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[FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][COLOR="Blue"]Hi Everyone.Just wanted to post a small update on my father. It is about 4 1/2 months since he's been diagnosed with sclc w/several mets to his brain.
He was delayed his second chemo treatment about 3 weeks ago, because his white blood cell count was down too low. They gave him some medicine to raise them and finally 2 weeks later he recieved his second chemo treatment this past weekend.
The second treatment has hit him harder then the first, he was sick almost immediately. They kept him in the hospital for the treatment, but discharged him earlier then the first time he had a treatment...they stopped after 2days on Chemo instead of the inital 3. His oncologist is almost impossible to speak with, can never recieve a response to countless messages/pages that I have left for her. So we do not know if the treatments are working, if it's too early to tell, etc.
He is still at the nursing home, but we found a supportive living facility to assist him that we would like to relocate him too - would give him more responsiblity, which he wants. My only concern is that we don't know how he's responding to the treatments and not recieving a good answer from the doctors. It scares me to tranfer him - put a large deposit down - and have to relocate him back to a nursing facility quickly...but at the same time, I don't want to keep him locked away in a nursing home where he's unhappy...not that he's extremely unhappy anymore they have given him a private room where he has privacy so he is doing less complaining.
Just wanted to give an update. My thoughts are with everyone on the board who are dealing with this horrible sickness.

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