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... while everything else is normal. I don't have any jaundice signs. The only thing that's been bothering me is mild discomfort in the LOWER right abdomenon. I'd say more in the area of the appendix, but sometimes it radiates a little higher or to my back. ... (4 replies)
Elevated bilirubin
Sep 29, 2014
... Ever since I had my gallbladder taken out my bilirubin has been high. One blood test was 3.2 and regular doc sent me to a liver specialist. ... (4 replies)
Elevated bilirubin
Sep 29, 2014
... I think if it were me, I'd ask for a repeat bilirubin and get more aggressive with checking it out if it has gone higher. It would be good to abstain from alcohol a few days before the test. ... (4 replies)

... About a week or so ago, I began experiencing pain in the right part of my abdomen. It sometimes would be as low as my hip bone, sometimes as high as my rib cage, and even my back near the kidneys sometimes hurt. At first I thought I had maybe torn a muscle by stretching, so thought nothing of it. ... (0 replies)
... Hey hey, I have had dark urine several times this week. Haven't at all yesterday though. I'm currently on a 'cleanse' - plenty of lemon water, nothing but veggies and fruit, no meat or anything and NO alcohol or meds. I started feeling 'foggy' a couple weeks ago and it scared me so I completely modified my diet in accordance. The only other weird thing on my blood test was... (42 replies)
... Hi...yeah, the liver disease possibility is always scary. I have Ulcerative colitis and it was suspect that I had Primary sclerosing Cholangitis. ... (42 replies)
... Doctor says that my liver is fine. The bilirubin is now within normal ranges. The only red marker is ferritin, which he says should absolutely not be that high after the amount of blood I have given. ... (42 replies)
... Doctor says that my liver is fine. The bilirubin is now within normal ranges. The only red marker is ferritin, which he says should absolutely not be that high after the amount of blood I have given. ... (42 replies)
... I am sure the internist will get to the bottom of this, and if it is a gallstone or stricture in the duct, that is treatable. If no structural cause for the high bilirubin is found, be sure they do tests to check for hemolysis. ... (42 replies)
... transferrin is not regularly checked! You need to request it, and honestly so many people need to get that checked out STAT! ... (42 replies)
... Brad, you are one of the success stories here on the boards, and it is so nice to see that people are actually getting diagnosed, helped, and coming out healthier as a result! ... (42 replies)
... Brad sorry I'm late to this topic but I have had high bilirubin for many years. In fact, it has been as high as triple the normal amount and at the beginning my doctors were not sure why I had not experienced yellow eyes are skin. ... (42 replies)
... Glad things are looking up and you are feeling better. Now all it takes is figuring out maintenance frequency for donations to keep your ferritins down to around 50-100. You are on the mend and apt to feel much better. (42 replies)
... The donation was a positive experience. And I feel absolutely amazing, this was two days ago. All of my symptoms are gone, and my bloodwork is now completely normalized. I cannot believe that having high iron could have such consequences! ... (42 replies)
... I agree the high IGA is most likely from the celiac disease. ... (42 replies)
... You do have celiac Disease, that could have something to do with high IGa if you're having inflammation in the small intestine. Of course, there are other possibilities such as autoimmune, infection, etc. ... (42 replies)
... Thanks for the tips. I'm going in at 3pm today for the donation. My internist called - I did have two abnormal results come back. My IgA was apparently quite high, and my vitamin D was low. Creatinine was also -slightly- low however he said given my body type he was not concerned about that. (42 replies)
... Prilocaine cream. You put a dab on the vein 1 hr before donating blood, and the stick doesn't hurt as much. It is a Rx cream and just numbs the skin. Must keep it wet so tape or plastic wrap over it does the trick. ... (42 replies)
... I tested high for all markers. The actual DNA test is pending, but doc said it's highly likely based on the testing that I have the disease. ... (42 replies)
... Brad, the hallmark finding in hemochromatosis besides high ferritin is a high transferrin saturation level. When your relatives get checked for this, they should have transferrin saturation measured along with the ferritin. ... (42 replies)

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