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[QUOTE=dawnmn;3532966]Hi-I post fairly regularly on the liver disease message board, and I have a few questions for here as well.

I am a 41 year old non smoker in good health. I have been having some issues lately with mild night sweating (just on my chest and back of my neck) for some time now. It happens maybe one or two times a week. I also have achiness between my shoulder blades that I have had for many years. My worry is the night sweating thing-I have read that this could be a symptom of early lung cancer. I've been reading about women in their late thirties and early forties who never smoked and were diagnosed with aggressive lung cancers, and had absolutely no symptoms prior to being diagnosed. This is really scary. I worked as a dental assiatant for 16 years, and who knows what my lungs have been exposed to. My questions are-should I have a chest x-ray, to rule out cancer? I'm afraid to do this because If they find anything at all that is benign or questionable, this will stress me out like crazy. Are these infrequent night sweats something to worry about? Would a CBC blood test show anything unusual if I had any kind of lung cancer? I just found out I have a tiny cyst-like lesion on my liver that was found incidentally during a lumbar MRI. Now I'm having a full blown work up for it, including an MRI with contrast in July to check for growth. I'm stressed to the max with that, let alone find out I have something on my lung as well. My most recent CBC was perfect, as was my complete liver panel bloodwork. I would think if cancer was present, something would show up in the blood. Hope someone can answer my questions-I tend to be very neurotic with my health, and this liver lesion has got me worrying about everything else now!![/QUOTE]
The night sweating can also be a symptom of pre-menopause. Night sweats are common. I agree the pain between your shoulders is probably posture or your bed, or the chair you use at work. I used to have terrible pain between my shoulders. Once I got a high back chair at work, the pain went away.

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