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[QUOTE=ladybud;5095224]Just curious, did your Dr ever run a mitochondrial antibody test on your blood? That is often present in autoimmune hepatitis, and I haven't seen that lab test mentioned as being done. If they are suspecting AI hepatitis, that test would be helpful to confirm it. Just to help you understand the pain better, the liver is surrounded by a capsule like coating, and when liver enlarges, the capsule gets stretched and it hurts. Also, there is probably inflammation in liver which can be painful too. The 2 tests being run to show inflammation are the CRP and sed rate.[/QUOTE]

I had the ANA test done...that came back negative. No mitochondrial antibody test. Sed rate and CRP came back normal. Just low platelets and low end of normal white blood cells. Everything else was normal. PT shows a tad high, but that's according to the lab's range. I read online the range was higher but I don't know. It was 11.7 and the lab says normal is up to 11.5.

Ugh the pain! I do wish it would go away! It radiates from a dull ache to sharp pains through my entire right ribcage area. I also have a spot where it is really tender to touch at the lower edge of my ribcage on my side. I get pain from my spleen area now, too, and I feel awful. I get crazy little muscle spasm feelings through my ribcage also, it's weird and annoying hah.

But so far my GP and GI have been absolutely stumped, yet they're confident that something isn't quite right here and needs to be looked into further. I just can't even imagine.

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