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just how often are you taking the tylenol and advil and what dosage amount at a time and also within a 24 hour period? is this a daily type thing? did they also happen to check kidney functions too when they ran that hepatic panel at some point? that is just really insane actually with what they say took place with the hep c stuff? never heard of that occuring before. did they check you for hep B too?

merely having your AST or ALT go up by no means is a definitive sign that you have any of the heps, it just means that 'something' is causing the enzymes to go up wihich can be from many different things including a fatty liver,or even gallbladder issues too. if you had ANY of the heps, there IS very specific types of testing they run for it to check it. it would rule it in or out in almost every case. there just are many many different possible reasons to even have raises in your liver enzymes(meds are a popular one). one good test to always get along with the labs done on the liver and the kidneys esp would be that ultrasound that would also give that one good 'look' at the organ in question. since enzymes and other labs generally will not actually change numbers til very specific function loss or something simply impairing any given lab function actually impacts it enough to even GO out of range. that look at any given organ just really allows a good more underlying and clinical look at it to check for possible reasons for impairment in some cases, well before other numbers even have the chance to even change in certain situations. it can catch certain things much earlier tho and improve your odds for a better response to whatever type of possible treatment may be needed if any.

as long as the other labs like the alk phos and bili are within the norms, some flucutations in those enzymes is more than likley due to somne level of transient type of issue and not a real underlying disease peocess esp if you had a good normal US too. not every single persons actual labs are even always 'textbook' type thing either. the ratios that are used to gage labs are more of the 'national standard" than really individual numbers that can actually even be someone elses more within the norm range too,even if it is actually slightly out of the norm? so you really don't know just exactly what anyones real 'normal' actually is so to speak? it simply really takes much more real in depth testing on any given organ to kind of see whether or notthe actual organ is the problem. if everything comes up clear there, there really is not a whole lot you can do except try and figure out if some type of possible med or even herbals are creating the problem. some herbals just CAN also change lab numbers too esp when some certain ones are combined with other specific rx ones as well. this is why any doc always wants to know whether you are taking any OTCs or herbal suppliments too?

i do hope both of your guys labs will eventually stabilize for you. please let me know how you are doin. marcia

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