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Curious happenings
Jan 13, 2008
I had an abscessed tooth, a bad one, that was treated by opening and draining; then 5 days later, on a return visit to check it, the dentist recommended immediate removal due to the severity of the infection and concern of it entering my bloodstream.....and it was immediately removed. Coincidentally, (I think), within a day of removal, I began having ear pain, then sinus pain, congestion, and infection, now added to that is a severe upper respiratory infection. I am running fevers, chills, night sweats, feel like I have fluid (popping, congestion, pain even to the touch) in my ears and lungs, headache, severe coughing and so forth with an extreme amount of mucus (mostly yellowish). At night I almost feel as though I am going to "drowned" due to the vast amounts of congestion and I am constantly waking to cough up and expel both nasal and chest congestion. What has happened???? Is this caused by the tooth issue or???? I am miserable and feel really, really, bad. I am starting to think I now have pneumonia or somethig similar....

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