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Sounds a lot like what I've had going on. I have had shortness of breath for several years and was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea about 8 years ago. I use CPAP to treat that. I also smoked for about 20 years - about an average of 1/2 pack a day. My doctors all knew I was always tired and short of breath but never sent me for tests. I had my cardiologist do stress echo tests - all pretty normal except for an irregular heart beat and minor mitral valve problems. I also have acid reflux and am on Prilosec for this. I quit smoking a little over 2 months ago after my sleep doctor finally after 8 years decided to do a chest x-Ray and spirometer test. I was shocked to hear COPD after years of complaining of being short of breath and nothing being done to diagnose me! My chest x-Ray also showed lung nodules (which they said were benign) and some benign calcified lymph nodes from an old granulomatous disease (I had histoplasmosis about 25-30 years ago). Now knowing I have lung problems I can see why I always get so short of breath - yes, even when I talk I have to stop and catch my breath in between words sometimes, and when I eat I get tired so I chew my food a little, stop to catch my breath and then continue chewing. I cannot walk without getting winded and I've already cancelled my summer vacation and a Caribbean Cruise planned for later this year because I know I won't be able to enjoy either being so tired and no energy most of the time. I hope you figure out what's going on. I'm new as of today to this message board and hope to get, and give answers as much as possible. I am 61, you did not mention your age and if you have other health problems. Good luck!

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