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I have been having the following symptoms for about a week now and I am wondering if anyone knows what it could be?

I feel like I have a chest cold way down deep in my chest
I can't take in a deep breath without coughing some and my throat hurting
In the top part of my chest and also in my throat I feel little stabbing-like pains all over (they're hard to describe). When I swallow it sometimes causes the stabbing pains in my throat. Sometimes the pains go to my back as well
My throat and chest also feel tight

It feels like I can't get in as much air as I normally should (but it may be my imagination). It seems like I get winded when I normally shouldn't.

Some additional info if it may help - I don't have a cold, don't smoke, and when I cough I don't cough up anything. It doesn't feel like there's any fluid or anything in my chest though, it just feels tight and very small-like (like I can't get in much air). I do have allergies & have been put on medication for them.

I don't think my shortness of breath is caused by any kind of weight problem, I am 5'4" and 138lbs - I don't think I'm overweight, but it probably wouldn't hurt if I could lose a few pounds either (which I am trying to do, but am finding it very hard needless to say lol)

I plan on going to the doc soon about this but I just wanted to post this here so I could expect what the doc might say to me. Also, when I do go, will the doc likely give me any kind of test or anything to most accurately determine what is wrong?

Thanks :)

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