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Your welcome. Yes I KNOW all to well what we can find on the internet. I researched lung cancer extensivley myself when mine was found.
The surgery is pretty significant yes that I can say. I had a "open thoracotomy" which they went in through the back to get to it. About 10" incision following the line of my shoulder blade. I did have surgery at a Major Medical facility, and was in the hospital for 5 days. Recovery is tough, I wont lie to you. And I wasnt faithful at doing my breathing exercises after I got home, and was suffering partcial lung collaps every night while sleeping(I have sleep apnea and that was thought to have caused the collaps at night) . I went to my GP and told me that I HAVE to do those exercises. So I did, and when that lung would come back up, it felt like someone punching me from the inside out. BUT, once that happened, I was able to take a full breath. SO lesson was learned, and with in two weeks I no longer had to do the breathing exercises.Given the fact your B/F is "healthy" otherwise is a good thing and will help in that respect.
I do feel for him and you as well, as to what your going through right now, its understandable. I just wanted to give you some hope , and try to get you to see a somewhat "good" out come that can happen.
I didnt really have any symptoms my self. Toward the end when it was growing rapidly, I was having like "twinges of pain" in my chest. Nothing major or worrisome to me. I didnt have any cough, or shortness of breath.
And even now, since surgery, I dont have any side effects from the surgery. My pulmonary function is still within normal limits.
Where is his mass, do you know? With mine they took an 8cm in length off my upper right lung.
Chances are, had his not been found at this point, he could have possibly suffered from "spontainous pnemothorax"(collaps lung) given the size of it. Im glad they found it before that happened.

Take care, and GOd bless,

Please let us know how he makes out.

Im sorry I cant offer no information on the sternotomy. I did have a open thorocatomy, and its a pretty painful surgery. But I did have an epidural while I was in the hospital so I was pretty much pain free. The incision is about 10" and follows the line of my shoulder blade. I was in the hospital 5 days, so Im sure your B/F will be in longer than that. After coming home the pain meds took care of alot, UNTIL the nerve pain started. It caused me not to take full breaths, so my lung would collaps at night. I finally went to the Doctors after about 5 days of dealing with it, and they wrote a script for Neurotin(sp) which is specificaly for that, Plus I was more diligent with doing my breathing exercises to keep my lung up. Thats an important part of the recovery making sure you do the "spirometer" exercises as often as they tell you .

My guess with even though he's not having nerve issues at this point if the tumor is compromising the vertebra now, its best to take care of it and not leave any thing in there.(All guessing of course).

I will certiantly say a prayer for the two of you, and for a speedy recovery.
Please let us know how he makes out.

Take care, and GOd bless.

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