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Trouble Breathing
Sep 9, 2004
My girlfriend, who is 23, has had ocassional breathing trouble for quite some time. If you average it out over the year, she smokes maybe a pack every two to three months since she was about 19, but I think she said the problem actually started before that but more mildly. I have been able to get her to cut back the smoking to even less, about a pack every 5 to 6 months. She says it is like she just loses her breath for a moment. Like her lungs skipped a beat sort of thing. She has no been able to pinpoint what sets it off. From my observation it seems to occur more often when the weather is very humid and hot and less often if she has been under stress of some kind. Has anyone experienced anything like this.

BTW, she has a heart murmer and a couple of years ago a doctor wanted to send her for a EKG which she never did. So, maybe it is related to that somehow. My mom has a heart murmer and recently was diagnosed with atrial fibrilation. OK, I am babbling becasue I am concerned. Thanks.

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