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Low Liver enzymes
Apr 23, 2009
... I seem many posts about high liver enzymes but I am trying to get informantion about low enzymes. My 16 yr old daughter began having irregular heavy periods, high blood pressure, fatigue, weight gain, stiff joints. ... (0 replies)
... 2 lab results high liver enzymes dr orders more lab work takes 9 vials of blood why so many (0 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. I am on cardizam 240mg for my blood pressure; now he also put me on Metformin. Hope this helps. Connie (4 replies)

... I dont know much about the meds you are taking, but I your doctor should be able to tell you whether the drug causes liver enzymes to jack up? ... (4 replies)
... Because you mentioned fatty liver disease, I'll share this information. There are other liver illnesses that can cause these signs, but let's talk about fatty liver disease... ... (5 replies)
... years ago when his liver enzymes were at 130. ... (5 replies)
... Minor elevations in liver enzymes are quite common, & doctors usually don't get too excited about these unless they reach double normal over at least two labs. When ever you get an out of range lab like this, it is wise to re-test, typically at 90 days to see if the elevation is transient, chronic or increasing. A minor elevation is nothing to worry about, but this... (2 replies)
... I don't eat junk and sweets, but I do eat a high amount of protein, carbs, etc. ... (0 replies)
... No one could have told me anything that would have convinced me to quite drinking at 25, so I won't preach. This said, the worst part of damaging your liver with alcohol is that once the damage is done, you either have to quit or die, so best to avoid damage in the first place. ... (1 replies)
... To start out one night age 15 I woke up with very bad diarrhea and it never went away and I'm 25 now. It happen not long after huffing to get high which the day i did it the next day my mouth had thrush! Maybe this has something to do with what is wrong with my insides.... idk. ... (1 replies)
... She wanted me to take the upped dose for 2 weeks and get bloodwork done as a last ditch effort to see if my liver enzymes and mercaptopurine levels were improving, but I had complications setting up an appointment for that time. ... (1 replies)
High liver enzymes
Dec 18, 2014
... Help,, my daughter had her first iron infusion on Thursday and is now in the hospital because her liver Enzymes are high. They are continuing to go up as of today. Anyone else ever heard of this with only one infusion? ... (0 replies)
... Tylenol IMHO causes a lot of damage to some peoples livers even in normal maximum daily doses. My house growing up was anti tylenol, and so when I had my own house we became anti tylenol. ... (3 replies)
... insane craving for sugar tho and recently I had her checked for diabetes. The entire panel was normal including thyroid. They only thing off was cholesterol was high and liver enzymes were high. My Ped doesn't seem concerned and wants me to see a nutritionist. ... (2 replies)
... alright so I am going to post and run to bed and I am sorry about that and if there are any mistakes in my post, I am sorry but it is almost 2 am. ... (1 replies)
... The pancreatic enzymes have not ever been tested looking at my bloodwork. ... (106 replies)
... I am a heavy drinker for about three years but the last year I have started drinking everyday about one bottle of whisky or more. I made some tests and found my liver enzymes high. I was diagnosed with fatty liver disease. I cut alcohol completely for twelve days but I had a swelling in my right upper rib next to diaphragm. ... (1 replies)
... Fortunately I can cross a large number of these off my list of possible issues. I'm really not too concerned with the liver enzymes alone as I know that doesn't necessarily mean something is terribly wrong. ... (106 replies)
... I now think it was a dumb idea not to go to the hospital. Ever since it happened I have had no energy. My father died at 50 of a heart attack so I'm considered high risk. I am 46 years old. I see a cardiologist every 6 mos. I waited until I got home and went for my normal check up. ... (3 replies)
... Well the good news is it is decreasing. I'm on meds that will make mine spike. That's the only reason I know about liver enzymes. Mine are up now too. ... (11 replies)

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