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Can someone help?
Sep 12, 2013
Hi, Had blood work a few months ago with elevated liver test and elevated LDH. At the time also had low vitamin B-12 and low Vitamin D, High sed rate, and high estradiol. recent test shows my liver test went up again, my doctor ordered more blood work and may do a liver biopsy depending what these other test show, my liver panel is: albumin, protein, globulin are all in normal range, what came by as high is: alkaline phosphatase is 144 normal range is 33-115, AST is 75 normal is 10-30, and ALT 111 normal is 6-29. Also my vitamins are still too low, white blood count is high 12.2 normal is 3.5-10.8, RDW is slightly high at 15.2 normal is 11.0-15.0, Absolute neutrophils is 9150 normal is 1500-7800. notes say CBC sent to quest to be ran and manual diff suspect flag " giant platelets" also another note says Anisocytosis 1+ just wondering if anyone can explain this, I go back in 2 weeks for more blood results and we will go from there, Will a fatty liver cause all of this? my grandmother died of primary liver cancer in 1980, just praying it isn't that. my doctor said he cant kill what killing my liver til he knows what is causing it. he didn't mention anything about all the other high test except the AST, ALT and Alkaline, do you thing all of this is related? thanks

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