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... Same symptoms. Pain on right side, often below the rib cage and at times radiating down the back. ... (295 replies)
... A friend just emailed this to me, because I have had right side pain for months and had lots of tests. I am printing this and calling my doctor. ... (295 replies)
... I am currently experiencing pain under my right rib cage,that barely ever goes away. It starts after breakfast ,lasts all day, the pain actually moves from front to right side and to the back,then I feel it under my right shoulder blade. ... (295 replies)

... I have been experiencing these same symptoms for going on 8 years. It can start with pain in the lower right rib cage and then start radiating from there. It turns into severe heart burn and my ribs become very tender, even bruised feeling. ... (295 replies)
... Nothing was found, except I had a disfunctional gall bladder, which I had removed. I also had a hysterectomy, yet I am still having the pains. I have a localized pain in my lower to mid rib area. ... (295 replies)
... r lump located on the same side same place on right and left rib, wierd. They do not really hurt, but are annoying. Its like i can chase it up and down my last rib on each side. they move around they feel like a small grape. ... (295 replies)
... I have right sided rib pain. Sometimes sharp, sometimes dull, hurts more when sitting. Feels like my ribs are bruised. Sometimes it feels like something is tickling me. ... (295 replies)
... Hi! I am new to this site so bare with me. I have experienced pain in my right rib cage for four years now. I am 29 years old. My liver enzymes would go up and down also as high as in the thousands. ... (295 replies)
... For the past couple of years I have experienced pain on and off in the lower right side of my rib cage that goes from the front to my mid back. ... (295 replies)
... but with pain and tightness. It ended up being gallbladder stones. ... (15 replies)
... lots of pain on upper left. ... (15 replies)
... I thought the issue started along time ago while I was working out. I remember doing some very intense ab workout routines. I felt my lower right side directly below my ribs feel all of a sudden felt loss internally, like it had ripped a muscle or been damaged. No pain really when it happened. ... (15 replies)
... I have the same twitching sensation but it's lower on my right side in my abdomen near where my appendix is. That area is tender to touch, I don't have a fever or severe pain, just that twitching/spasm feeling. (15 replies)
... Hi Ladies, I am a 42 year old female and have been going through the same thing since July of this year. Started with pressure under ribs with slight dull pain. Only time that I'm not feeling it is when I'm lying down and anything between 10 minutes to 1hour after waking. Had 2 stomach scans done (one month between them) 1st scan showed that my spleen is enlarged and enlarged... (15 replies)
... Have you had any blood work done? Let us know how the ultrasound comes back! (106 replies)
... Hi I am having a pain below my right rib cage, its been a week no other symptoms apart from pain and occasional doesnt pain when i press directly on it.. the pain is intermittent.. what could this be? ... (106 replies)
... ing a lot of water got me using Smooth Move Tea every couple of days. Senna is usually too strong for me, but this tea has really been helpful. Nevertheless, the pain is gone again, so I don't know what to make of it. ... (6 replies)
... I've had this same pain since elementary school. I was an avid and rather aggressive soccer player so the loose cartilage makes sense. ... (6 replies)
... Good Morning. I understand how frustrating this is. The same thing, it comes & goes, I can relate to. It's ok at the moment... I began working out at home, got some stretch bands with handles for light to firm resistance & am concentrating on not holding my breath, rather being aware of balance on both sides as much as possible. I'm building up my strength after being... (6 replies)
... After reading so many posts from numerous people with this same problem, I'm relieved to know I'm not dying, but frustrated that there seems to be no solution. I've had this pain/irritation for 3 to 4 yrs that I can remember. I have had the same tests, blood, liver, kidney, ultrasounds, etc. One doctor even had me take that citrus laxative stuff in the green bottle, that made... (6 replies)

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