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Spiriva and advair
Dec 25, 2007
what is the difference between spiriva and advair when one has COPD
Advair: long-acting bronchodilator (salmeterol) + inhaled corticosteroid (fluticisone); often used in asthma.
Spiriva is ipratropium (another long-acting bronchodilator); works works through a different mechanism compared with salmeterol. Ipratropium blocks a substance called acetycholine (which tightens breathing tubes); salmetarol rather than stopping tightening, instead increases dilation/opening (so both have effects in stopping reduced airways/improving opening of airways).
Spiriva works best in COPD.
However, both Spiriva and Advair are compatible and may be taken together if prescribed by your doctor.
Best wishes.
Hi ,
thank you so much for the information about advair and spirava. I will ask the pulmonary doctor about switching. Happy New year to you.. shirlhof
Spiriva is ipratropium

Actually it is Tiotropium. Atrovent is Ipatropium.
so which of the two spiriva or advair is best for COPD. are you using them or are you a medical person? thanks... shirlhof
The important thing is which is best for YOU! I tried Advair and it did nothing. Spiriva has made it possible to hardly ever use my "rescue" inhaler. My best friend had exactly the opposite results. Ask you doc fopr samples and see what happens. Good Luck
thank you so much for your input.. do you have copd? and did you use the 500/50 advair? will talk to the doc about it also... thanks again.. shirlhof
I'm now on Advair twice a day, 11 am and 11 pm. I have been taking Spiriva once, in the middle of the day. Often, I have been sort of losing my voice-not even right after the Advair [Spiriva alone didn't cause that]. Besides rinsing my mouth I gargle after Advair. Does anyone else have that trouble with Advair? I have bronchiectasis and MAC.

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