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I have a rather peculiar symptom. I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same issue. Here's a little background on me:
30 yr. old female
recently had gallbladder removed (7/05)
history of rx'd phentermine use for weight loss
mildly enlarged spleen found 12/04 in CT with no other sig. findings since then

The problem started about a year ago. I began having episodes where I was unable to take in a full deep inspiration. I would have to yawn to get the deep breath. This occured minimally at first (maybe 20 minutes once a week - sometimes would disappear for several weeks). Before having my gallbladder out, the episodes seemed to occur longer (days at a time). Then, it disappeared for the few months before my GB surgery. Afterward, I didn't notice it much...just on occasion. About a month ago, I had been walking with a friend for four weeks. I did start out very strenuously! She's a slave driver! We were walking some pretty big hills which got me breathing pretty heavily! After a few weeks, I noticed my chest was sore and tight when I would breathe during walking. The tightness went away after walking, but the soreness took several days to disappear. The yawning episodes reappeared. My doc ordered a stress echo, chest x-ray, and a PFT. No significant findings. Breathing was great...Although, during PFT my breathing improved with Albuterol by 11%. The RT told me this wasn't significant. Of course, I wasn't having any "episodes" during this test. I am scheduled to see a Pulmonologist in three weeks. I have since stopped walking. I have developed a symptom of having to clear my throat frequently throughout the day in the last few weeks. My lungs are clear. There is no raspiness, rattling, or wheezing. I do have allergies. A week ago, the "yawning to breathe" episode started and hasn't stopped. There is no rhyme or reason for it. It happens less frequently when I am inactive or sitting down. Although, it does occur frequently when I'm sitting in my car driving. When I'm active it occurs...but I'm still able to take my own deep breaths (without a yawn) intermittently while active. My concern is pulmonary hypertension from the phentermine use. Has anyone had or heard of these symptoms? My dad said he gets it pretty frequently. That makes me feel better...but he didn't know why. This just seems to be occuring more frequently for me which is a little concerning...Can anyone help?
I had that problem several years ago. I have allergies also, so went to my allergist who did a lung function test. It was normal, but still had the feeling that I could not get a good breath. I started allergy shots and took them for four years. I went back for a re-test and low and behold, it showed asthma this time. Go figure? Anyway, now I am on asthma medication daily that helps me. My lung function has improved. There are two kinds of asthma medications. There is the daily preventative and the inhaler for emergencies. I use the preventative and that is all. Asthma is weird. I'm not saying you have asthma, but it could be the beginnings. It wouldn't hurt to get your heart checked out also.
Thank you for your replies! I'd be curious to find out about the other symptoms you have...
How does your asthma reveal itself? I notice my chest is tight a good part of the day. When I attempt to make that deep breath, I'm either unable to or have to "concentrate" (for lack of a better word) to get the breath in. It feels like my chest is making popping noises or something when I get to the top of the breath. It's not every time...just on the attempts that prove difficult. Then my chest is sore the rest of the day...(especially at the top of my breath) almost like I have been swimming all day (you know that overworked feeling they get). Is this familiar at all? Is asthma something that can creep up on a person later in life or have you always had it? I can't wait to get the answers to this stuff. I have been going through this junk for a year.
Hang in there. I know how it feels to know there's something wrong but have no answers. I get so frustrated. I was just telling my husband the other day..."They can do surgery on a fish's spine...but they can't figure out why my spleen is slightly enlarged!" Ugg! :rolleyes: I had a lot of anxiety in the beginning, but I have been relying a lot more on my faith lately. Also, I figure since it has been a year, I have had every test under the sun (atleast it feels like it)...and I'm still must not be too terrible. :D They did check out my heart with a stress echo and it was fine. My next step is a GERD check and Pulmonologist. They rechecked my spleen size today among other organs via ultrasound today. So, we'll see. I'm sure it's the same and I'll be shuffled to yet another internist who will tell me it's not significant enough! Oh, well. All in God time I guess. Thanks again for the both of your replies!
I hope your answers come for you soon.
I have the same problem.It started with my mom dying 2 years ago.I had to watch her die for 3 longggg days.And,couldn't do anything about it.I have never watched some1 die before so I got a wake-up call.After my mom died I thought about death all the time I got so scared I even lived with my sister for a couple of weeks.I didn't want to be at home.Then came the panic attacks.I was put on Ativan.Then it went away and I felt great.Now it's back and now I have this breathing problem I can't solve.I am constantly yawning.Not cause I'm tired it's cause I am trying to get air.It feels like I'm suffocating,it's horrible and scarey.I don't know what to do.I just feel so lost and alone.So,I know exactely what you are going through.And,I am very sorry.

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