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Hi All: I am new to this site but have been reading about all the problems people have and so sorry. I have small cell lung cancer. The cancer is wrapped around the aorta. So far I have been unable to find anyone with this particular cancer-aorta problem. I am 6 months beyond the diagnosis, and with hospice help I am doing fairly good. Just have additional fatigue lately...I have a wonderful caregiver (my hubby) or I call him my buddy. How very lucky I am. I pray that there is not many people out there who are suffering this decease alone!... And I would like to ask anyone that has a relative, friend or neighbor to call or visit people with terminal illness. Don't be afraid that they will drop dead in front of you. This is so important. I get cards, telephone calls and visits from people and it just makes my day. When I'm talking to them, I try to laugh and make them feel good, because that makes me feel good....Thank you for listening...and please write. My prayers are with you all....Love Sarahm :wave:
:wave: Hi Sarah, Glad to see you made a post. I wish

that I could help you out with your questions. Reading

your post reminds me alot of my mother. She also

enjoyed visitors and calls and kept a positive attitude.

I was her care giver and still unsure of the type of lung

cancer she had. With my dad we had more time to

prepare for what was coming. With my mom she was just

having minor symptoms in Aug. 02 that had been there

for 6 months or so and the doctor blew them off as other

things. When she did get diagnosed in Aug. it was to late

it was in the lungs, kidneys, liver and neck. She tried

chemo but the oncologist said it was just for pain and it

would not help her to live longer. After 3 weeks of chemo

she said no more. She kept a positive attitude all the

way until March 03 when she passed away. I wish you

the very best and I am here if you need to just talk.

Thanks for answer and sorry to hear about your Mom. I guess it's good that you had time to plan, which I have had also. My husband has learned to do the finances, cooking and housekeeping. He will be able to take care of himself There is so much we need to talk about and, he doesn't like that part.....I had 15 radiatin treatments and 3 chemo treatments. But every time I had chemo I ended up in the hospital with internal bleeding so had to quit. What a nasty way to live anyway. lol
Hi Sarah- I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. This Cancer is such a horrible diseas that has affected so many people. I admire your strength and your courage. Your poistive attitude is absolutely amazing to me. My husband's attitude is much like yours, and I am so proud of him. And more importantly, proud to know him, and to be his wife.

Take care- And keep that attitude! My prayers are with you. If you need to talk, you have found the right place to do it. And the best thing is, you can say ANYTHING on here that you want to. There are so many people on here that understand what you are going through, and will support you.


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