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I already had a chest cold that I was taking antibiotics for. I use a kerosene heater in my house to supplement heat. It is an ancient kerosene heater. I was admitted to the ER with chest pain and trouble breathing. After a couple of days in the hospital, nothing was matching up. I was having alot of problems breathing with what looked like a pretty mild pneumonia. That is when I mentioned that I used a kerosene heater in my house. I had lit it on a thursday afternoon and had it set on low for almost two days. The doc said that since it wasn't burning blue, but orange, it was putting off toxic chemicals into the air. He said that most healthy people would get nothing more than a sore throat or maybe a cough. But, since I was already suffering from a lung infection, the chemicals took me down fast. So, my Dx was changed from pneumonia to chemical pneumonitis. My arterial blood gases lowered into a dangerous level and at one point it was discussed placing me on a vent to allow my lungs to heal for a few days. Then to top all of that off, my thyroid completely quit functioning because of it. I all but lost my voice and now my heart throws PVC's randomly. The doc at the hospital didn't have alot of information available to him as he said this is a more rare condition than he thought. I have been on several different kinds of antibiotics, steroids, a thyroid pill, blood pressure pill, two different kinds of inhalers, a diuretic since I started retaining fluid when my blood pressure went up, an anxiety med to help with the tremors I get from all the steroids, pain meds, and coughing pills to try and expel the remainder of the crud out of my lungs. What we don't know is how permanent all of this is and how much better I will get. I'm hoping that I will be able to breathe better very soon, get my voice back, and get some strength back since I can barely walk 100yrds. without getting dizzy from the lack of oxygen. Any info would be helpful!


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