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I dont really get this kind of stuff often- but here are my symptoms:

- Started with a hard dry cough monday
- tuesday morning woke up with 100 fever, coughed up some yellow / brownish stuff.
- Throughout the day, my temp rose to almost 101, achy, feverish, everything hurt. wasnt much coughing at all. nose stuffy.
- Today i woke up with a temp of 101, which maxed out to 102. Same feeling. Only coughed in the morning when i showered, really nasty yellow brown stuff came out. Didnt cough much all day, when i did there was a slight burning sensation. I even have a tender lymph node on the side of my neck.

Sound like bronchitis? How long does it take to go away?

Im on Iophen to loosen phlegm and a Zpack, but i dont think its bacterial. Any thoughts?


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