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[QUOTE=BillinSD;5330997]I'm not a doctor, but from what I've read most everything is reversible except substantial (bridging) fibrosis.

Nice looking labs by the way... With transferrin saturation low normal (a good thing) your elevated ferritin may be an artifact of inflammation and not abnormally elevated stored iron.

When inflammation is high (or infection is present) the liver pours out empty apoferritin in an effort to mop up any free iron, and this empty ferritin can cause a false positive for iron overload. If this is the case, ferritin should fall considerably over the next few labs into the middle third of the normal range.

I'd keep an eye on this in future blood work. Ferritin is not usually included in routine labs so you may need to remind your doc you are monitoring this when future labs are ordered.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the info.

Regarding my ferritin, it was 432 in april and my doc says it is going up and down but I find it odd that the doc did not mention this in april it was the walkin clinic who called me in because it was 292 in October.

I have read what I could about focal fatty infiltration ^ from what I read it seems my doc should send me for an Mri.

I also noticed this CT scan was compared to 1 in march 2013 when it showed fatty liver. I am confused, does this mean I have fatty liver & I also have focal fatty infiltration.

I have booked up to give blood next week, is this a good idea?

I am also going to change doctors because mt doc seems to be telling me everything in normal but I am not sure about this.

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