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I currently can't go to the doctor because my Medicaid is not approved yet. So I'll let you guys know what's going on. I've had a constant shortness of breath along with wheezing for the past few months. It takes me forever to get to sleep because of it and I wake up every 2-4 hours having alot of trouble breathing. I also have a dry cough. This is ruining my life, it's just awful. I constantly got my mind on it and it makes me have sever panic attacks which makes it worse. The tightness and wheezing seems to go away a little bit when I got my mind off of it, like when I'm with friends. But the shortness of breathe is still there a little. I used to play guitar and sing, now I can't even sing a few words without making it worse.

I don't have a fever and I haven't lost or gained any weight. But all around I just feel ill. A doctor told me awhile back that Anxiety doesn't cause wheezing, but i'm not sure. Could my anxiety be so bad that it causes all this? And if so, why am I waking up every 4 hours wheezing with tightness and needing air? Could anxiety cause that too? By the way, inhalers don't really work but the breathing treatments work a little. It let's me get enough air where I can finally get to sleep.


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