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[QUOTE=CMF2011;4675791]Hello. I have never joined a message board before nor have I ever had any liver problems. . . until now. It started out in April 2010 when I started to get physically ill at the gym. At first I just thought I was working myself too hard, but no matter what I did, I would end up feeling nauseas, puking and getting an upset stomach--and this lasted for the better part of my day. I finally went to the doctor after suffering for 3 weeks with excruciating pain (at times).

At first, my doc thought it was ovarian cysts. I went for an ultrasound which came up with nothing. Since I was still having issues she thought that maybe it was an inguinal hernia and sent me for and ultrasound of my abdomen. It was during this time that they found 2 masses on my liver, one measuring 34x23x19mm and the other 30x22x14mm. I have been told that it is probably not anything to worry about.....

I have been researching hemangiomas ever since, unfortunately I don't feel like I ever find good information anywhere. I am so happy to have found this site/ forum.

Because they weren't sure what these "masses were" I was then sent for an RBC scan, which read - "No evidence of hepatic hemangioma. Further characterization is suggested with MRI."

By this time I have drove myself crazy researching liver disease and what this could be. I am going to supply some terms they used to describe my masses. If anyone could give me some input on what they think I would greatly appreciate it.

"Two heterogenous, slightly echogenic liver masses both showing slight vascularity; non specific appearance" (from the abdominal report)

"study does not demonstrate any discrete focal hepatic abnormality and are not likely to be hemangiomata. Differential diagnosis would have to include hepatic adenoma or focal nodular hyperplasia, with other neoplasm considered less likely" (from the RBC scan)

Has any one else had similar findings? I had an MRI a few days ago and hope to get the results by the end of this week. But in the mean time I am trying to find out what I am in for....

What are other peoples experiences? Do they have to do a biopsy? Do you have to get them removed?

While my daily vomiting has slowed, I am too full after eating (even though I eat less. I am also having trouble losing any weight no matter what I do), I suffer a sharp pain in my right side when doing anything physical, and am always sooo tired. I also feel pain in my right back side when I bend over (to tie my shoes or put my boots on for example)...Sometimes it feels like my side is throbbing... I'm so frustrated.

Help!! :([/QUOTE]
I have similar symptoms. I'm 56 years old. Pain in the right side after eating and then severe pain when digested food passes along the colon where my enlarged right lobe is pressing down on it. Nausea is a problem if I have a meal that has a high fat content. such as a meat dish. so i try to avoid meat as much as possible and follow a high fibre diet - lots of fruit and vegetables, and as low fat as possible (though I can't give up butter on my toast for breakfast :-) and compensate by having a large salad with it and every meal). Also have pain while bending and wearing a bra or an unelasticated waistband is very uncomfortable at times. I'm living in kaftans at the moment. My belly has become distended and the area over the liver is very tender. I can feel pressure on my ribcage where the liver is now pressing against it. Sitting upright for a long period causes pain in the liver area, both front and back.
I don't seem to have any problem with liver function and there is no jaundice, thank
God. ALT is slightly over normal. Dr's have assured me that the growth is benign. All tests for cancer have proven negative but they are reluctant to do a biopsy as they said they don't have the expertise for specialized liver surgery and want me to go to a specialized liver unit at another hospital. I did hear them saying that it hadn't taken up the contrast medium during the CT scan, so it is possibly an adenoma, though they've written that it's a hemangioma on the referal letter and report.
Fatigue is horrible. I get so tired very quickly just carrying out normal household tasks. Thank God for my kids (all grown up, three living at home with me plus a daughter in law and baby grand daughter). They do all the heavy household tasks for me. My computer chair has proved invaluable as I use it to scoot around on it with the vaccuum cleaner to clean:-) They also got me a bar stool to use in the kitchen as I love cooking and it allows me to sit at the cooker and sink - standing at either gives me severe back pain partly caused by a displaced kidney from the enlarged liver and by degenerative disks in my lower back which is also also affected by arthritis.
I'm coping by pacing myself and resting when I feel the fatigue hitting. I've learned that any outings mean a day of complete rest the day after. Yesterday I was at an event for Down's syndrome that my two daughteres were volunteering for. Spent most of it in a comfy chair in a coffee shop reading :-) Today is a rest day as I'm totally wiped out.
Still waiting to see a dr at the hospital I've been referred to - problems with my paperwork (need to get my marriage certificate attested in order to get a paper I need for the health card required to attend this hospital and, as I was married in the UK, it needs to be sent there - bureaurocracy at it's finest :-s), so I'm looking at another month before I get to see the liver dr.
For pain, I'm stuck with paracetamol as anything else will cause constipation. Not very effective but it does take the edge off it. I also give myself reiki for the pain and it does help.
I was on birth control until I had a hystorectomy 20 years ago and was on hormone therapy for a while. I suspect that the hormones may have triggered off the growth as I never had problems before then. I was taking a multivitamin with soy in it for menopause symptoms but have stopped taking that and have cut out all soy products in my diet as they contain plant oestrogens.
I never thought I'd see the day that I would be looking forward to having major surgery, but I can't wait to get this alien (my name for it) out of my liver and get back to a normal life.
I know the surgery is a biggie and it will take a while to recover but I have a newly fledged business (started with my eldest daughter) to get on with and at present I'm stuck at home instead of running around to the factories getting stock made for our shop. At least I can concentrate on the design side and the handcrafting as they are jobs I can do from the sofa, my sewing table and my desk.
Have to stay positive :-) Just a major hiccup in life's path.
Good luck with your "aliens" :-D Take good care of yourself. God bless.

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