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Hi everyone. I read some similar threads on this forum a few weeks ago because my mother (65 years old) has been suffering of this problem since March last year. The phlegm is white, sometimes a bit thick, in the mornings especially.

She has had several visits at the GP doctor, received some medicine for possible allergies, antibiotics for 3 days, she had some X Rays done, but the doctor couldn't see anything and refused to send her to a specialist. In January this year, my mother spat blood and she was finally sent to the emergency doctor at a big hospital. She had sinus and chest X Rays and blood tests too, but the results looked good. However, the doctor sent my mother to have a CT scan and she was finally seen by a pulmonologist who said that my mother has chronic sinusitis. Apparently, the phlegm was falling down her throat into the chest and when she spat blood was because she had been forcing herself to cough for so long. Her lungs seem to be ok, however, the specialist will do more tests. My mother is also supposed to see her GP doctor again who should send her to another specialist for the sinusitis problem.

She is so relieved to finally have a diagnostic and to know that she will receive proper treatment. The pulmonologist was scandalized that the GP doctor hadn't intervened earlier to have her sinus checked by a specialist for so long.

I've opened this thread because the other similar ones are closed and I wanted to leave a thank you message to those who have discussed their problem in the past. Also, to let people know that sometimes it might not be a lung problem, but something else and it's good to have a more extensive medical checkup. An X Ray may look good sometimes and only a CT scan may reveal the problem.

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