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It is a nightmare! Mine started in July. I was given Biaxin, inhaler, prednisone, and cough medicine. Never felt like I got over it. Came back in Oct and was given a kenalog shot, augmentin, and symbacort, and more cough medicine. I got worse when I was on the antibiotic, so I went to a local Med Center on a weekend. I received two breathing treatments, Biaxin, and I was told an antibiotic shot (turned out to be another cortisteroid). One night (five days off the antbiotics) I went to bed feeling fantastic, and I coughed something foul up out of my lungs, two hours later I woke up with the most horrible head infection I have ever had in my life. My throat so swollen I could barely breathe, both ear plugged, my face felt like someone was beating it with a baseball bat, and a fever. Back to the doctor I went, I was put on Cipro, which led to a bacterial infection (staph) on my face and psoriasis on my hand. My antibiotic was changed again to Ceclor and I recovered, so I thought. Fifteen days later I am in the hospital with a gall bladder attack and that stupid cough. I went to my doctor who gave me Levaquin and a different cortisteroid shot.

In the past ten years I have never missed more than a day a year from work, never had the flu or a flu shot. Now I have high blood pressure medication from all the cortisteroid shots, and am awaiting gall bladder surgery. Now I admit I don't eat well, however since the cortisteroid shots (which cause an unfavorable change in cholesterol) I have eaten everything in sight, the fattier the better.

If I would have been smart I would have stuck to Vitamin C and echinacea tea. The thing I find amazing is they want to slice me open to take out me gall bladder as soon as possible. Are they nuts?

Obviously, I have a compromised immune system, so at this point I plan to do everything possible to fight my way back, eat right, take multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, and a daily cup of echinacea tea. I am going to get as healthy as possible before they slice me open.

Oh, I forgot to mention the pain in my ribs (a possible hernia) from the coughing, and I look like I have been beaten most of the time because I bruise so easily now.

Sorry didn't mean to vent, but had I known then what I know now, I would have skipped the cortisteroids.

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