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... I am not sure if anyone is still following this thread but I wanted to give another update. ... (30 replies)
... that is how your liver is functioning. Your bilirubin and liver enzyme panel are going to be elevated with any malfunction in your liver. ... (7 replies)
... Nick,,,,I would hope that your dr would want to check in more if your liver enzymes were high but guess you never know. ... (66 replies)

... Nick,,,Sorry I thought you had said your enzymes were high. There is no vaccination for Hepatitis. ... (66 replies)
... the anxiety has lessened and i think it was just because i didnt know what was wrong. now they have done ultrasound and found nothing and i STILL don't know whats wrong. ... (66 replies)
... nothing was found in the ultrasound. I asked what enzymes were high and she told me my alt ggt were what was elevated and she basically explained that if i had been drinking much over the holidays thats what would have elevated it. ... (66 replies)
... what would cause high pespin enzymes? ... (66 replies)
... Yes the body I guess does work in mysterious ways considering nobody seems to be able to figure out what is wrong with me, or even if there is anything wrong to begin with. ... (30 replies)
... Thanks for the advice razz. I have not had a CT yet only, the ultrasound. Do you know what the CT would pick up that the ultrasound didnt? ... (30 replies)
... and anything Ic an do to help, I'm here!! I think it helps to have someone who's "been there" and tell you what they've experienced. It's also nice to hear it's common, normal, and reversible. ... (24 replies)
... i dont know either... there are several enzyme tests... ALT, AST, ALK PHOS I would call ahead and ask what that number represents.... there are so many reason liver enzymes can be elevated... once they do an ultrasound or biopsy they will have a cleared picture. ... (4 replies)
... even losing weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Generally speaking, most ppl, until they're told they have high enzymes, probably don't even know what they are and that the potential for a serious illness can result. Worrying abt is is no fun, you're right, but it's normal. ... (13 replies)
... You've got some pretty high numbers there. ... (6 replies)
... Hmm, not to sound too ignorant, but what is a gallbadder attack? ... (7 replies)
... anting to hurt him. I can't hold his hand through this, and I'm not going to try. Right now, as I'm waiting to hear whether or not I've got hep, or whatever ever is going on, I've been thinking about all the things I've put off, waiting for him to "come on board. ... (14 replies)
... YOU ARE NOT to blame for HIS shortcomings!! Do not let him do that to you. You're a good person who gave birth to 3 children and right now is dealing with A LOT. ... (14 replies)
... No! The pain is on my left side but every once in awhile I'll feel a little tringe on my side. It's happen a couple of times today. How high were your liver enzymes? ... (14 replies)
... en diagnosed with a fatty liver, cyst on my liver, and a fatty deposit on my pancreas. Both my upper right side and upper left side constantly ache. The pancreas is what hurts on my left side. I have tried to get info on that, but have had no luck! ... (14 replies)
High liver enzymes
May 30, 2004
... About a year or two ago, my doctor told me that my liver enzymes were up to 300 and that the ritalin I was taking for my ADD was causing it. So, I stopped taking the ritalin and everything went back to normal. ... (1 replies)
... and have quit that altogether. I have high alkaline phosphatase and mildly elevated ALT, had an MCRP, and have occasional pain in the RUQ under the rib cage. ... (4 replies)

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