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Lung Nodules
Aug 19, 2008
Hello :) about two years ago I was having severe pains in my upper back, left side. I went to urgent care and had a chest xray which showed spots on my lungs. Went in for a CT the next day and have had numerous since, including a PET scan and lung biopsy. I have nodules in both of my lungs that get bigger and then get better....then show up in different areas of the lung. It's not cancer and it's not scar tissue. Has anyone ever heard of this? My pulmonologist told me flat out he doesn't know what it is, and told me to "wait and see". I'm 23 years old, so he doesn't think it's anything serious. It's been about 7 months since my last CT, they're very expensive, so I don't really want another just for them to say, "yep, they're still there." but I still have stabbing pains in my back every so often and it scares me. Looking for some answers. Any responses are appreciated. Thanks!

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