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Update and still no diagnosis atleast not until end of september...
I got refills for Advair and have been instructed to take it twice a day.

I continue to take Advair which continues to make things feel normal. The *anxious* feeling has subsided. When things get *busy* at work and I rush around like I normally do - the anxious feeling comes back again. When I slow down - it goes away.

I have an appointment with a Pulmonary specialist at the end of September.'s sooooo difficult to get appointments anymore!!

Today - I forget to take the Advair this morning and I could tell ....the lungs didn't feel as normal. It's a weird feeling... Not tight but a *raw* kinda feeling. If I turn my head to the right (all the way) - I can feel a strain on my upper right chest area. Also - (never noticed this before either) that sometimes there are areas at my sternum (and around sternum) that are sore if I press on them. Other areas of my ribs are slightly sore when I press on them.

Other things I've noticed that have gotten worse (so to speak)....
I've always had a habit of clearing my throat. It feels like its gotten worse. Sometimes I think I have a 'bowl' in my throad that catches all the fluids and I spend an hour clearing my throat trying to get it out. This drives my husband crazy!!


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