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... Hi. I've heard that if there's something wrong with your liver, or your liver is not functioning right, you will feel tired and fatigue constantly, even with adequate sleep. Is that true? ... (10 replies)
Jun 2, 2008
... i have a feeling of fullness about 3 fingers below my boob. im preg and my dr blew it off as stretching ribs. does this sound like there could be something wrong with my liver? ... (1 replies)
... The liver is your body's detox centre and thus, when you drink alcohol, your liver has to work extra hard at getting rid of this toxin from your body. ... (2 replies)

... That's an interesting point and something I'd definitely look at. A bacterial infection can definitely cause your symptoms and upset the liver as well. You gotta remember that everything you eat filters through the liver, so if you push an infection through it... ... (7 replies)
... I had heard the same as you, that MRI is very accurate, but I wasnt sure if it was the same for seeing if or what problems there are with a Liver. ... (7 replies)
... Are you drinking all kinds of juice, or just apple? ... (66 replies)
... and a subsequent trip to the ER, I was immediately admitted for surgery where they removed the gallbladder which I guess was in horrible shape and simply loaded with stones. Anyway, since about September I have had nothing but stomach discomfort and outright pain in my upper abdomen. ... (6 replies)
... I'm a 30 year old guy and I was recently diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the Liver. I first discovered somethin was wrong 2 years ago, when one day I suddenly noticed that my feet were bloated and it felt like that there was liquid in it. ... (1 replies)
... Unfortunately no... My dermatologist told me I have every skin symptom of advanced liver disease and my gastro has told me the same EXACT thing plus other symptoms I have that are not visible match it as well... ... (2 replies)
... On Sept 30th I went to the ER with severe pain under my right right rib cage radiating to my back, throwing up and with a low grade fever 99.8. I knew it just had to be my Gallbladder. For the past few months I have had the same symptoms but not as severe or intense as this. ... (2 replies)
... Past history of fatty liver... ... (13 replies)
... Howdy all...In the last month I have had blood tests, a colonoscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound and now I am having a liver biopsy in 2 days. Trying to figure out what's wrong with me due to my they are..... ... (5 replies)
... I'm having very similar issues to some of the posters on here ... ... (106 replies)
... what were your ultrasound results? (106 replies)
... I got Penumonia about 10 years ago and ended up in the ER during their routine battery of blood work my Liver Enzymes came back elevated. ... (1 replies)
... your post caught my eye as I can def relate to what you are going through! I got Penumonia about 10 years ago and ended up in the ER during their routine battery of blood work my Liver Enzymes came back elevated. ... (106 replies)
... ked out normal. I don't know how qualified the doctor was because me said that my white blood cell count was perfectly normal and, as far as I know, you can have liver problems with a perfectly normal white blood cell count. ... (3 replies)
... there when im not drinking but not as noticeable. I've searched the internet over and over drove myself crazy thinking oh no i could have Cirrhosis or some type of liver disease,also thought maybe my liver is inflamed or enlarged. ive done the self examination and i really don't feel anything and it really dont hurt. ... (21 replies)
... Please dont take this as harsh, but you have done all you can if all your tests are normal there is not anything wrong with the liver if you keep looking and looking for something thats not there it will eventually become real. Sometimes, Dr. ... (2 replies)
... honestly dave, i was living my entire LIFE with an underlying polycystic kidney disease that was creating huge globs of cysts in my kidneys and liver and never knew it mostly becasue i DID feel great and my labs were ALL totally in most cases, even way above the norm end with some. ... (7 replies)

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