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... Just kind of a quick synopsis of what happens when you take in too much tylenol? ... (4 replies)
... there is whats called a 'safe' limit as far as what you should try and stay under,for occasional usage it is 4000mgs,but for chronic usuage that goes down to only 3000 mgs per 24 hours. ... (2 replies)
... If this is actual red blood you are seeing it needs to be evaluated very blood in BMs is an indication of an actual active bleed really DO need to discuss this with at least one parent. ... (4 replies)

... Sounds like your life is governed by great stress.... ... (4 replies)
... no veggies...just lean cuisine mostly. Obviously my health continued to decline at a much faster rate even though my drinking had been cut back. My brain got out of whack and I started having panic attacks. ... (4 replies)
Pain in liver
Mar 28, 2004
... If you are worried about explaining why you ignored it for so long don't worry. I am sure they see that kind of thing all of the time. Especially if someone knows it is caused by drinking. My brother in law has had pain in that same spot and he is a very heavy drinker. ... (55 replies)
... My grandma has had breast cancer two yrs ago and had it removed.She was on a lot of medicine and herbal stuff too.She lives in Bosnia and i'm in the us with my family. ... (1 replies)
... to interpret as there are many different causes for elevations. LFT's are also rather fluid and dynamic and can change quite a bit over relatively short periods of time. GGT in particular can jump around a lot, and even moderate amounts of alcohol can spike GGT. 383 IS impressive though. ... (2 replies)
... I have mild Mitral and Tricuspid valve regurgitation with moderate Pulmonary valve regurgitation with mild restrictive lung disease. The main symptom is occasionally mild shortness of breath but only when I eat and lay down. So it is not the caused of my pain. ... (106 replies)
... honestly, it would just make soo much better and plain common sense for a "specialist" in the area where your pain and issues are to also be the one to actually manage that level of pain that is generating it too? ... (3 replies)
... the one thing that i just DO highly doubt in your particular situation AND the mere fact that you DID indeed quit drinking, is that you would be treated anything less than the human being you are. ... (28 replies)
... the very BEST thing you could do right now, is number one, get your doc to realize the insane potential of allowing someone with ongoing pain to EVEN BE taking what you have been on a very long term basis and onto the 'appropriate meds" for your level of pain, hopefully with NO TYLENOL for you at this point. ... (9 replies)
... I have just went through this as I was looking for something to take for pain as I have one kidney that does not work and am waiting to get it removed now. ... (4 replies)
... ust say that your story has moved me in a way I cannot explain. I want to send my prayers and blessing to you and your family. I wish you and your son the best of health and may the lord shine his healing powers on you both. Thank you again for all your advice and support. ... (4 replies)
... so sorry for your loss,i am unfortunetly just dealing with the loss of my dad on the 3rd of march.its been a tough couple weeks here for me as i was very close to my fathertoo.he died from something unrelated to liver problems. ... (4 replies)
... without exhausting all testing, it's difficult for the Doctors to give you any relief, either with a positive diagnosis or with a proper treatment. I understand what doubt and pain you are going through, because it's not only physical, but mental as well. ... (5 replies)
... The pain in the tummy could be related to what happened post Lap. It would be foolish to rule that out completely, even once the fluids were drained. ... (2 replies)
... If you actually have portal hypertension along with a varicose vein in your throat,you DO have varices.thats what varices are. ... (6 replies)
... while i don't doubt your story and the statements you have made,i am kind of curious as to what your kidney function is at at this point.also,fibrosis of the liver,as far as i have researched has not really have been determined to be the result of too much ibu,it has its strongest affects upon the kidneys. ... (3 replies)
Dec 24, 2005
... thanks for asking.I have the autosomal dominate type of pkd,it is passed on in every mom has it as well as my order for someone to get this it HAS to be passed on from the mom or dad. ... (1 replies)

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