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why take spiriva and advair both
Spiriva and Advair are used in combination sometimes in people who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (emphysema or chronic bronchitis). Doctors who treat the condition will attempt to control the person's shortness of breath by trying to use the least puffers possible. Spiriva is usually the first choice, but if the person is still having shortness of breath, advair is often added. Advair is a combination of salmeterol (a long acting beta-agonist) and fluticasone (a corticosteroid). I'm not a huge fan of the steroid part as the only evidence shown in studies is that it reduces the amount of hospital admissions for COPD exacerbations. If the person who is taking the medication is NOT someone who is constantly going to the ER for exacerbations, I see no need to use the steroid....salmeterol by itself would suffice.

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