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... A couple weeks later I get a call from my doctor. They found a mass and want to do a CT scan. The ultrasound report said "likely focal nodular hyperplasia, also shows characteristics of hepatic adonema." At this point I went of birth control because like you, they just wanted to see what would happen. ... (19 replies)
... The doctor is 90 percent sure I have focal nodular hyperplasia. I am waiting on an MRI to rule out hepatic adenoma, though. ... (19 replies)
... s. Eventually, the mass increased to 2.0 cm in diameter after using oral contraceptives for 6 months. A histological examination suggested the mass to be typical focal nodular hyperplasia, and not hepatic adenoma. ... (120 replies)

... Abnormal lesion at tip of right lobe of liver present without change. This may represent an area of Focal Nodular Hyperplasia. ... (288 replies)
... please forgive. I'd placed it in the liver adenoma or focal nodule hyperplasia thread, but the emphasis there seems to be on adenoma. ... (293 replies)
... After nine months I finally got my MRI done at the specialists. They are certain it is a FNH. They say I am 100 percent fine to have a baby. FNH are not associated with hormones and should not grow during pregnancy. I guess I will find out next year. My mass is only a few centimeters and never causes me problems. Over the past 1.5 years it has also never changed in... (19 replies)
... adenoma or FNH. Unfortunately however he thinks it is adenoma. I have been off bcp for 2 months, hoping to have our first child, the elevated ALT came up in pre pregnancy blood screening and luckily I have a gp who is on the ball. ... (6 replies)
... to do your own research and write down any questions you have. Also not everyone online knows what they are talking about so keep that in mind! I also heard with pregnancy it depends a lot on where in the liver your FNH is, on how much it would affect your pregnancy. ... (19 replies)
... One thing my doctor said was that pregnancy MAY cause it to grow but didn't say it was a definite. Same with whether or not the pill caused them to grow in the first place. ... (6 replies)
... biopsy showed no sign of cancer, but my GI has infomed me that because of the size, there is a potential of rupture and malignant transformation. Furthermore, a pregnancy would increase the hormones, thus increasing the size of the tumor. I was on bc pills, Trivora, for over 15 years. I have recently been taken off of my bc. ... (6 replies)
... Recovery... It's different for everyone and it depends on the size of the tumor and the size of the incision. Most people get a straight incision about 6-7 inches along their right rib cage. Mine extends from the left rib cage to the bottom of my right rib cage and is 12 inches long, so my recovery took a lot longer (mine is more similar to a transplant incision). I'd say it... (3 replies)
... sjm1204- I would have to guess your fatigue is likely a result of the stress of knowing you have a fnh... I'm sure the fnh was present long before your diagnosis and if the symptoms started after diagnosis, its probably mental & emotional stress. The diagnostic process and health implications can weigh very heavily on people. As for pregnancy... as a hormone driven... (1 replies)
... Eli, Hang in there!! The pain is from compression of things by the baby most likely and perhaps the tumor also,,but mostly the little human in there. Once you deliver you should feel lots better. The risk of the tumor rupturing is probably small,, but because of our litigious sp? society the dr's must be extra careful. Not to mention that the goal is a healthy baby and... (66 replies)
... I got PG with my 3rd child a few months later and given instructions to follow up on the condition after I had the baby. It was considered a high risk pregnancy because of the liver issue, so the baby frequently got checked by a peri. ... (22 replies)
... I am having my adenoma removed next week. I am having it removed because adenomas can turn malignant and or rupture if left alone. Mine is about 9cm., so it is not huge, but not small either. You can read through the adenoma thread. Our friend from England, Nessie, had hers removed two weeks ago today, and tells us all how it went. Because you are try to get pregnant, you... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the responses. They do think that both of my lesions are FNH, however there is a question about the smaller one. They are 90% sure it's FNH (as I was told that 25% of patients with FNH have multiple lesions...??), but could possibly be an adenoma. I saw a high risk pregnancy consultant and they said that all they could tell me is that we'll keep an eye on them... (10 replies)
... Also...wondering if I can have a successful pregnancy without complications from FNH? ... (10 replies)
... section. I never knew if the pain was from pregnancy or not. Shortly after my son was born I kept complaining of the RUQ pain, feeling nauseaous etc. so they ran the battery of tests. ... (10 replies)
... Sorry for all that youve been going through..if you have seen my previous posts im a 24 y/o woman who was diagnoses with FNH in june of 05 found it post op appendectomy. The liver biopsy confirmed it was FNH my tumor measured at 10cm x 9 cm extremely large!! I met with a liver surgeon/transplant who is top notch in NYC so discuss my options which were a livere section or just... (10 replies)
... momtocj2003: Hi -- I also have fnh but mine is a lot larger than yours -- probably about twice the size. I don't have any consistent pain -- quite honestly not much pain at all. I found out about it in August 2004 by what else -- an ultrasound of my gallbladder. Incidently -- my gallbladder is perfectly fine but I have this fnh. I did get an opinion from a liver... (10 replies)

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