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... My liver resection was over one month ago, yet at the corner of the incision I still leak small amounts of fluid. Also I still have some lower back pain. Has anyone else "leaked" from a wound that long? ... (3 replies)
... i really felt sad that it had to be preformed, they said i had no choice in the matter, but now they have found these 3 Liver spots I'm worrying it may be somthing Sinister! ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone. I'm new here. My name is Marisa and I'm having some health issues and have been for awhile. On July 6th, I started having pain in my lower right abdomen and didn't think that much about it because I seem to have aches and pains here and there that normally just go away. ... (3 replies)

... tightness in URQ and when I massage around the area, I feel better. I fell forward and landed on my stomach a few months ago, and ever since, had lower back pain as well as pain in my lower stomach. It seems like the feelings I have been having in my URQ are connected, but I'm not sure. ... (4 replies)
... I just wanted to write to say I also have back pain and strong suspicions on what's caused it. ... (288 replies)
... I have posted once before, under the other rib pain thread. I still have Right upper and back lower rib pain. I have a deformity going on. My rib cage is swelling. It is much larger now on the right side, than it is on the left. It is visibly noticeable. ... (1 replies)
... No! The pain is on my left side but every once in awhile I'll feel a little tringe on my side. It's happen a couple of times today. How high were your liver enzymes? ... (14 replies)
... r left side constantly ache. The pancreas is what hurts on my left side. I have tried to get info on that, but have had no luck! From what I understand the fatty liver is what is causing the problems with my pancreas. ... (14 replies)
... Can some tell me if this could be the liver, hepititis, gall stones, kindey stone or prostate infection, also my bowel movement spell real foul, like there is something else in it, will a CAT show whats up and blood work and I have 2 peptic ulcers that are almost healed or could it be that they are flaring up again and what do it mean when your biliruben is in your urine,... (0 replies)
... In other words, if you look the liver enzymes, they will all be raised, but the AST and ALT will usually be almost double than GGT and ALP. ... (6 replies)
... bladder. Some pain around liver but it comes and goes. ... (6 replies)
... I'm in agreement here with crystalangel..It sounds like alot of you on this post have a fatty liver..fatty liver can cause pain..mine has been dull and not sharp at all..i have lost weight and it has subsided alot... ... (295 replies)
... Hello, thank you so much for your reassuring words, yes I do remember when the doctor told my dad he had liver cancer, he referred to it as a mass after an MRI scan (not an ultrasound scan). I am hoping like you say that they would be able to tell between the two. It all started off with me having a scan last Friday for possible gallstones as i have suffered from reflux for... (7 replies)
... mid back pain. ... (4 replies)
... my personal experience. I had it like almost every year, while weather changes. It is sharp pain, but instead of left, it is on my right side. Sometimes, the pain goes to my chest. ... (13 replies)
... my personal experience. I had it like almost every year, while weather changes. It is sharp pain, but instead of left, it is on my right side. Sometimes, the pain goes to my chest. ... (13 replies)
Very bad results!!
Jan 23, 2014
... cirrhosis at your age with your history. I'd place my bets on a fatty liver. The back pain you mentioned that is associated with your liver pain may be due to the liver pressing out on the two lower ribs on your right side. ... (16 replies)
... When I wake up in the morning I feel absolutely great. However the fullness under my right side of the rib starts materializing soon after and it radiates to my back under my shoulder blade. It is constant and the only thing that helps is if I lie down on my side. I also have a piercing left hip pain and lower back pain. ... (2 replies)
... Yes I do experience right and left side discomfort and a dull pain. I have also developed a painful lower left side pain in my ovarie region. However since my previous posting I booked myself into hospital to be examined by a specialist. ... (12 replies)
... also diagnosed with a fatty enlarged liver. My dilemma started about 3 months ago when I noticed that when I sneeze sometimes I will get a experience a stabbing pain in my mid chest bone. I went to see my family doctor as I had a bit of a cold and mentioned this pain to him. ... (12 replies)

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