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Hi all:
Gald that I found this forum. I am 33 yod male, been smoking for 12 years, quit about 6 weeks ago. I've been having this shortness of breath sensation for over 5 months, initially, my doc did cardioecho and EKG, didn't find anything wrong with my heart. Recently my SOB symptom got worse, the worst time is after 6 pm, when i was driving home, kept yawning to get air. after I got home, eat dinner, i felt better. Sounds like acid reflux, aha? Not quite sure since i just started taking anti-acid med 2 days ago. Last week, after work, I runned on treadmill for 20 minutes, the SOB problem get better when i excersise, however, after i stopped and rest for 5 to 7 minutes, I felt hard to breath, and my heart started racing, my hands were shaking. I called 911 and stayed in hospital overnight, I did all kind of heart-related test, EKG, nuclear stress test, although final results are not available yet, but most likely they turned out to be normal.
I thought my heart had problem as well, but after reading many posts on this forum, I realized that my problem might be the "panic attack", I didn't get enough air so my heart started racing.
I do have stuffed nose, and constant tiredness, got worse at afternoon. I remember I saw a post suggesting to see a alergist, I wonder if alergic can cause this shortness of breath feeling? I haven't seen any respiratory specialist yet. I do want to mention that my symptom get better at home.
Any suggestion?

Thank you!

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