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... I am experiencing an ache in the liver area its been going on for months now soI understand how you feel. I don't have liver stones as a recent scan showed I didn't. I have raised ALT and a fatty, coarse liver and am waiting to see another specailist. ... (4 replies)
... Hi bardon. Having liver enzymes double, or 2.5 X normal may seem alarming, but as long as this is a temporary issue it probably is not indicating any major problem. ... (5 replies)
... I to have elevated liver enzymes,heart murmurs,pain under my left rib not right. ... (106 replies)

... I have mild Mitral and Tricuspid valve regurgitation with moderate Pulmonary valve regurgitation with mild restrictive lung disease. The main symptom is occasionally mild shortness of breath but only when I eat and lay down. So it is not the caused of my pain. My HIDA ejection fraction was 26%. Other than that was normal. GI said it was an inflammation of gallbladder,... (106 replies)
... I'm having very similar issues to some of the posters on here ... one that intrigues me is the heart murmur/valve issues. Have any of you with this in common ever figure out what's going on? Here's a brief history of my issues ... Just had my second child on 5/7. Had heart palpitations/extra heart beats during pregnancy pretty bad. I've had issues with my mitral valve... (106 replies)
... Forehand how is your liver doing? ... (7 replies)
... Hey, thanks for your response. I did post my biopsy results on a new thread (titled "finally got a diagnosis"). I am currently under treatment for autoimmune hepatitis. My biopsy showed severe chronic hepatitis (grade 4) with bridging fibrosis (stage 3). Interesting you talk about the PBC though because my biopsy also showed signs of bile duct damage and though it said the... (106 replies)
... and still have some very normal lab values. Only a liver biopsy will be completely conclusive. ... (106 replies)
... How did you liver biopsy go? ... (106 replies)
... I would definitely see the doc though and see if they can run some blood work, do liver function tests and stuff. ... (106 replies)
... I have not found out yet. Have you had any tests done? Or is the pain fairly new? I just saw my hepatologist the other day. My appetite has been getting a little bit better over the past month (still really low though) but I have been able to eat more without feeling so uncomfortable. I think I owe a lot of that issue to a major amount of stress. As soon as things... (106 replies)
... The pancreatic enzymes have not ever been tested looking at my bloodwork. The platelets had just been brought to my attention by my GI doc in November (my regular doctor didn't bring it up in October, they were 111,000 then) and the enlarged spleen was just found in October. So no, I haven't seen a hematologist, everybody else has sort of passed it off but it was recent that... (106 replies)
... Are your liver enzymes trending upward, downward or fluctuating within a stable range over time? ... (106 replies)
... Amylase and lipase are the blood tests for pancreas. If they haven't been checked, they should be, and before you see liver specialist if at all possible. ... (106 replies)
... mitochondrial test is also for primary biliary cirrhosis and it would be nice to have that result before you see the liver specialist. With spleen enlargement, low platellets, an autoimmune disease is high on the list. ... (106 replies)
... ms to feel slightly tingly or almost numb. That area actually felt kind of like a numbing sensation inside all day yesterday. My platelet count is 107,000 and my liver enzymes have stayed elevated. ... (106 replies)
... you have a liver issue. get a specialist. focus on that. ... (106 replies)
... and this is the first stage of alcoholic liver disease. ... (1 replies)
... what were your ultrasound results? (106 replies)
... gjet68- Sorry you've had to go through so much and yet to have any answers. That's kind of what I'm afraid of right now. I really don't know much about anything so I don't have much advice to give. My liver enzymes and viral hepatitis had been the only things my doctor in Colorado tested for and it's been almost 5 years now that the enzymes have been mildly elevated. She... (106 replies)

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