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Lately I've been having a really tough time with my lungs. 2 months ago i came down with a bad cold that a month later turned into acute bronchitis. I was treated with antibiotics and the usuall stuff they give you, and it seemed to've went away. But a month after the infection cleared up, I notice that every night I experience a whistling sound when i breathe, like I'm still wheezing. It always comes on right before i go to bed and continues all night--it used to be really bad but it's very gradually easing up, but not as quickly as I'd like and it's concerning me a little.

Could this be just a lingering effect from my very bad case of bronchitis, or could it be something else? I'm 21 and don't smoke, it's strange why I'm having this kind of problem... :confused:
It sounds like you still have some inflammation resulting from your bronchitis. I have asthma and when I get bronchitis it takes a long time for symptoms to go completely away. I'm not saying you have asthma, but I have learned that sometimes an inhaled steroid can help heal things up pretty fast. Just ask your doctor. I know lots of people without asthma who have had to use this type of medication for a month or so. It's pretty normal.
Hi. I have the exact same problem, except my wheezing comes and goes. I went to the doctor on 03/05/05 and was also diagnosed with a bad case of bronchitis which also started out as a cold. One week later and after taking a Z-Pack, the yellow mucus I was coughing up turned into clear mucus and I still had the wheezing. The doctor told me to continue to use my inhaler four times a day for a week and put me on steriods for two weeks. During the use of the steriods, the wheezing seemed to have subsided. Since finishing the steriods, my wheezing is returning and occurs more frequently and now again with clear mucus. I am still using my inhaler. I am worried I have asthma or allergies. I made an appointment to see a doctor on Monday (04/11/05), so I will let you know what he says.
:wave: Hi. Went to the doctor today. He said that he has seen many bad cases of bronchitis this year. He said that it could take a few months for my cough and wheezing to go away. He prescribed me an inhaler called Advair to use for two weeks with one refill. He said that if I am not better in a month to come back in to see him again. He says that I have nothing to be concerned about. Hope this makes you feel better. :)

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