM here for whatever i can help you with hon. marcia[/QUOTE]

Hey Marcia was awfully nice of you to respond as you did, especially after I was so silly. You know my last Dr gave me print outs of everything, but my new one has no copier and does not give me anything, so no I have no papers at all. Like I said my enzimes already went back down to normall, it`s just my bilirubin at 25 now. At the time of the last test I was fasting to lose 15 lbs that I had put on. I never mentioned it to the Dr, but read dieting heavy can cause high bilirubin levels?

I will find out in late Feb, and I since have reached my ideal weight again and now back on reg diet. Thanks again for your reply...I am good now thanks Marcia:angel:

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