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I do not know what to do, Since Aug 02' I have had:
- a clammy sweaty,pale face, on different occasions
- on/off chills
- loose stools
- I am really really fatigued all the time

Since June I have had burning lungs

For about 2 weeks now I have had a mild cough, but I can not tell if it is due to a cold or if it TB or what. I am so scared! I do not cough anything up it is a dry cough.

This last August on a whim, I decide to request a TB test and it was really red. I had 3 inconclusive skin tests when I was in my teens. I had a "sort of positve, sort of not positve" result , they wrote me down as negative, because my tests came out in the middle.

I am at a loss as of what to do and talked to 2 dr's, I felt that neither gave me helpful information.

The first one told me I should get an annual chest X-ray.
And I had a chest X-ray that was negative.

The second told me to get another TB skin test and if it is positive to then go on 9 month antibiotic therepy , I asked her if I could have a sputum test and she said they don't do that with cases they just go by the skin test and treat it.

The first Dr. told me they don't like to treat it unless there is an active case of TB because I may never develop Active TB , so I am really confused and need some advice or feedback. .

I also have a worrys about going on antibiotic therepy and don't know what to do.

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