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So. This is the first time I have posted here. I just found this board tonight. This site is huge!!

Here is my question.

I have trouble breathing in humidity and I am absolutely , positively fed up with it and desperate for answers/solutions.

I live in Maine; we don't get too much heat or humidity here as a general rule. Four years ago I went to college in Baltimore, which does have very high humidity. I found I had a lot of trouble breathing in the humidity there. This was especially true the last two years more than the first two .

The last year I was there, it was humid for the first six weeks of the semester. I had never been in humidity for more
than a few days at a time before that. It was awful - I couldn't walk into town to get anything at the store, I couldn't enjoy
being outside. After walking from my dorm to the library, about 7-8 minutes, I felt like I would faint before I got there.

Long story short, I'm finally home in Maine and was looking forward to an escape from humidity. But, for the first time I
can ever remember, we have had quite humid conditions nearly every day for the past month - and we don't even have
air conditioning, this being Maine (also our windows will not fit ACs otherwise we would get them). I am at about the
end of my rope in dealing with this. I feel so awful every day, the air is so thick, I can't breathe it, I am so sick of this.

Let me try to describe some of my symptoms to see if anyone has an idea of what is going on.

Some people have suggested asthma but I don't think it's asthma, because I don't gasp for breath, wheeze or
cough. But I feel an incredible pressure on my chest. It is exactly like if someone were sittng on my chest. I have trouble taking in
a full breath. It hurts a little bit in my back in the same place it did when my lung collapsed eight years ago. I feel out of it
and my thinking becomes foggy. I can't focus on anything, or can but with great difficulty. Things start hurting much more easily.
I just feel really sick.

Some people have suggested it is in my head or symptoms of anxiety, but I disagree, because I feel it the SECOND
I get outside in humid conditions, or even if the window is opened and the humid air comes in. It goes away almost
completely once I am in air conditioning.

I was premature as an infant and spent three months on a respirator; I had a spontaneous lung collapse about eight
years ago. I have not had any other asthma or breathing related problems besides this and am in general good health.

Any ideas, does anyone else experience anything similar in humid conditions?

I also have sensory issues, sensory integration problems, not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Thanks so much


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