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Sorry to hear all your dad is going thru. Okay, as far as the low platelet counts we were told that if they got too low then you have to get a platelet transfusion. (no meds to fix low counts that I am aware of unless they never mentioned to us, but thought only a platelet transfusion could be done) I thought you could only get a shot for red and white to raise counts. Anyway, do you request copies of blood work so you can follow his counts. I am one of those people who ask for copies of all blood work and follow. (I have the benefits of my mom working in a lab so have some help, plus research on my own...amazing how much information on the Internet) What did his platelet count get up to before he was released? Yes, it tends to raise itself, but again we were told by my husband's doctor that at one point he system could get messed up and not be able to produce anymore due to so many chemos. (my husband is finishing his 4th line) You mentioned your dad's attitude and behavior, have you noticed he is more aggressive and aggitated? We had a serious problem with Stan and realized it was the steroids that put him on edge. They had to cut his steroids in 1/2 while on chemo due to the aggressive behavior so keep that in mind. (it is not common, but can happen and have known others to not phase them at all)
When you say he will switch chemo that confuses me unless I am misunderstanding. I did not know you could switch as your body builds immunities to it and if it did not work the first time it would be pointless to go back, hhhmm? My husband was on Etopside and Cisplatin for his first line of chemo and boy it was tough. He was 51 when he was on that treatment and it took him down quite a bit, but actually on the Etopside and Cistplatin is when he got 30% shrinkage and with the 2nd, 3rd line nothing. Now he is finishing up his 4th line which is Taxotere and Carboplatinum and it is also knocking him down. I think the platinum based chemos knock them down good, but it helped Stan the first time so you never know. I will keep your dad in my prayers and you stay strong. Sorry to hear of your family troubles and everyone not working frustrating! They need to realize it is not about them and to think about your dad, but for some people not possible....gggrrr!

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