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Very scared
Dec 17, 2003
... oth legs. It is mostly in the shin area and sometimes the knee's and feet. The pain kind of feels like shin splints. I thought legs and lungs had nothing to do with eachother. now i am very scared and i just wanted to ask if anyone else heard of this. Thank You all. ... (1 replies)
... shortness of breath, frequent cough, coughing up phlegm with blood in it, severe fatigue, etc.....RIGHT? ... (11 replies)
... What truly concerns me is that these same last couple of weeks I have to clear my throat a lot, mostly it's white phlegm with tiny brown dots in it but in the morning now and then there's a larger dot of bright red blood in it or large chunks of brown. ... (1 replies)

... cough and, yesterday, spit up phlegm with a few tiny specs of blood in it. Let me tell you, that scared the crap out of me. I have also been getting minor pains throughout my upper torso periodically. ... (3 replies)
... All started with terrible pain and tickling in my throat combined with hoarsness and fever. After a day i started to cough, it was productive severe cough. ... (0 replies)
... I am new to the board here as of this morning, but I am on here regarding my dad. He had been coughing up blood in the mornings. ... (2 replies)
... Hi SMB2006, I've just registered because I was googling these exact same symptoms. Did you find out what it was? Hope to hear from you. C (6 replies)
... productive. I did not cough up any phlegm or blood, but just seemed to linger more than I thought would be normal. ... (6 replies)
... is going to beat this beast within him and in my heart i know miracles happen. Hope the burning from the radiation has eased up for you. My hubby has a check up with his oncologist this Friday, so we should find out more about the small amount of blood in his phlegm, we sure hope it is only fragments from the radiation. ... (2 replies)
Blood in phlegm
Mar 12, 2006
... I have been battling with quitting smoking for about 2 months now. Been on the patch most days, a little cheating on other days. ... (1 replies)
Blood in Phlegm
Feb 24, 2005
... of people with LC have never smoked. It isn't anything to wait on when it is your lungs. Praying for you. Take care. ... (2 replies)
Blood in Phlegm
Feb 24, 2005
... that I know of so I am perplexed. All these symptoms are very new since last Friday and the only one that concerns me is the blood in the phlegm. I have no other symptoms that I know of that would indicate any concerns of lung cancer. ... (2 replies)
Blood in Phlegm
Feb 24, 2005
... Not sure if I have a respiratory infection or something more serious. About a week ago, I got sick with a really bad headache and fever. Over the past couple of days, that has gone away but new symptoms of runny nose and cough have appeared. ... (2 replies)
... be considered debilitating, it only causes discomfort. I cannot locate any point in my chest muscles that feels painful to the touch and the pain doesn't worsen with exercise. Some days I may feel a very slight discomfort swallowing and I recently think I have some mild pain in my arms as well. ... (0 replies)
... So naturally, my mind would wander to a cancer diagnosis out of concern. I never had any other symptoms. No nagging cough, no blood in phlegm, only these chest pains, which I would think if I had cancer, would stay with me throughout the quitting process, and afterwards. ... (2 replies)
Oct 6, 2011
... Im freaking out it started like two weeks ago i had this pain in my four lowest ribs n my left side, i went to the doctor he said my spleen was fine but he just felt my stomach now over the past two days i got shortness of breath and a cough the cough is either non productive or has a little phlegm but no blood as i can tell I'm just nervous my uncle died of lung cancer but... (0 replies)
... white. Mostly during the day and when I talk. It often calms down at night time with no excess in morning. I do not need to cough but I feel the need to bring up the mucus which can taste salty. ... (5 replies)
Lung nodules
Mar 2, 2009
... flu xmas 2007 sent to GP WHO GAVE HIM AMMOXILLIN for a week the he had to go back to his work by 14th Jan 2008 sent for xrays and blood test . ... (2 replies)
Is this cancer?
Nov 17, 2008
... injury. Therefore he concluded that the blood is from my nose as he told me that my nose is fragile. 4 days later , i spit out phelgm. i saw 2 dots of blood around the phlegm. I got terrified and did a ct scan. The specialist told me that the ct scan is not needed. ... (65 replies)
... There are other symptoms of lung cancer that are less common. They are usually associated with more advanced lung cancer. ... (4 replies)

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