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I'm 16 years old, used to be healthy and basically stress free but I seem to have developed a breathing problem that has become constant

It started a few years ago, where I would only experience it occasionally either when I was anxious or doing anything strenuous, but for the past 6 months to a year I have been getting it every single day and basically all day. It used to be that I would constantly be taking in deep breaths and yawning and most of the time I would get some relief after doing this. Recently, I have rarely managed to take a deep breath or yawn and it always feels like I am not getting enough oxygen. Even when I do manage to take a deep breath, the shortness of breath is only relieved for a few seconds, before the urge comes back again. This has caused me to have countless panic attacks, which I feel wouldn't occur at all if I didn't have this breathing problem, as I feel it's the only big thing that's stressing me out at the moment - worrying I'm going to suffocate and die! I also get very dizzy when standing and walking, heart races when I stand and I get soooo tired, breathing worsens when I get all these symptoms but I rarely get symptoms other than the breathlessness (which isn't as bad) when I'm laid down and the breathing gets so bad whenever I get a little bit drunk or if I'm hangover. I also end up having pains when breathing as I am gasping for air so much, and I also don't exercise or really go out anymore because I find it too difficult and the breathing gets worse

I've been to a cardiologist, had ECGs, echocardiogram, chest x-ray, blood tests for PE and anaemia, spirometer, 24 hr halter monitor - all normal. I was given a ventolin inhaler which does little other than making me tachycardic and shaky, and I'm on propranolol which helps with the heart rate but my blood pressure is low as it is so they're not ideal. I struggle on days when I don't take the propranolol.

Does anyone else have any idea what this is? I'm honestly at a loss, I've been told so many times its all anxiety but I'm really not convinced. I miss so much school over this, which is making my grades suffer considerably. I need to get to the bottom of this as its ruining my life and making me really depressed and sad. I've been to the doctors so many times that they literally just think I'm mad and a hypochondriac, so its unlikely I'm going to get any help from them and they're all set on sending me to psychology classes for my anxiety as treatment, which I know will not help as its the breathing that's making me anxious, so if the breathing is sorted, then I won't be anxious, but they can't seem to understand that.

Ive been reading up on it a lot and lots of people have been suffering with similar things, later to discover its something as simple as acid reflux or allergies. I haven't been tested for either of these things, however I get a lot of indigestion which makes me think it could be acid related.

I need help/advice/reassurance or anything, as I really don't know what to do about it anymore. Surely if it was 'just anxiety' id get at least some occasional relief?

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