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They found a 8mm non calcified lung lesion last year by accident during a abd ct and then they recommended I see a pulmonologist. I did and he did a chest ct which showed a 9mm non calcified lung lesion. He said it was most likely valley fever or something and did blood work. All came back negative and he said he did not know what the cause was yet.He wanted to do CT every 2-3 months. Well my insurance cancelled and I couldn't get testing. He said the bare min. he wanted to do was x-rays every four months even with no ins. I never showed up and now a year later I finally got ins again and went to see him. We are doing more blood work and another chest ct. I asked him what he thought the possibilities were and he said "ehhhh how about I tell you in a year" and then said he wants to see me in two weeks and we will talk about it then. Can someone tell me what non calcified means and is it a higher chance of cancer than calcified? I am I worry not worry? Could this be serious or not?
I am young...26, non smoker
My grandfather died of lung cancer (don't know what kind)
I have been having a few random sudden fevers 4 in two months approx. every two weeks or so but only for a day. I am always tired for no reason.
Anytime something is found in your lung, I would be very concerned. Listen to your doctor. Lung cancer kills quickly.

Noncalcified is worst than calcified. Calcified is usually benign. Noncalcified could be cancer.

My husband was diagnosed with a 5mm noncalcified lung nodule a couple of months ago. We pushed and he is going to the Lung Center at Washington University tomorrow for a follow up visit with a pulmonologist.

Never mess around with your lungs.
I'v had Lung cancer 4 times, 3 of those times I made the doctor send me out for a needle biopsy, It does not hurt and you'll know what it is in a few days.
Good luck and God bless you.

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