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Actually, I would say that that definitely sounds more like viral chostochondritis.
What tips me off is the fact that you say movement hurts. With chosto, the cartilage in between your ribs is inflammed for whatever reason(virus, injury, etc) & the inflammation can make ya quite short of breath, also make it very painful to breath & hurt with movement.
Pleurisy is an ongoing pain, not something that fluctuates. Pleurisy hurts a ton when you breathe in, but it's a steady, ongoing pain that is only helped by deep breathes & anti inflammatory therapy (well and treatment of the underlying cause). It's a deep in your chest, stabbing, sharp pain when you take a deep breathe. Pleurisy is the inflammation of the thin membrane(the pleura) that lines the lungs. It's triggered by illness mostly, but a little known trigger is asthma also.
Chosto can be a sticky thing to treat, if it's viral that is. Between pleurisy & chosto I would say your best bet for now is to take some anti inflammatories, rest, use heating pads on your chest & practice deep breathing exercises. I have had both chosto & pleurisy & I would say it def sounds like chosto but bring it up to your doctor & see what he says. Good luck.

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