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... E may be helpful. A web search for "PIVENS trial" my prove enlightening. ... (1 replies)
... I'm not well read on SOD, but I can't help but think thinning bile (making it more fluid) might help relieve sluggish bile flow through narrowed ducts (and sphincters). Lecithin (phosphatidylcholine) is supposed to thin bile and help it flow easier. Lecithin is a fairly benign supplement, but you can get it from eggs if you or your doc doesn't approve of supplement use. ... (2 replies)
... Fatty liver is epidemic now days, and diets are hard to follow for many. With diabetes thrown into the mix, I hope he's at least limiting his sugar intake as much as possible, as this should help with the fatty liver too. A web search for: "PIVENS trial" may prove enlightening on the value of Vitamin-E for keeping fatty liver from progressing to advanced disease (NASH). ... (3 replies)

... OK, time to focus on the fatty liver connection. Have you been taking iron? Sodas? Alcohol? A web search of the "PIVENS trial" & Vitamin-E for fatty liver might be enlightening. (8 replies)
... Hi sasq, I clicked on your handle to look at your other posts and noticed you've been on high dose omega 3 & fish oil. These are a very bad mix with alcohol as omega 3s are highly susceptible to oxidation, & alcohol metabolism predisposes lipid oxidation. A web search for: fish oil, alcohol, cirrhosis (or alcoholic liver disease) should produce many results that explain... (9 replies)
... Hi Sky, & sorry you've got this medical mystery going on. With the extensive testing you've had done, it's next to impossible they might have missed cirrhosis, but there is much more to liver physiology than cirrhosis/no-cirrhosis. Your multiple sensitivities and allergies caught my eye, as I suffered from multiple chemical sensitivities for around 5 years that about... (3 replies)
... Hi Bill. You seem to have a vast knowledge of the subject matter. I'm searching for a direction on my own issue. I have elevated ALT 2x upper limit and GGT 2.5x upper limit. Normal AST, Albumin, ALP, Protein, billi, etc. I have been a long term, beer & wine drinker up until about 2 mos ago when I quit cold turkey. Feel fine, no symptoms, but in the last 3 months numbers... (5 replies)
... I'm not a doctor, but bile can sometimes become muddy and sluggish which may be plugging up your scarred/damaged ducts. The liver dumps it garbage into bile for disposal down the GI tract and anytime bile does not flow well this can increase toxic inflammation in the liver. "Sluggish Liver" used to be a common diagnosis that has fallen out of favor, yet whatever you want to... (1 replies)
... Elevated enzymes should accurately indicate general inflammation... A biopsy can define whether inflammation is autoimmune or related to iron overload etc, but as ultrasound and CT have confirmed fatty liver I'd go with this as reasonably accurate. Fatty liver is epidemic now days and many people live with it without much trouble for many years. When inflammation is... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the kind words JS7. A TSAT of 35 isn't alarmingly high, so your 500+ ferritin might be inflammation related. Something you want to follow though. Coke Zero doesn't contain the dreaded high fructose corn syrup, though the aspartame it's sweetened with does have it's own liver issues. A couple of 12oz cans/day shouldn't cause too much trouble, but if... (3 replies)
Help please!!!!!
Nov 3, 2015
... Do that web search on ferritin and metabolic syndrome and you'll see the connection is very real. ... (5 replies)
Help please!!!!!
Nov 2, 2015
... My only other thought... With your age and increasing a1c is a possible iron issue, which is a theory I've embraced over the last few years. This being that age related iron accumulation contributes to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and liver issues. Many women have problems with anemia during their youth and take iron and/or vitamins with iron (most "woman's vitamins"... (5 replies)
... steatosis sounds scary, but it's really just fat that is gumming up the works of your liver cells. Lots of folks have it now days and it usually doesn't cause problems short term. It's also fairly easy to fix. Cut your carbs, particularly simple sugars like fructose. Avoid soft drinks like the plague and fruit juice too. Dietary fruit in moderation is OK. Flour,... (3 replies)
At a Crossroads
Aug 27, 2015
... Interesting you mentioned PSC as Curcumin has shown promise in treating this. Give it a web search and it should pop up for you. ... (10 replies)
... Id liKe to add beets thin the bile really well too, also curcumin has pain relieving effets may help with pain (3 replies)
... Don't know about the reflux, but antibiotics are notorious for liver issues. A high Alk-Phos indicates a cholestatic effect or cholestasis, where bile becomes thick and muddy. A web search of your antibiotic and cholestasis should indicate whether your anti-B is causing this. If you're about done with your anti-B, you might be able to tough out the remainder of your... (3 replies)
... I'm not a doctor, but opiate pain meds are supposed to affect the "Sphincter of Oddi" valve that regulates bile flow into the intestine. Spasms are noted in literature which creates backpressure in the common bile duct causing it to dilate. A web search for: Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction should prove enlightening. I don't really know what one could do to work around... (3 replies)
... and include cirrhosis in your web search and you will find this is an ominous lab finding in chronic drinkers, particularly those in senior years. ... (2 replies)
... hanging in your closet, you may be huffing these vapors while you sleep. Antibacterial soaps containing triclosan have been linked to liver inflammation. Do a web search on these and you'll see this is true. ... (2 replies)
... E may be the best medicine, beating the pharmaceutical they tested it against. Do a web search on "PIVENS trial" and read about this. ... (6 replies)

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