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As someone who has been diagnosed with 2 sleep disorders, sleep apnea being one of those disorders, from personal experience I would say it sounds like you may have a sleep disorder. Although some people have no noticable signs, you have several: difficulty breathing through the nose, mouth breathing, early am wakenings, fatigue, changes in heart rhythm, and yawning (for decades, yawning was the only noticable symptom I experienced).

While you mention hyperventilation, I suspect it is not that but simply your body trying to increase your oygen levels...hyperventiliation is is the body's attempt to bring oxygen and carbon dioxide levels back in to balance.

You can be of normal weight to have sleep apnea...and you don't have to snore so please don't use those criteria to "diagnose" yourself for apnea. Sleep specialists use sleep studies to diagnose apnea as no one can do so based solely on symptoms.


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