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Lung tumor biopsy
Jul 13, 2006
... I am guessing since a biopsy has been ordered that a mass has already been found. Just in case this is a cancerous Tumor remember that this is not a death sentence at all. ... (1 replies)
... When the mass was first found they didnt know what to think it was, my GP didnt even think it was cancer at first. After the failed biopsy they felt it may e a carcinoid variety because of the profuse bleeding when it was distrurbed. ... (53 replies)
... Thanks Jan! They are still going to remove nearby lymph nodes for biopsy during surgery to verify but hopefully they wont find anything there either. ... (53 replies)

... God keep you in the palm of His hand Dave. This is the best place a person can be. I sure hate that the mass was malignant. I had hoped differently. My hubby had a terrible time with his needle biopsy and it hurt like the devil. ... (53 replies)
... Hi again and thanks for the good words, just want to give an update. The lung doc had a cancellation and was able to ge me in today for the first visit. ... (53 replies)
... not much 2nd hand smoke except when I was a kid, no other known cancers, colonoscopy also negative. I have an appointment with a lung doc next week and was told he may do a biopsy. My GP said it may be benign but advised it was pretty large and should be checked out soon. ... (53 replies)
Mass in lung
Apr 4, 2017
... it twice a year. while there i recieved an xray then was admitted to cancer ward. scary. after 3 days of cat scans and a pet scan i was told that i had a 4.5 cm mass in my lower love. yes i am a smoker. the drs believed it was cancer and ordered a biopsy. i declined. now its been over a year with no treatment. ... (0 replies)
... rays everyday for 10 days they started to see a mass in her lung which after a biopsy they said was lung cancer. ... (2 replies)
Lung Cancer?
Jun 14, 2010
... may not be lung cancer but SUCKS. Had a PT scan and get a biopsy on Wednesday More to follow. ... (2 replies)
Lung met brain
Jun 14, 2010
... mediastinal mass consistent with malignancy" and now had a PT sacan and getting biopsy on Wed. ... (4 replies)
... I'm kinda going through a similar thing right now. I had cancer surgery 3 years ago and now there is a mass between my pleural and chest wall. ... (6 replies)
... My dad first started experiencing chest pains in mid 2006. He then went for various tests including a biopsy and eventually had an operation which entalied a cut just below his ribcage to halfway to his back. ... (13 replies)
... hout doing a full lobectomey like they had to do with mine because it was so large. My Carcinoid Syndrome symptoms were not as severe as yours even with a 7.7 cm mass and thats why I am worried you might have it elsewhere also but hopefully it isn't. ... (17 replies)
... Sorry to hear about your friend. As for someone 32 getting lung cancer, the truth is, lung cancer doesn't care what age you are or if you smoked or if you didn't it hits people of all ages and color, and so on and so on. ... (2 replies)
... Mary I notice you are living in The USA. As it is spring there you should be able to purchase healthy young chenensis aloe vera potted plants at nurseries. I had lung cancer at 58 years of age ,bowel cancer a year later and have just finished a successful battle against nodular melanoma . ... (5 replies)
... I just dont want him to go through all this or suffer if it wont help. I asked just for radiation to try to shrink it without the biopsy or chemo to keep him comfortable but the doc said they wont give radiation without a biopsy. ... (5 replies)
Tumor in lung
Feb 20, 2008
... NOT ALL lung nodules or masses are cancer. ... (7 replies)
Tumor in lung
Feb 18, 2008
... and he scheduled me for a bronchoscopy and biopsy within 2 days. that was friday at 4pm. ... (7 replies)
MIL lung cancer
Feb 17, 2007
... She does not have any symptoms. Xray was done because she has an anurism they are watching. This area was caught and a spiral was done. Doc says mass as big as his sounds bad. ... (5 replies)
Jan 19, 2007
... I went on my journey to see the professor about the mass in the kidney, he did not do a biopsy but did an ultra sound the mass is growing around an artery in the kidney, and the kidney is dyeing he offered to remove the kidney and I could have been admitted into hospital the next day. ... (10 replies)

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