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Hi, my dog was just diagnosed with sudamonis which is highly contagious to humans and I can't find any information on it here on the boards or on web searches except for people saying they had it but there is nothing telling how bad it is, what it is, etc... Is it treatable?
I'll probably have to put my dog to sleep because I have a one year old boy and an elderly person (my mom) living with me. I can't take a chance on them getting this. But really need to know as much about it as possible so, I know what to look for because we've all been exposed to this, "sudamonis".
I've had pnumonia and the one year old in my house has been having lung problems recently as well. None of us had a sputum culture done to see what type of bacteria it was but there is a chance it was/is this.
If you've had this, did you recover? How long? What antibiotic did you take for it? Does it cause other problems or recurrent lung infections?
I tried to search for it and can't find anything.
did your dog get treated? antibiotics?
what did your vet say?
I don't think you need to put the dog to sleep.
if you've already been exposed, you've been exposed, putting the dog to sleep won't change that.
you just need to get treatment to take care of it.
Trying searching for the word Pseudomonas. When pronouncing this word the P is silent. I am sure you will find lots of info.
Strange that they'd suggest putting the dog down because of it, unless someone in your household has lung or immune problems. Normal, healthy people usually don't get it. Pseudomonas exists in nature -- water, dirt, etc. If someone in your house has cystic fibrosis it might be a cause for concern... Unless your dog is suffering...
I don't know how pseudomonas affects animals but if a vet told me to put my pet down I believe I would call another vet for a second opinion. Heck, why don't you call that vet back that told you to put your dog to sleep & ask him to fully explain why you should do this because you don't really understand that much about pseudomonas.

Unfortunately, if my pet came down with the disease I would have to put her to sleep because I do have lung diseases & sure couldn't afford to get another disease.

Good luck with your dog. Maybe you can find some answers soon.
Hi, yes, the one year old in my house has a heart condition and must not get sick at all. He's been in and out of hospitals for even the slightest sickness just to make sure it doesn't turn fatal for him. He almost died from "whooping cough" (sp?) a couple months ago.

My mom has autoimmune hepatitis so she must keep her immune system as healthy as possible because her Hep., could become active and kill her.

My sister (the mother of the one year old) has cervical cancer which she is in the start of fighting right now. She has a surgery in a few days for that too and also must keep her immune system as healthy as possible right now.

So, we've talked to all of their doctors and also our dogs vet about our options. I just mainly wanted to know more about this bacteria because I'd never heard of it and couldn't find anything on it but from what I saw one of you wrote, I was spelling it wrong. Thanks for letting me know the correct way to spell it. Now, I'll see what I can come up with on it. Till then, if you have any more info about it, let me know because we have to decided which rout to go by tomorrow afternoon.

My mom, sister and the babies doctors all said that we must get the dog away from them right now. Because he's so contagious right now, we've been turned down by 2 boarding houses for animals. The last thing I want to do is put my dog to sleep because to me, he's part of the family but I do need to know more about this condition because I can't put the lives of the people I live with at risk for this.

We also tried to put him in the animal hospital till he finishes his treatment for this that way he could be away from everyone here and also be taken care of in the mean time but they are full. Right now, we've all been wearing rubber gloves and hospital masks around the house till we can sterilize the house. Our vet said that we should burn everything that the dog had laid on, or used in the last month, etc. so, that includes our carpet, my bed, his bed and the sofas.

All the doctors and the vet said that this bacteria is in soil, water, fruits, etc., in very small amounts but people do not normally catch it unless they have a lowered immune system for some reason and then they are just at risk of it and it's still rare. So, how my dog ended up with this, I'll never know.
They also said that it is VERY resistand to all antibiotics and it's possible we wont be able to get rid of it even with treatment.
They're going to try giving him the antibiotic; Neomycin (spelling?), for 10 days to see if it helps.
The problem with this class of antibiotics is that you have to take very high doses for a long time to even put a dent in this bacteria and one of the antibiotics used to treat this is known to give people hepatitis.

Now, because we've all been exposed, it's possible we have it too so, we all have to go get tested which is scareyyy because of all the above info we've gotten from our doctors and the vet. They said a lung biopsy might be needed to confirm diagnosis.

I'll let everyone know how all this turns out.

Good luck T Panic411. I know you will do what is best for your family & it sounds like you should put the dog to sleep. When I posted earlier about another vet's opinion I didn't know you had sick family members. As I said, I have lung diseases & am presently taking very potent antibiotics & have been on them for 8 months and have another 14 months to go. One of my antibiotics can cause blindness so I can relate to the horrible things that antibiotics can do to your body as well as also help your body.

I love my dog dearly & have had her for 11 years but if she came down with a disease that would cause harm to me or a loved one I would put her down. You can get another dog but you can't replace your family members. I sure hope you & your loved ones do not have the pseudomonas. Take care.
Anyone here ever have any type of psudomona? If so, how was it treated, how long did it take to heal and what antibiotics are effective for it?

Our vet believes our dog can get better with strong anitbiotic treatment in 10 days but we can't find anyone who will take him in till he's treated and he can't stay outside so, we've decided that we're going to keep him in our back bedroom and I'm going to be the one to give him meds, food, etc. I'll be using gloves, surgical masks, and protective eye wear plus tons of anitbacterial stuff and just try to keep it contained to that area till he's better.
We were planning on getting rid of the carpet in that room anyway so, that wont be a big deal. We're taking out all the furniture before we put him in there.
Though we've all already probably been exposed to it, I'm not taking any chances with my family. I know all the above probably sounds anal and paranoid but the last thing we need is one of us catching this right now.
I read that lysol and bleach was not effective against this bacteria BUT Mr. Clean was! I thought Mr. Clean was for mopping the floor... Do they make antibacterial sprays and cleaners?
Also, my sister will be staying at my brothers house next door after she heals from her cancer surgery just to be completely safe.
After all this is over, I can't say we wont be burning all of our carpets because we're all already so worried about it.
I feel like I'm trapped in a contaminated house! Like everything is beyond ever being clean again.
DS has cultured this. He has cystic fibrosis. He is on a very strong nebulized antibiotic -- a form of tobrymicin (sp) called tobi. Some people are put on Cipro, Colmycin, Bactrim. He may never irradicate this bug. At this point it is a nonmucoid form and doesn't appear to cause any problems. It's a bug that CFers usually get and affects each one differently.

That said -- Target has some stuff called PS -- comes in a spray form and wipes that supposedly kills Pseuomonas A and a bunch of other stuff. Has to remain on the surface for 5 minutes -- WET to disinfect/kill all those nasty bugs. Walmart has something called saniwipes which are cheaper and also list Pseudomonas A on the label and I've heard from some other people that costco and sam's has similar wipes. Good luck!
Thanks so much for the info! I'll try out the cleaners you mentioned....
I have Mycobacterium Avium Complex (MAC) and Bronchieactasis in my lungs and I was diagnosed with Pseudomonas. It is a tough bacteria to treat or so the doctors say. They aren't even trying to treat mine.
Pseudo is very difficult to treat/get rid of, but if it's possibly causing problems, you may want to ask your doctor about tobi nebs or another inhalable antibiotic. Or possibly cipro. Tobi is very expensive and that could be why your doctor doesn't suggest trying it.
I was on Biaxin and Ethambutol for 18 months to treat the MAC but it must have not gotten rid of the pseudomonas because the last bronchoscopy that I had showed I had pseudomonas. I think the doctor thinks that taking the antibiotics to try to get rid of it would do more harm that getting rid of it. In other words, if for some reason I needed antibiotics in the future, they wouldn't do me any good.
Psedomonas is a big time strain of infection. It runs rampant in hospitals and nursing homes. Healthy humans rarely get it, but if anyone has a catheter, an open wound, a compromised respiratory problem, etc, you don,t want to be around it. :nono: Its really tough to get rid of and takes a super strength Antibiotic to do the trick.
Thanks. I'm having sputum cultures being done now to see what bacterias they find. Yesterday my doctor said he would put me back on antibiotics if they find something. I had blood coming up from my lungs last night and night before also. Scares the heck out of me! Assume that is from the bronchiectasis though.
check out Here's a link for Psedomonas, [url][/url]. There's alot of places to find out what it is, how it's caused, ect. Hope this helps.
Try the correct spelling - pseudomonas. You'll be able to find a lot of information with this.
I was told that Sudamonis bacteria is a natural bacteria and sometimes it overwhelmes an area of the body and you just need to get it under control. One of my airedales was diagnosed with this 3 months ago -- I finally went to a holistic vet since all the other vets I went too just pumped the dog with antibotics and no relief....I'm now using Neem Oil directly on the spots (he has it on all his nails) and I'm giving him Neem Capsules daily -- It's making a difference and his nails are growing back and his feet are not so sensitive. This has not spread to anyone in our house or our other airdale. I'm an asthmatic and the sudamonis has not effected me -- He has had the problem for over a year now and I finally found a vet that helped find a solution because antibotics did not work. Hope this helps....

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